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Description:  Sing Along 1968 - v1.1
File Name:  singalong.zip
Size:  976kB (999,836 bytes)
Updated:  Feb 17th, 2010 06:57:45 AM EST
Last Download:  Jun 22nd, 2024 11:20:56 AM EST
Downloads:  13,057
File Popularity:  (0.5 of 5)
Cable/DSL:  00:15 estimated (min:sec)
ISDN (128kb):  01:01
Modem (56kb):  02:39
Modem (28.8kb):  04:37
Zip Contents:  View Zip Contents
Comments:  Background The classic 1965 Gottlieb wedgehead "Kings and Queens" featured the highest scoring of any thousand-light Gottlieb game, with a 200-point score possible many time over for skillful players available by lighting enough rollovers and targets and hitting the sequence of four kickout holes. Gottlieb found it needed to make the move towards four-reel scoring for all its pins, not just add-a-balls. With "King of Diamonds", Gottlieb gave the 1000 light the old heave ho, and the age of score inflation in the reel era had begun with "Super Score". A remake of "Kings and Queens" was a natural progression. Ed Krynsky lifted the "K&Q" game theory of Wayne Neyens, withthe same four kickout holes each with four lights corresponding to playfield rollovers and targets. The special award configuration, with the randomly-lighting holes, continued. But the graphical motif that replaced the previous version\'s card-shark saloon scene was one you don\'t usually associate with pinball: Christmas. Even though there is no blatant Christmas iconography on the playboard (trees, wreaths and stars), the Christmas colors red and green proliferate. Snow has fallen on the corner of Carol Street and Singing Lane. Four quartets of color-coordinated singers are at various spots on the glass, in front of a hustling and bustling music store. Everyone loves the music: the sledders, the cops, even the woman whose car has broken down right by the credit meter. Like a good Roy Parker glass, there\'s a lot to see, but Art Stenholm took the busy Parker style and made it -- can you believe it? -- warm and fuzzy. The 4x4 rollover and target arrangement appeared again, with a more traditional lower playfield look and some slight rule alterations, on "4 Square".

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