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News from June 1999

Wednesday, June 30th, 1999
No End of the World After All:
Seems that only the beginning of the end is going to happen in July of 1999. What a relief. To read up on how it will all pan out, read the above link which starts Nostradamus' predictions on July 1999. As a startup to these predictions, he says "The invasion into Europe shall be planned from March to June (of 1999)." Could this be the the NATO invasion of Kosovo? Time will tell.

Last Update for Arcade@Home:
I seem to have forgotten that Nostradamus predicted then end of the world in July of 1999. Considering he was French, it will be July in France less than 1 hour from now (5PM EST my time). It was good knowing everyone and I enjoyed the time that I had on this earth. I hope to see some of you in the afterlife. I'll miss you man. =)

Flyer and Poster Archive Updated to v3.4:
The Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME has been updated to version 3.4. This version adds 20 new flyers and 19 have been replaced bringing the total to 720 flyers. Download it from the above link. Finally, some emulation news! =)

Free Internet Bandwidth?:
Here's an article that will make any web site administrator drool. Okay, just where do I sign up for this free bandwidth? If bandwidth costs have been falling as fast as this article suggests, the prices must have not trickled down to my level yet. Time to call my hosting company. =)

Another Slow Day:
Maybe someone could just make some news up? Or, do something that makes the news? I guess I could do some things I've been putting off for a slow day...

Tuesday, June 29th, 1999
Nemu64 Facts You May Not Know:
These are Nemu64 facts as best as I can tell.
  • What are the keys to play Nemu64? Most of this information is in the readme.txt, but it is kind of hidden. Here are the keys:
    • Enter = Start
    • A S X = A B Z
    • Cursor = Analog stick (at maximum)
    • I J K L = C-Buttons
    • T F G H = Joypad
    • Q W = L R
  • In Nemu64, fps stands for FIELDS per second and not FRAMES per second (a field is 1/2 of a frame). Therefore, 60 fields/sec would translate to 30 frames/second. When Nintendo says that the N64 does 60fps they mean fields/second (which is the maximum that your TV, in the US, can display at). According to Nemu64, I average about 30fps while playing most games. However, they run at about half speed. Therefore, it's really running at only 15 frames/second.
  • Certain text is not yet displayed in many games.
  • It does NOT support sound at this time.
  • The video code has not yet been optimized, so speed should increase over time.
Download Nemu64 using the above link.

Nemu64 v0.5a Released:
This version allows you to load files in .rom format. Download using the above link.

FLIPBACK Makes Nemu64 Playable!:
Tried using Nemu64 but the games won't work? Well, it could be that the ROMs were flipped which UltraHLE supports, but not the current version of Nemu64. Well, FLIPBACK comes to the rescue. Just copy to the directory where your N64 ROMs are located and run it. It will automatically flipback all your ROMs. Also, I wrote this program so it's not some program that will destroy your ROMs. It has been tested on hundreds of ROMs without a single problem. Download from the above link.

Nemu64 v0.5 Plays Games!:
Check out the new N64 emulator that plays commercial games! This N64 emulator supports d3d so most video cards should work with it. It emulates Mario64, WaveRace, MarioKart, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, StarFox, and many others. For a complete compatibility list, see the Glide Underground's Nemu64 Compatibility page. Download the emulator from the above link.

Monday, June 28th, 1999
I haven't a clue as to what this site is all about, but it's about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Make sure you have Shockwave Flash, or it won't be that interesting. Thanks to Dan_Man for the link.

Round 3, Tim Defends Brad:
In a surprising turn of events, Tim defends Brad! Even though Brad thinks I'm the warez nazi, and that I suck, I'll still defend his contribution to emulation. If you get queasy over the thought of passing a kidney stone, I don't recommend reading this thread.

Sunday, June 27th, 1999
Brad vs. Tim:
It's round 2 of the Brad Oliver vs. Tim Eckel message war. This pertains to the MAMEX release from a couple of days back. Since Brad chooses to not use traditional methods of communications from one person to another (like e-mail), our private conversation is for all to read (till atila deletes it like round 1). =) The above message is my reply to Brad's message. I've included his message in my reply so you can follow along. Brad expects me to know what he wants me to do, without him telling me. It's like beating your kid for going outside, when he was allowed to go outside before, but you changed your mind and never told him. Brad, can we just please have a private conversation? I asked for one from the start, but you said you preferred things out in the open. Do you still feel this way?

