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News from June 1998

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days. I'm on vacation and I don't have a phone :) I'm at a modem friendly pay phone making this update from my laptop. I've been busy working on Arcade@Home v0.33g and have already incorporated a few new features like recording and playback of MAME input files (joystick & keystroke recordings), and the ability to change the font of the game listing. There are several more things that will make it into Arcade@Home v0.33g so stay tuned...

MAME32 v0.33 (Beta 6) released!
After a long wait the Windows 95 version of MAME (MAME32) is now up to date with the DOS MAME (v0.33 beta 6). Download it from the M.A.M.E. page.

The Real Art Archive has found a permanent home at Arcade@Home. The Real Art Archive is a collection of pictures of actual arcade machines, marquees, and side art. You can extract these images directly into your PCX directory for viewing with Arcade@Home or MAME/W. You can find the Real Art Archive on the Front-End page (it's listed with the screen shot files).

Thanks go out to "The ToX" for the WinZip Self-Extractor! Thanks to everyone else who sent me e-mails as well... What a great bunch of people visit this site!

WinZip Self-Extractor donation
I'm looking for a WinZip Self-Extractor donation (not the trial version). I plan on using it for easy distribution of Arcade@Home. I can't bring myself to spend $50 on it for this freeware project. DONATED: see above...

200,000th visitor and beyond...
Passed the 200,000th mark last night. Broke a new record for number of hits in one day as well: 4,141 (WebSideStory). I hope the additional bandwidth has stopped the slow-downs that have happened in the past.

New Arcade@Home Web Site!
Well, as you already know, Arcade@Home has a new home. Please change your bookmarks to http://www.ArcadeAtHome.com. Besides the new name and URL, I also have 5 times the bandwidth! Thanks to everyone who has clicked on my sponsor's banner, YOU made this possible!

The new joystick options didn't quite work correctly in Arcade@Home v0.33e. v0.33f correct this problem. Sorry to everyone. This release was supposed to be just a MAME v0.33 Beta 6 update, but I was in the middle of several enhancements. Therefore, all the testing that could have been done, wasn't. Download if from the Front-End page.

Arcade@Home version 0.33e released!
Something happened when I compiled v0.33d. v0.33e fixes the locked fields problem people were experiencing. Sorry, don't know what happened???

New features include full support for MAME v0.33 Beta 6 joysticks, supports loading *.MWR files for custom game listings, sizeable window, random game, better screen shot viewing, and no more need for the *.ALT files!

Arcade@Home version 0.33e can be downloaded from the Front-End page.

Big change in the next few days!
There's going to be a big change in the next few days for the Ultimate MAME Machine! Because of the recent high number of visitors (3,665 yesterday according to WebSideStory) I'm going to be making a change for the better. Stay tuned!!!

We're getting close to that 200,000 visitor mark. If you're the 200,000th visitor, let me know and I'll give you a link on my What's New page! If you don't have a web site, at least you'll be famous :)

Because MAME Beta 6 changed the joystick parameter, I'll be releasing a new version of Arcade@Home sooner than I had figured. Because of this, it will not contain everything I had promised. Expect the next release to contain all promised features.

MAME v0.33 (Beta 6) released!
MAME now supports 604 games! Download it from the M.A.M.E. page. New games include: Nova 2001, Super Bond, Avalanche, Gladiator, Lazer Command, Dead Eye Gypsy Juggler (prelim), Fax, Heli Fire, Space Fever, Birdie King 2 (prelim), Lizard Wizard, 3 new TMNT, Fighting Fantasy, 1941 (Jp), Nemo (Jp), Ghouls'n Ghosts (Jp), Magic Sword (Jp), 1942 (alt).

I believe that Beta 6 has also broken some games, namely the 194* series. I've heard that others are broke as well. But, I don't know for sure. Remember; it's Beta. If it doesn't work, use MAME v0.31 (the release version).

Arcade@Home version 0.33c released!
Now supports many new features including being able verify the ROMs and samples for one or all games, supports GIF and JPG screen shots, pop-up tool tip help for all options, and much much more. Download it from the Front-End page.

Arcade@Home version 0.33beta5a released
The initial release of Arcade@Home had a few problems. There is now a patch file available that will upgrade you from v0.33beta5 to v0.33beta5a. It's available on the Front-End page.

Version 0.33beta5a should correct the following problems:
  • Fixed problem were wrong game was run when installed or uninstalled games were selected.
  • Fixed another (similar) problem where typing game name didn't work when installed or uninstalled games were selected.
  • I think I fixed the stack overflow problem when running Arcade@Home. If it's still not fixed, get back with me.
  • Fixed problem where Arcade@Home's window became invisible when configure default settings was selected.
  • Doesn't crash and burn if it can't find the ROMS directory.
Keep sending in those problem reports! I'm dedicating any amount of time to resolve ALL problems as quickly as possible.

Arcade@Home front-end & MAME v0.33 (beta 5)!
Arcade@Home v0.33b5 is now released. Includes pics for all games through v0.33 beta 5 of MAME. Download from the Front-End page.

FINALLY!!! A Windows 95 front-end for MAME v0.33 beta 5! This front-end has more features than MAME/W did! Download Arcade@Home from the Front-End page and MAME v0.33 beta 5 from the M.A.M.E. page. Following is a list of Arcade@Home's features:
  • Supports pictures for all games
  • Graphical interface for every MAME option
  • Help for each game directly from MAME's readme.txt file (exclusive!)
  • Each game can have it's own settings
  • Loads faster than MAME/W
  • Special default settings: "Fastest", "Best", "Vector", & "Factory Default"
  • "Vector" default turns on flicker and boosts gamma for more accurate play
  • Shows All Games, Installed Games, & Uninstalled Games
  • Detects games and updates help when new version of MAME is released
  • You can specify an alternate MAME version to run for particular game(s)
I want to make Arcade@Home the replacement for MAME/W and the standard front-end for MAME. If you feel that features are missing or you have any problems, drop me an e-mail.

Yet another arcade cabinet converted
Zinc has converted an arcade cabinet into a PC Arcade Machine. Pictures and a link to his web site are available on the Cabinet Pics page.

Another Arcade@Home cabinet built
John Biehler has built his own Arcade@Home cabinet (called the Plastic Cactus). Check it out on the Cabinet Pics page.

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