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News from August 1998

Sunday, August 30th, 1998
MAME v0.34 beta 2 released:
MAME v0.34 beta 2 has been released! It includes 64 new games including 20+ new Neo-Geo games.

Arcade@Home v0.34d released:
Arcade@Home v0.34d has also been released. This fixes the "Invalid Procedure call or argument" error that occurs when trying to search for new games in MAME v0.34 beta 2.

Pugsy MAME Cheats Updated:
Pugsy has released a new version of his cheat file. Now includes MAME v0.34 beta 1 games.

Small changes to site:
I made a small change the the site that may cause some people's navigation frame (the one on the left) to show something strange. Please reload or refresh your browser or change your cache settings to get the updated frame.

Arcade Emulation has the complete set of games!
Arcade@Home will be breaking the half million mark in the next day or so! As always, if you're the one, e-mail me and include a screen shot if possible. Thanks for all your support.

JAW from Western Australia has converted an arcade cabinet into his MAME Arcade Machine. Take a look at it on the Cabinet Pics page.

Great arcade video game site
If you love arcade video games as much as I do, you'll love The Basement Arcade. This site has it all: arcade auction schedules, arcade manuals, arcade overlays (great for making your own controller), tech tips on games, links to other arcade specific sites that sell games or just show their collection. It's a monster page, but worth the wait!

If you haven't already heard. MAME is going to support SmashTV in the near future. Some work still needs to be done, but this highly requested game should be emulated soon.

Screen shots updated to MAME v0.34 beta 1
The screen shots for Arcade@Home have been updated to MAME's 702 games for v0.34 beta 1. Because of all the ROM name changes and ROM merges, I'm not offering an upgrade set for this revision. You may want to delete your current screen shots before installing the new ones if you wish to cleanup unneeded pictures. You can download it from the Front-End page.

PROMFIX adds color PROMS to 106 games!
A utility I wrote called PROMFIX will automatically add the color PROMS to 106 games! No need to download them all over again. Follow the simple instructions and you'll be done in less than a minute. Designed to work with merged or unmerged ROMs. Download it from the M.A.M.E. page.

I'm having server problems from all fronts this morning. The front-end and MAME links should all be working now. However, the links to the Arcade Emulation site that contains the Sound and ROM Files is completely down. I'm talking with them to get this working again as soon as possible.

Found out that the server is being updated, and that's the reason for the broken links. Should be back up soon.

Found a great site on how to make plexiglas control panel covers. Working with Plexiglas has details on tools needed, instructions, tips and a bunch of pictures.

Arcade@Home v0.34c released!
MAME32 v0.34 beta 1 has been released. You can download it from the M.A.M.E. page.

Arcade@Home v0.34c is released to fix some problems with international versions of Windows 98 (or non-English regional settings). Most visible problems include game list font turning bold & italic and the window size changing. Download Arcade@Home v0.34c and read about more of the fixes in this release on the Front-End page.

Broke a new record on the 17th for the maximum number of hits in one day: 5787!

Arcade@Home v0.34b released!
Arcade@Home v0.34b is released to fix a problem with the default -romdir command. Download the v0.34b upgrade, then "Save Default Settings" to resolve this problem.

Arcade@Home v0.34a has been released! Many new requested features have been added, but it still retains its classic interface. Download it from the Front-End page.

Sick of all the PROM changes in MAME v0.34 beta 1? Download the PROMFIX (172KB) utility to automatically add PROMS to 106 MAME ROMs (merged or not)! To use, you must have your ROMs ZIPped in one directory. Just extract to your \MAME\ROMS directory, then go to a DOS shell and execute \MAME\ROMS\PROMFIX\PROMFIX.EXE. It will create a directory \MAME\ROMS\OLD that contains the backup ROM files (just in case there are any problems).

I'm in the process of updating the screen shots to v0.34 beta 1 and should be complete in another day. Check back soon...