Rodimus Prime Quits?:
Those that think that Rodimus Prime has quit, should check out the site at the above link. I received an e-mail from him saying that he has switched ISPs and this is his new link. Maybe he just quit his ISP?

Saturday, June 26th, 1999
MAME32 v0.35 RC2 Released!
MAME32 v0.35 release candidate 2 has been released. This keeps it in line with the DOS release. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Friday, June 25th, 1999
MAMEX Taken Off-Line:
MAMEX has been taken off-line till I can get confirmation about what can and can't be done with the MAME source.

Correction to the Below News:
I didn't mean to make it seem like it was an official update to MAME. It's an unofficial version that now includes the source code changes (my understanding was that there wasn't any source code changes) :-( This version, now called MAMEX can be downloaded from the M.A.M.E. section.

MAME v0.35 RC2 Updated:
The MAME v0.35 release candidate 2 has been updated to include support for Metal Slug X, Captain Tomaday, and Puzzle Bobble 2. This is the same build as Wednesday's rc2 release, just with these games turned on. Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

EMU+ v0.35 RC2 Released:
EMU+ v0.35 release candidate 2 has been released so it's now up to date with the newest MAME source. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Thursday, June 24th, 1999
AMAME & PMAME v0.35 RC2 Released:
The full set of AMAME and PMAME version of MAME have been upgraded to the MAME v0.35 release candidate 2 source. Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

KBMAME V3 Released:
KBMAME v3 has been released. This version fixes the trackball axis problems. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Fixes for Gururin & Irritating Maze:
Dutch has created a patch for the NeoGeo game Irritating Maze and Kirkland created a patch for Gururin. Extract these and the game to the same directory, then run the included batch file. A help file is also included.

bleem! Demo Build 22253 Released:
A new bleem! demo has been released. It includes fixes for GT stopping at NOTICE screen on Win95, speed limiter adjustments, and Final Fantasy 8 compatibility. Download it from the PSX - bleem! section.

Flyers and Poster Archive Updated:
The Flyers and Poster Archive for MAME has been updated to version 3.3. This version adds 30 new images and replaces 17 for a total of 700 flyers and posters. Download it from his site at the above link.

EMU+ v0.35 RC1 Released:
EMU+ v0.35 release candidate 1 has been released, yes, rc1. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

MacMAME v0.35 RC2 Released:
MacMAME v0.35 release candidate 2 has been released. It includes the following additions:
  • In sync with DOS rc 2. [Brad Oliver]
  • The Game list reports now properly ignores NeoGeo games which are clones if you ask it to. [Brad Oliver]
  • Fixed problem with some YM2203-based games losing sound the second time they are run. [Brad Oliver]
  • Most sound clipping ("static") problems that were reported on the MacMAME message board have been fixed. [Brad Oliver]
  • Fixed a glitch whereby sometimes MacMAME would leave images on the desktop if you were using a 3D blitter and then quit. [Brad Oliver]
  • The Pause key was inadvertently mapped to 'P' in the last release. It has been changed back to ESC. A tip: you needn't pause the game to quit or return to the front-end. You can use the keyboard shortcuts instead - Command-Q and Command-O respectively. [Brad Oliver]
Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999
MAME v0.35 RC2 Released:
MAME v0.35 release candidate 2 has been released. This version adds support for 22 new games including the following:
  • SAR - Search and Rescue [Bryan McPhail]
  • Street Smart [Bryan McPhail]
  • Demon's World / Horror Story [Darren Olafson]
  • Rally Bike / Dash Yarou [Darren Olafson]
  • Flying Shark / Sky Shark [Quench]
  • Wardners Forest / Pyros [Quench]
  • Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 2) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Makai-Mura (2 new sets) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Mizubaku Daibouken (= Liquid Kids) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

Sega Dreamcast Pre-Order:
Sega Dreamcast Gaming Console Pre-Order
Want to be the first person on your block with a Sega Dreamcast? Many companies are now taking pre-orders for the newest gaming console (scheduled for release on 9/9/99). If you're going to order one anyway, how about doing so from the above link and help support Arcade@Home at the same time. =) There's also a link for this product on the Arcade@Home Shopping Kart if you decide to order one at a later time.

