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News from July 1998

Patch for [email protected] Game Help
The MAME team did it to me! They decided to move the game help to a different file (gamelist.txt). This affects the ability of [email protected] to add help for each game. It doesn't crash, it just can't find any help. Don't worry, there's a patch file on the Front-End page. The patch includes the Arcade.rom and Arcade.hlp file for MAME v0.33 release candidate 1. Just execute and extract to your existing MAME\Arcade directory. The next release of [email protected] will incorporate this change. Because this was such a minor problem and an easy fix, it didn't justify rushing the release and skipping the beta testing process. I'm closing in on a release of [email protected] v0.33g, just a few final touches.

MAME v0.33 release candidate 1
MAME v0.33 release candidate 1 has been released. Download it from the M.A.M.E. page. If there are no major bugs, the release v0.33 should be released shortly.

Zinc has updated his PC Arcade Machine into a Mortal Kombat cabinet. Check out the new pics on the Cabinet Pics page.

Thanks go out to Jason for making me deathly sick for the past few days :)

Ultimate MAME FAQ updated
Shane Monroe has again updated his Ultimate MAME FAQ to version 1.4. Even more detailed information is now available on ROM merging.

MAME v0.33 beta 7 screen shots and sound samples
The updated screen shots for MAME v0.33 beta 7 are now on-line. Both an upgrade set from v0.33b6 as well as the complete set can be downloaded from the Front-End page.

Carnival, Gladiator, and Q*Bert have updated or new sound samples in MAME v0.33 beta 7. Download these updates from the MAME Sound Samples section.

Shane Monroe has updated his Ultimate MAME FAQ to include information on the new ROM merging. Check it out if you have questions on how this works.

Another arcade cabinet assimilation
Mike Millhouse has assimilated a Popeye game into the MAME collective. Check out his creation on the Cabinet Pics page.

MAME v0.33 beta 7 released!
MAME v0.33 beta 7 has been released. This will be the last beta before the release version will be out. Get it from the M.A.M.E. page. MAME now includes 628 games!

[email protected] featured on OHIO.COM
[email protected] was featured in an article on OHIO.COM and the Akron Beacon Journal (the paper version). You can read The Pac is Back on-line. So, they screwed up the link to [email protected], at least the paper version got it right!

MAME in an arcade cocktail table!
I finally found someone who installed MAME into a cocktail table! A lot of people are interested in doing this, but I haven't seen it done till now. Check out Jochen Ehrhard's "MAMEniced" cocktail table on my Cabinet Pics page.

[email protected] got a face-lift
If you're a regular visitor to [email protected] you'll notice that it got a face-lift (I hope it's pleasing to the eye). If there are any broken links or something else messed up, let me know...

[email protected] on Insert Coin
I guess this is old news, but [email protected] is the official front end at Insert Coin. Since Insert Coin only supports one front end, this is a great honor. Check out his site, he recently changed the look and feel and he has a great MAME newbie section.

300,000th visitor
Douglas Fischer was our 300,000th visitor yesterday! If you know Douglas, give him a big old pat on the back and buy him a beer or his beverage of choice.

Quote from Jeff Miller author of MAME/W
Received a few e-mails from Jeff Miller, the author of MAME/W. The once best, now dated MAME front end. A quote from one of his e-mails about [email protected]: "Nice job on what I've seen so far." He wouldn't go as far as saying that he now uses [email protected] himself. But, hey, he's busy with work and probably doesn't use MAME much anymore anyway.

Should hit the 300,000 visitor mark tonight or tomorrow. If you're the one, let me know and I'll make you famous (include a screen shot if you can).

Added a few more features to the next release of [email protected] I'm waiting for MAME Beta 7 before I'll start beta testing it, so don't expect it to support the next MAME release right out of the gate. What I will promise is that I'll release it as soon as I can support the next MAME release and it's been beta tested.

Arcade cabinet for free!
If you are interested in building your own [email protected] by putting MAME into an arcade cabinet, one is available for free. It's a M.A.C.H. 3 cabinet located in West Yorkshire, England. If you are interested, and in this area, visit his web page for more information.

Back from vacation
I'm back from vacation so expect more regular updates. Notice that I've got a new sponsor. While the last one was paying, I've heard that they were ripping people off so I went with a more reputable company.

Still working on the next release of [email protected] (v0.33g). With the massive changes that are going to happen with MAME Beta 7, I probably won't release it till it can be tested with MAME Beta 7.

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