MAME v0.34 beta 1 released!
MAME v0.34 beta 1 has been released! It supports 702 games including many Neo-Geo! I will be releasing the new screen shots and other support files shortly. Download it from the M.A.M.E. page.

Insert Coin to drop MAME, and Dave's Classics possibly down for good! In one day Insert Coin has decided to drop MAME and Dave from Dave's Classics is going to have eye surgery and possibly won't return to the emulation scene. This is a huge setback for MAME. I, however, plan to support MAME till someone rips it from my cold dead hands.

Great new ROM site with merged ROMs!
Mike Gratton converted a Rygar cabinet into an Arcade@Home. He connected the R,G,B,Vsync,Hsync & Gnd from the VGA port to the standard arcade monitor in the cabinet. It works perfectly with MAME's NTSC option. But BEWARE: The other video modes will blow the arcade monitor! Check out some pictures out on the Cabinet Pics page.

Arcade@Home v0.33g beta update
The beta testing for Arcade@Home v0.33g is going great! If no major problems are found, expect a release this weekend. To be notified when it's release, make sure you subscribe to the Arcadd@Home Mailing List.

Arcade@Home broke another record yesterday receiving 5,424 hits on just the home page! Seems like the word about Arcade@Home is getting out. I'm going to make a major addition to the Arcade@Home site in a few days so stay tuned...

MAME32 v0.33 Final Released!
MAME32 v0.33 final for Windows has been released! Download it from the M.A.M.E. page. I've ran it and it seems quite slow when detecting ROMs. I'll have to do more testing to see if it's a long-lasting problem.

Most popular day ever!
Seems like MAME is more popular then ever. Arcade@Home received 4,516 hits yesterday (a new record).

MAME v0.33 Final Released!
MAME v0.33 final has been released! Download it from the M.A.M.E. page.

Jeff Harrison converted a 1943 cabinet, which was converted from a Red Alert cabinet, to play MAME. His machine features interchangeable control panel components including a spinner! Check it out on the Cabinet Pics page.

New features included in Arcade@Home v0.33g
As promised, here's a listing of features included in Arcade@Home v0.33g which is going to beta within a day or two. If the beta goes as expected, look for a release within 7 to 10 days. If you want to be notified when it's released, join the Arcade@Home Mailing List.
  • Supports MAME v0.33 ROM merging.
  • Clean-up tools. *Top Secret*
  • Changes in the way default settings work. *Top Secret*
  • Records and displays times played, last played date, and number of minutes played for each game.
  • Easy recording and playback of joystick/keyboard/mouse input files.
  • Searches MAME.CFG file for ROMPATH, PCX, INP, CFG, & HI directories. It will find your ROMs just as MAME does.
  • Ability to change the game list font, style, and size.
  • For custom game lists (MWR files) you can now list Installed ROMs, Uninstalled ROMs, as well as All ROMs.
  • Supports the MAME v0.33 GAMELIST.TXT file for game help.
  • Work around for International Windows 98 bug (error 13 when starting).
  • Creates backup of Arcade.rom & Arcade.hlp file before searching for new games. If the search fails, the backup is automatically restored.
  • Tools to delete hi scores, config files, and PCX (screen shot) files.
  • Automatically builds NOCLONES.MWR file while searching for new games.
  • *Doesn't* change the look and feel of the program (works and looks too good to change).
  • A bunch of other small changes and speed-ups.
Tom Soulsby from the UK has built his own M.A.M.E. Monster using a Zaxxon cabinet. He also has two dead cabinets that he's interested in converting to run MAME. If you're in the UK, and want someone to build you an Arcade@Home, this may be the place to look. Take a look at his creation on the Cabinet Pics page.

Also, Edward Powers was Arcade@Home's 400,000 visitor. As before, the award is *FREE BEER*! If you know Edward, buy him a beer or two :)

Pugsy has updated his MAME cheats
Pugsy's MAME cheats now includes MAME beta 7 and release candidate 1 games. Download it from the M.A.M.E. page under the Utilities section.

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