ArcadeOS v2.20 Released:
ArcadeOS (the best DOS based MAME front-end) has been updated to version 2.20. Included in this release:
  • Back to 32bit - To get round the real mode/protected mode problems ArcadeOS now has a real mode 'stub' this contains ArcadeOS's BIOS extensions and loads the main program should fix problems with mouse drivers, calling apps with different DOS extenders etc (also means the 640x480 mode is back, and that ArcadeOS's footprint is now less than 20K)
  • Added PNG file support for screen shots (ArcadeOS searches for a .PNG file first, then a .PCX if it doesn't find it)
  • Added PAL TV mode
  • Fixed the 'Unable to find MAME.CFG' bug
  • Rotating the display automatically selects rotated or horizontal games
  • Updated RAINE support to show all 0.23 games (download ARCEXTRA.ZIP)
  • Updated with MAME 0.35 RC1 options
  • Added ability to center screen vertically as well as horizontally (display now moves in the same direction as the joystick when centering a vertical screen mode)
  • Added cabSystem16 options (download ARCEXTRA.ZIP)
Download from the Front-Ends section.

On-Line MAME Screen Shots Updated:
I've updated the on-line MAME Screen Shots to include the latest rc1 games. Even bigger news is that Bob from Arcade Emulation has included screen shots for all MAME games on his game download page! Check out the ROM Files section under MAME to see this great addition.

Arcade@Home v0.36a Beta 4:
Arcade@Home v0.36a beta 4 (private) was released to the beta testers last night. I'm compiling a list of the added features and bug fixes that I'll post today or tomorrow. Everything is looking good and it seems that just a few finishing touches need to be done before it's released so stay tuned. If you're not already on the Mailing List, click on the above link so you'll be notified the instant of its release.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 1999
S3 to Buy Diamond Multimedia:
Lets try to figure out their logic. "Okay, the 3dfx/STB merger is working so well, maybe we should merge so we could also alienate ourselves from the industry and loose even more money." Do you think that Diamond will be willing to purchase a competitor's chip (meaning nVIDIA)? Do you think Creative will be willing to purchase S3 chips from a competitor? Maybe nVIDIA and Creative will merge next? Both S3 and Diamond's stock is down today so it seems that investors know it's a bad deal as well. Just think, take two companies that are loosing money hand over fist and create a bigger isolated company that will loose even more. Great plan.

Yet Another bleem! Demo to be Released:
Seems that more work needed to be done on the following issues:
  • GT stopping at NOTICE screen on Win95
  • Speed Limiter Adjustments
  • Final Fantasy 8 Compatibility
Also, the bleem! compatibility list will be enhanced sometime this week to include updates based on the latest beta and details like ratings for sound, graphics, and speed.

Finally, a Fighting Game I Love:
Check out the above link for a picture of the first fighting game I would actually play. This game would be a breath of fresh air in the stagnant world of fighting games.

Monday, June 21st, 1999
Empire Strikes Back Support in MAME:
According to the MAME WIP page:
    Nicola Salmoria finally fixed Empire Strikes Back's slapstic issues, and the game itself is playable! (It hangs on the high score entry screen though)
I never played this game in the arcade and I've always wanted to see this sequel to the great Star Wars game. Check out the above link to see pictures of the game in action.

New Nemu64 Screen Shots:
Seems that Nemu64 is getting closer to becoming a real competitor to UltraHLE. The screen shots at the above link show pics of Chopper Attack, Superman, Famista, StarFox and Super Mario 64. It appears that the emulation isn't perfect yet, but very close. I hope to see a release of this emulator shortly.

Apollo69 Starts New Site:
Apollo69 may have stopped dumping NeoGeo cartridges, but he hasn't quit the NeoGeo scene. Check out the above link to read what the new site will contain. No news as to when the site will have it's official opening.

International HotRod Orders Now Accepted:
Those of you outside of the US who also want a HotRod joystick are now in luck. HanaHo's HotRod order page now allows for international orders. Visit the above link to order yours.

New Lunar Lander Backdrop Art:
Updated Lunar Lander background art that is much more legible. Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

NeoRAGEx v0.6b Released (days ago):
Yup, this was released just as I left town. If you didn't get this little update, download it from the above link.

Sunday, June 20th, 1999
Unofficial MAME32 v0.35rc1a Released:
This release adds support for Fighter Fever Puzzle Bobble 2. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to Daves VGC: for the file.

