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The Arcade@Home™ Chat is designed to be as similar the IRC as possible. Also, other industry standards are used to make it very simple to learn and use.

Commands (must start line with these commands)
    /me message
      Tells everyone what you are doing. Starts you message with your nickname.

    /action message
      Same as /me.

    /nick nickname
      Changes your nickname to the new one specified.

    /kick nickname [message]
      Kick the specified nickname from the channel (they will auto rejoin). The kick message is optional.

    /quit [message]
      Quit the chat. The quit message is optional.

    /part [message]
      Same as /quit.

    /dns nickname
      Display the user's host.

    /whois nickname
      Display the user's host and how many seconds the user's been idle.

      Insult & quotes, examples: ( !!deep !!momma !!blond !!redneck !!beer !!napoleon )

    /clear (*op access only)
      Clear the chat window and log file.

    /topic message (*op access only)
      Set the topic to the specified message

    /marquee message (*op access only)
      Make a marquee of the specified message

    /l33t message (*op access only)
      Convert meessage to l€€† §þ€4|<

    /html message (*op access only)
      Direct output. Doesn't process the message specified (can include html). (Warning: this can mess up the chat)

Smiley Faces (up to 3 can be used per line)

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