Arcade@Home™ Chat - Who ha! New server!
[22:43] DP2: Oh dear...
[22:44] DP2: Get a job.
[22:48] DP2: Just so our listeners can be sure, is this really Berzy?
[22:48] *** Borzerker has quit (Timeout)
[22:48] Borzerker: Yep. Spelled my name wrong and everything.
[22:48] DP2: Sadly that story checks out.
[22:50] DP2: Have you tried getting a job before?
[22:50] Borzerker: Just once. I went down to this burger place to fill out an application.
[22:51] Borzerker: It took me a couple hours to answer my name and address.
[22:51] Borzerker: The people there got tired of waiting and threw coleslaw at me.
[22:51] DP2: Then what happened?
[22:52] Borzerker: LOTS more flies.
[22:54] DP2: That's so sad.
[22:54] Borzerker: I'm always getting things thrown at me. They yell to get off their lawn.
[22:55] DP2: So, I don't know which problem to solve first.
[22:56] Borzerker: TIRE PRESSURE.
[22:56] DP2: What?
[22:57] Borzerker: Oh it's the brain thing again. The tire on my house looks flat.
[22:57] DP2: Good gravy, it doesn't end does it?
[22:58] Borzerker: Which end?
[22:58] DP2: Um, ok. I have to go now.