What is bleem! Named After Anyway?:
People have speculated as to what bleem! was named after. I always figured it was that tooth paste "Gleem". However, check out the above link for an interesting possibility. Thanks to William Hurless for the link.

bleem! Beta v1.2 b2 Released:
This new bleem! beta adds the following features:
  • Paletted Texture Improvements (including fix for V2/V3 Crash) (NOTE : ALL users should re-enable Paletted Textures).
  • ALT + F1 will toggle between Software and Hardware modes
  • Final Fantasy 8 Support
  • Gran Turismo Support (stopping at the Notice Screen on some Win95 machines)
  • Speed limiter improvements
Download from their site at the above link.

KBMAME Updated:
KBMAME has also been updated to include support for the newly dumped games as well as to add track ball support. Download KBMAME and the neogeo.drv from the M.A.M.E. section.

Updated AMAME and PMAME:
AMAME and PMAME have been updated to include support for newly dumped Neo-Geo games. Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

Where There are no Phones:
Yep, was gone this weekend to a place where there are no phones. Nice and quiet. The world could come to an end and I wouldn't even know :-) Several updates to to catch up on...

Thursday, June 17th, 1999
Arcade@Home Front-End Progressing:
The Arcade@Home development has been progressing nicely. I've had to make several changes because MAME keeps changing, deleting, adding switches in every release (I thought release candidates weren't supposed to change features). I'll be working on it heavily this weekend and I expect a new private beta to be released early next week. Stay tuned.

Ask and You Shall Receive:
The Unofficial MAME32 source is now available on the M.A.M.E. section. Got an e-mail from "p2l97" (the guy who compiled it). And he was nice enough to whip up a simple page were people could download the source code. Thanks P2197.

Wednesday, June 16th, 1999
Who Compiled The Unofficial MAME32?:
The unofficial MAME32 that was released yesterday contained no documentation nor credits. However, it's been discovered that it does include code from EMU+ (the auto-fire code). If you are the one that compiled this, the next time you build a release, make sure you give credit to the MAME team, the MAME32 team, and any other code you may include. If you can't supply the source changes yourself, point to locations on the net where you can download the source (like MAME, MAME32, EMU+, etc.).

$100 DIVX Rebate:
You've probably heard that DIVX is now dead. But maybe you didn't hear that they're offering a $100 rebate to anyone who was suckered into purchasing one before today! Visit the above official DIVX site to read all the news and fill out the rebate form (once it becomes available).

Another "Playable" N64 Emulator?:
It seems that the Nemu64 project is getting close to being able to play some commercial N64 games. However, it depends on what you call playable. If you look at the pics on the above linked site, you'll see that the speed is only about 2.5 to 5.2 frames per second (doesn't sound too playable to me). This speed may have to do with the fact that they haven't yet implemented hardware 3D video acceleration, I'm not sure. If the good people over there would send me a beta version to test for myself, I could give a better diagnosis. =)

New bleem! Beta Released:
A new bleem! beta for people with the cd "key" has been released. This version supports the following new features:
  • GRAPHICS : D3D clipping, Black Boxes, Transparency, Translucency, "Update Bug" as seen in Tekken 3
  • MEMCARDS : Ability to Disable MemoryCards, Fixed Crashes in MK4 & HotShotsGolf, Fixed Loaders in Castlevania & Ogre Battle (AND MORE!) **IMPORTANT** : Please use fresh, clean memorycards with this new build -- Bugs in the earlier memorycard logic may have affected your memorycards and could result in saved games not loading properly
  • SOUND : General Improvements (much less scratchiness and noise)
  • SPEED : General Improvements, speed limiter worked on
Visit the above link to download this update.

MacMAME v0.35 RC1 Released:
The Mac port of MAME v0.35 release candidate 1 has been released. This version adds the following:
  • In sync with DOS rc 1. [Brad Oliver]
  • The "Ignore NeoGeo" games in the audit reports now properly ignores all NeoGeo games. [Aaron Giles]
  • Added 16-bit versions of the 1:2 aspect ratio software blitters, used primarily by Cyberball [Brad Oliver]
  • Fixed the custom icons so that they are again visible to users using MacOS 8.1 and earlier. [Brad Oliver]
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

New NeoGeo.drv For KBMAME:
With support for the new NeoGeo dump Fight Fever. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to Retrogames for the file.

No Updates Yet?:
Yeah, had a big project at work and didn't have time to do my normal morning update. Expect a flurry of them now. =)

Tuesday, June 15th, 1999
Unofficial MAME32 v0.35 RC1 Released:
The unofficial MAME32 v0.35 RC1 has been released. This version not only includes the latest MAME build but also includes auto fire support. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to Dave's VGC for the news.

Monday, June 14th, 1999
z26 v1.31 Released:
Version 1.31 of this great Atari 2600 emulator has been released. This version adds the following features:
  • Various graphics improvements, mostly having to do with implementing some undocumented positioning properties of the 2600. Some of the most difficult to emulate 2600 games now run nicely. One of the most dramatic game improvements is gijoe.bin/actionmn.bin. The snake has eluded emulation for years. z26 gets it right. Other improved games include polepsn.bin, fatalrun.bin, koolaide.bin, snoopy.bin, solaris.bin (hyperspace now correct), mash.bin (trees now accurate), duckshot.bin, dolphin.bin/tubybird.bin (clouds move smoothly), moonptrl.bin, batlzone.bin, thundgrd.bin, and maybe others. At this point, there isn't much left to fix in the graphics area.
  • Thanks to Eckhard Stolberg for help figuring out some of the puzzles in this release. Also for writing a special demo program that helped map out some of the 2600's undocumented positioning properties.
Download it from the Atari 2600 section.

bleem! News:
News from the bleem! page
    NO MORE BLACK BOXES!! The beta I have been testing the past few days has not shown me a black box at ALL (testing on a Voodoo 3). It also seems to have fixed the "LIGHT" shadows in D3D. (when a "bright" spot appeared, instead of a shadow). I have told a few people I plan to post this LATE Tomorrow (6/15) or EARLY the Next Day (6/16). This will depend on a few reports, and assurance that nothing new is broken.
Looks like a new bleem! beta in the next few days.

AMAME & PMAME v0.35 RC1 Released:
AMAME (for Pentium II/AMD/486 users) and PMAME (for original Pentium users) has been upgraded to the MAME v0.35rc1 build. These versions also add support for the additional NeoGeo games that the official MAME release doesn't contain (namely Metal Slug X and Shock Troopers 2). Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

Raine v0.23 Released:
This version doesn't add any new games, but does add several new features:
  • Added support for 12 buttons on each joystick.
  • Added new default joystick settings:
    • button 9 = player start (this button is the 'start' button on a sidewinder)
    • button 10 = player coin slot (this button is the 'mode' button on a sidewinder)
    • It's great, now I can play on raine without leaning over the keyboard =).
  • Fixed sidewinder in allegro (added a second copy of the code as 'sidewinder b'). From what I can tell, the 'sidewinder b' should function the same as the system16 driver...
  • BIG THANKS to Paul G. for the sidewinder gamepad :).
  • Added Player 3 and 4 Controls in Snow Bros 2, Hit the Ice.
  • Fixed Taito Tetris romlist (2 of the listed roms were unused).
  • Fixed tripple buffer interfering with frame skip radio buttons in gui.
  • Fixed most sprite sync in Tatsujin 2.
  • Fixed most priorities in Master of Weapons, Ashura Blaster.
  • FG0 banking in B-System (eg. screen clear in Rambo 3, FBI logo in Violence Fight).
  • Updated translation template.cfg (oops, forgot).
  • Changed Frame Skip option in gui.
  • Replaced Tripple Buffer scroll routines, so they (should) work with vbe/af.
  • Added Combatribes player 3 controls and dsw to activate them (thx mayuga).
  • Changed TNZS guide url in cheats.txt (thx chris).
Download directly using the above link.

Sunday, June 13th, 1999
NeoRAGEx v0.6 Released:
This version includes the following new features:
  • Major Changes in the drawing routines (faster and more accurate).
  • Optimised ADPCM decoding.
  • Sound drop bug fix (first boss in Aero Fighters 2 etc).
  • 44khz sound output.
  • VSYNC option if Tripple buffering enabled.
  • Interpolated Sound option (44khz/MMX only).
  • Possibility to record sound into wave file while playing(Output format will always be 22khz).
  • Frameskip option (AUTO/0-11 out of 12).
  • Full throttle mode supported (only if VSYNC is turned off) have always been there but undocumented.
  • Option to show Frames/Sec.
  • Volume +/- buttons remaped to '5' & '6'.
  • Preview shot save (8-bit mode only) have always been there but undocumented.
  • Faster loading times.
  • And other stuff we have forgotten.
Download it directly using the above link.

MAME v0.35 RC 1 Released!
MAME v0.35 release candidate 1 released. This version adds 37 new games (to bring the total up to 1437) including:
  • Mars [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • New Sinbad 7 [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Hot Shocker [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Levers [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Azurian Attack [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Saturn [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Quiz Sangokushi [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Spelunker [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Freeze [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Mahjong Gakuen [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Mahjong Gakuen 2 Gakuen-chou no Fukushuu [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Super Marukin-Ban [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Poker Ladies [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Capcom World [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Pang! 3 [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Appoooh [Tatsuyuki Satoh]
  • The Legend of Kage [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Tank [Roberto Fresca]
  • Major Havoc (prototype) [Brad Oliver]
  • Devil Fish [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Route 16 (original) [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Nebulous Bee (= Galaga) [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Block Block (Japan) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Accelerator Pt.II) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Snow Bros (Japan) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Qix (set 3) [Al Kossow]
  • Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (Japan) [Santeri Saarimaa]
  • Pleiads (original) [Eric Hustvedt]
  • Dig Dug (Namco set 2) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Dig Dug 2 (set 2) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Alcon (= Slap Fight) (not working due to protection) [Marco Cassili]
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

NeoGeo.drv for KBMAME Updated:
The NeoGeo.drv has been updated to support Super Dodge Ball in KBMAME. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Neo-Geo Super Dodge Ball Released:
I hear this game is now available on the net. Don't know where though.

Saturday, June 12th, 1999
DeForest Kelley Dies:
DeForest Kelley, known as Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, dies at age 79. Best wishes go out to his family, friends, and all the Trekkies.

Friday, June 11th, 1999
The Gallery of the Absurd:
Too many funny things to mention them all. But, here are a couple: Now Hiring Losers Cock Soup Thanks to GurtyGurt for the link.

StellaX v1.1.2 Released:
This Atari 2600 emulator adds the following new features:
  • Runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000
  • Does not take over the .bin extension
  • DirectSound works on all systems
  • Added DirectInput support for keyboard, mouse, and joystick (except on NT)
  • Fixed minimize button bug
  • Created virtual list view to speed load time
  • Add screen capture (F12 key) to save current screen to a bmp file
  • Stella icon properly shows on the task list
Download it from the Atari 2600 section.

bleem! News:
The bleem! site reports that they are working on a feature to disable memory card support for those games that worked in the demo but not in the full version. Check out their site for the entire post.

Jedi In Brown:
For some reason, I find this funny. Thanks to [E|YSiUM] for the picture.

Retrocade News:
Neil Bradley reports that his latest Retrocade build adds sound for Tail Gunner, adds the game Pengo, and 16bpp support for raster games (which slows things down 10-20%). No date yet on the next beta release.

Another Arcade Graveyard:
I can barely type this through my tears after visiting the above site. We need to stop these people from committing this crime again and again. Rescue a classic arcade game today, please. Thanks to Christian Williams for the link.

Thurdsay, June 10th, 1999
bleem! News:
Two things. First off, #bleem on EFNet IRC is reporting

Headline: bleem! BETA TESTERS Subpoenaed in by Sony in Sony vs. Bleem.

Thanks to Retrogames for the heads-up. Also, the bleem! site all but admits they stole the look and feel of the Arcade@Home site. =)

MAME to Emulate the Sega Dreamcast:
Check out this article about future support for Sega Dreamcast emulation in MAME! =) Thanks to NOCTURNE for the link.

Wednesday, June 9th, 1999
3dfx set to take over S3?:
The Register reports:
    S3, the company with mighty patents, is set to be taken over by 3dfX, reliable sources told us today.

    When we asked where the money could come from, the source told us it was a consortium dead interested in all of the S3 patents.

    It would be a hostile bid. S3 is being wooed and UMC stuck $42 million into it, as reported here this morning.

    Our sources say that there is more money where that came from. And to watch that space.
What's up with 3dfx? Didn't their STB deal work out great?

The IDSA Site Gets a Facelift:
What do you think of the new IDSA web site? I personally like it much better than their old site. I also like their new content. =)

HotRod Joystick News:
If you're undecided on which HotRod joystick to purchase (the classic or the SE model) go with the SE model. Besides having 6 additional buttons, it's also easier for HanaHo's manufacturing process (they don't need to switch the line over as much). Remember, you will get a collection of LEGAL Capcom arcade ROMs with your order. Check it out and place your order at the above link.

Exclusive This:
Not to be outdone, I have my own exclusive. PMAME and AMAME, C and ASM versions updated to support the latest three NeoGeo games. If you are looking for these files on Rodimus Prime's site, the're there, just hidden. =) Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

New KBMAME is Legit:
Just got done talking with Deimos Zero (author of KBMAME). The new version of KBMAME was done by him and his page has now been updated to contain the newest version. It was meant to be a Retrogames exclusive, so I apologize for not giving them credit for this file. =)

MAME Decathlon:
Think you're good at playing classic arcade games with MAME? Well prove it! Enter the MAME Decathlon hosted by Snipercade. Besides the Decathlon, the site also hosts a large collection of MAME high scores (try to beat my Centipede high score). =)

New KBMAME Released:
This version adds support for:
  • Metal Slug X
  • Shock Troopers 2
  • Pop n Bounce
What's strange is that the author (Deimos Zero) hasn't updated his site yet with this version. It seemed to work for me, but use this at your own risk. You can download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

bleem! Site's Face-Lift:
Doesn't the bleem! site now have a strange resemblance to this site? All I've got to say is that I love your new site design. =)

New bleem! Full Version Beta:
A new bleem! beta has been released. This version fixes the CD-Key problem some people were having. Also, the clipping problems in games like Gran Turismo's rear view mirror. Download this beta from the bleem! site at the above link.

Atari 2600 Emulator z26 Added:
While this was not just released (version 1.30), it's new to this site. If you haven't tried this A2600 emulator, you should. It has a simple and easy to use front-end and emulates the games wonderfully. Check it out on the Atari 2600 section.

Tuesday, June 8th, 1999
Retrogames Back Up:
Retrogames is back up. It was just a simple server problem.

New Version of EMU+:
EMU+ has been again updated to include support for Shock Troopers 2 & Pop n' Bounce. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Retrogames Down:
Just wanted everyone to know that Retrogames is down. I haven't talked to atila yet, but I would guess that it's just a temporary problem. The Official MAME Site which is hosted on the Retrogames server is up, so I would guess they are just having some technical problems.

Monday, June 7th, 1999
Britney Spears Brest Pump:
I just heard about Britney Spears a few weeks ago (yeah, I'm 30 can't you tell). Wook on IRC posted the above link. You'll need Shockwave but it's worth it. Make sure you check out the song. Someone with just too much time on their hands.

Another New NeoGeo.drv:
Seems that Pop and Bounce was also just dumped and a new neogeo.drv for KBMAME has been released. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

StellaX v1.1.2 Coming Soon:
StellaX (an Atari 2600 emulator) should be releasing version 1.1.2 shortly. Here's what's new:
  • Stella no longer automatically registers the .bin file type
  • DirectSound now works on all machines - NT4, W2K, Win95, Win98!
  • DirectInput support for keyboard, mouse, joystick - you can now play breakout!
  • Fixed minimize window button bug
  • Created virtual list view to speed StellaX load time
  • Add screen capture to .bmp file (press the F12 key)
  • STELLA.INI file now holds configuration - you can even specify the drive and directory where your rom files are! (defaults to ROMS directory)
  • StellaX icon properly shows on the task list
  • Changed stellax web site to http://stellax.8m.com/
  • Works on NT4 (doesn't fail if DirectInput not available)
No word on exactly when it will be released.

New NeoGeo.drv for KBMAME:
A new neogeo.drv that supports Shock Troopers 2 and Metal Slug X has been released. I hear that Metal Slug X uses an encryption and it doesn't work in KBMAME, but I don't know first-hand (I don't have these games). Download it from the M.A.M.E. section next to the KBMAME file.

Lara Croft In Next Month's Playboy:
No, not the 3D version, but the real person that inspired the character. QuakeCity has reported
    Noticed in the 'next month' portion of the July 1999 PlayBoy (I only read the articles), that the next issue will feature a pictorial focusing on the real-life inspiration for Lara Croft, everyone's favorite chic archaeologist. I imagine the upcoming issue will be a hot seller for fans of the series and gamers everywhere.
Too bad that most people who play Tomb Raider are not old enough to buy Playboy. Check out QuakeCity's site at the above link.

Apollo69 Closes Down:
Seems that there's a disturbance in the NeoGeo force. Apollo69 has closed his site down (see the above link). I'm guessing it has something to do with the Shock Troopers 2 and Metal Slug X releases over the past few days. Not sure exactly what happeded, but it would appear that those games were not supposed to be released yet.

EMU+ Adds Shock Troopers 2 Support:
EMU+ has added support for the yet to be released Shock Troopers 2. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Raine v0.22 Released:
This latest version of Raine supports 9 new games:
  • Bomb Jack Twin
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Thunder Dragon Bootleg
  • Omega Fighter
  • Atomic Robokid
  • Puzznic
  • Insector X
  • Silent Dragon
  • Pop'n Pop
  • Chase HQ
  • Chase HQ Japanese
Download it direcctly from the above link.

Sunday, June 6th, 1999
HotRod(tm) Now Available for Sale!
HanaHo Games has just started taking orders for their HotRod(tm) joystick. From their site at the above link you can purchase either the HotRod(tm) classic ($179.95US) or the HotRod(tm) SE ($199.95US). The classic model looks like the unit to the left, while the SE model has a more modern "2 rows of 3 buttons" like most fighting games. Also remember that these joysticks will include a set of LEGAL Capcom arcade games. Exactly which games that will be included is not known. I'm guessing that ALL Capcom games that are out of production will be included, but what do I know =) When I know for sure, I'll let you know.

bleem! Beta News:
Seems that the latest private beta release of bleem! fixes problems where the program couldn't read the CD-Key. Expect to see this beta released to the public shortly. It also includes emulation improvements like the clipping problem in Gran Turismo's rear view mirror.

Finally, Something Newsworthy:
What a slow day... With that said, The Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME has released version 3.2 of their image archive. This version adds 38 new images and replaces 4 which brings the total to 670. Download it from their site at the above link.

Saturday, June 5th, 1999
Another Legal Arcade ROM Image:
According to The Official MAME Page: "Another legal romset appeared. Jay Fenton, the author of Robby Roto has got back the rights for this game, and he released it for non-commercial purposes." This ROM image can be found on the ROM Files section. If other authors have this same agreement with Bally/Midway and want to release their games to the public to enjoy again, please let me or the MAME team know.

ROM Links Working Again:
Bob has informed me that his server is again running 100% and I have restored the links. It must be hard to fix servers in Taiwan. Visit the ROM Files section for the links.

Friday, June 4th, 1999
JoseQ HotRod(tm) Review:
JoseQ's Emu Views reviews a HotRod(tm) -SE joystick. Needless to say, he loves it (as does everyone). Read the complete review at the above link. A link to the HotRod(tm) site is available using the image link at left. They're going to start taking orders in a couple weeks with the release date being the end of the month. Get your own!

More bleem! Improvements:
bleem! is stating that they are working on the next beta release that should include the following new enhancements:
  • Clipping issues (non clipping) for stuff like GT rear-view
  • Transparency issues (aka black boxes)
  • More memory card compatability issues
The clipping issue has already been fixed and will be included in the next beta release. The two other items are being worked on now.

Thursday, June 3rd, 1999
6 Millionth Visitor:
Passed through the 6 million visitor mark last night. Thanks to our 6 millionth visitor Michael Gerety!!! The prize? A big thank you. =)

Wednesday, June 2nd, 1999
EPISODE I: Star Wars Fan Day!
I need everyone's attention. Saturday, June 19th is Star Wars fan day. This is what we want the headlines to read:
    "On May 19th, the Force returned, breaking all box-office records. And now, one month later, on Saturday, June 19th... it does it again!!!"
We need everyone's support. Show up to see Star Wars again (or for the 24th time) on Saturday, June 19th. But, don't just show up, Dress Up! We want to make this day just like opening day. We need everyone's support. Read the above link for all the details and read the source of this great idea on the Star Wars Fan Day web site.

New bleem! Public Beta Released:
That's right, a new full version of the bleem! beta is available for download. This release is v22113 (6/02/99) and adds the following
  • Removed MANAGED TEXTURES. It is no longer needed for Voodoo 2 (or other cards).
  • Memory Cards. Many OLD memory card errors have been eliminated.
  • General Speed/Compatibility Issues.
Please note that you still need the CD key to use this beta.

Tuesday, June 1st, 1999
GLMAME32 Released:
This is a OpenGL version of MAME32 (v0.35 beta 12). I'm trying to get my Voodoo card to work with OpenGL applications, so I haven't seen it work first hand yet. But, I understand that it works. I'll post more information when I get my video configured correctly. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Arcade@Home Beta 3 Sent to Beta Testers:
Beta 3 of Arcade@Home was sent out to my beta testers. Several great new features have been added. I'll post a listing of all the new features when I'm a little closer to public release. So far, everthing is going very well.

Breaking the 6 Million Visitor Mark!
Arcade@Home should be breaking the 6 million visitor mark sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks go out to all you visitors that keep coming back.

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