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News from September 1999

Thursday, September 30th, 1999
New MAME Samples & Background Art:
With the v0.36 beta 6 release of MAME also comes a sound sample set for Space Panic and updated background art for Space Wars. They are both available on the M.A.M.E. section.

Wednesday, September 29th, 1999
MAME v0.36 Beta 6.1 On-Line:
Go get it from the M.A.M.E. section. Note that it's version 0.36 beta 6.1. This was done to avoid confusion with the standard MAME compiles on other sites. This version includes the Sidewinder fix as well as some front-end features. Currently, the only front-end feature is the guihost feature (set in your MAME.CFG file under the [emuplus] heading). Setting this to "guihost = yes" will turn off the annoying game stats and non-critical error messages that appear every time you start a game. Other front-end features are being worked on as well (next should be new reporting features).

MAME v0.36 Beta 6 What's New:
I'm compiling the source right now which includes the Sidewinder fix as well as special front-end features. It should be done within 15 minutes. Until then, check out the new supported games:
  • Meikyu Jima (Kickle Cubicle) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • R-Type [Nicola Salmoria]
  • R-Type II [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Major Title (preliminary) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Hammerin' Harry [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Gallop [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Blade Master [Bryan McPhail]
  • Gunforce (preliminary) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Hook (preliminary) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Undercover Cops [Bryan McPhail]
  • R-Type Leo [Bryan McPhail]
  • Major Title 2 (preliminary) [Bryan McPhail]
  • In The Hunt (preliminary) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Lethal Thunder [Bryan McPhail]
  • Pandora's Palace [Manuel Abadia]
  • Rock 'n Rage [Manuel Abadia]
  • Blades of Steel (not working due to protection) [Manuel Abadia]
  • Power Drive [Aaron Giles]
  • Turbo Tag [Aaron Giles]
  • Zwackery [Aaron Giles]
  • Spy Hunter 2 [Aaron Giles]
  • Blasted [Aaron Giles]
  • Arch Rivals [Aaron Giles]
  • Tri-Sports [Aaron Giles]
  • Pigskin 621AD [Aaron Giles]
  • Name that Tune [Aaron Giles]
  • Trivial Pursuit (Genus II) [Aaron Giles]
  • Trivial Pursuit (Baby Boomer Edition) [Aaron Giles]
  • Trivial Pursuit (Young Player's Edition) [Aaron Giles]
  • Tapper (set 2) [Aaron Giles]
  • Demolition Derby (2 players) [Aaron Giles]
M72 anyone?

MAME v0.36 Beta 6 to be Released Shortly!
A little birdy told me that MAME v0.36 beta 6 should be released any minute now. Check back in a few minutes...

Snes9x Mac v1.2.6 Released:
The Mac version of this SNES emulator gets updated to the latest Snes9x source. Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to Retrogames for the news.

Stella Mac v1.1 Released:
The Mac version of this great Atari 2600 emulator has been updated to the the v1.1 Stella core. Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to Retrogames for the news.

Tuesday, September 28th, 1999
Snes9x v1.26 for DOS Released:
The DOS port of Snes9x v1.26 has been released. This version adds the following features:
  • Added Full Screen Bilinear Interpolation and Full Screen Bilinear Interpolation + Grid. These ought to look like 3Dfx mode in the windows port, and they are faster than their 2xSaI counterparts.
  • All full screen image processors have been partially rewritten using MMX.
  • Oops. Forgot to change the display drivers of modes 9 to 12 back from VESA2L to AUTODETECT. VESA 1.x/3.0, VBE/AF support is back.
  • Cheat codes can now be entered and removed from the GUI.
  • Cheatfinder finally works. At the moment it's only possible to search for byte values, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Monday, September 27th, 1999
Arcade@Home's New Look:
If you don't see Arcade@Home's new look, or it looks half updated, your cache needs to be cleared. My wife tells me this color of blue is in right now, so if you don't like it, talk to her. =)

Several MAME Samples Updated:
Dith has released some new cleaned up samples for use with MAME. They have less static and are smaller in size than the standard samples. Most all MAME samples at Arcade@Home have been processed in this way by either Dith or myself. If you want to hear the difference, check out this MP3 Demo. Thanks to Dith's Enhanced MAME Samples for the current updates available on the M.A.M.E. section.

Sunday, September 26th, 1999
EMU+ v0.36 Beta 5 Fixed:
If you have been having problems with video with EMU+ v0.36 beta 5, it's because some debugging stuff wasn't removed The current file available for download is a new build that fixes this problem. You can get it from the M.A.M.E. section.

NO$GMB v2.3a Released:
This version fixes the new SNES button setup options over v2.3 released a few days ago. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

10 Million Visitors:
Didn't even realize it, but Arcade@Home passed the 10 million visitor mark probably yesterday. What a milestone, and I didn't even notice. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for 100 million to see another digit added.

Will We Make it to See The Y2K Bug?:
It seems we may not make it long enough to see what happens with the Y2K bug. A group of scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. have a device which hopefully will duplicate the "Big Bang" and create primordial soup called the quark-gluon plasma this November. The problem is that this quark-gluon plasma also produces other matter, including a black hole. Doomsday scientists theorize that this black hole could eat it's way to the center of the earth and consume the entire planet. The late Carl Sagan in his book Cosmos theorized: "Life begins and evolves through millions of years to the moment when it destroys itself. The nature of consciousness is such that evolution itself is a doomsday machine." He goes on to say that the creation of a black hole it the most plausible form of annihilation. "Not only does it explain the apparent absence of life anywhere else in the universe, it also explains the absence of any ruins of past civilizations. A black hole removes all traces of everything -- including of the creating civilization's planet." What I understand about black holes is that they are one dimensional (take up zero volume) but can have infinite mass. The size of the Event Horizon (or Schwarzschild radius) is proportionate to it's mass. Anything outside this Event Horizon is unaffected, anything inside gets sucked it. However, if the entire mass of the earth was a black hole, it's Event Horizon would only be less than an inch (if memory serves me correctly). Therefore, if this very small lab created black hole would be created, it's Event Horizon would be so small it wouldn't be able to suck much of anything to it's core. Fun to think about though. Thanks to drewbert2000 for this mind tingling doomsday story.

EMU+ v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
Before I hit the sack, I noticed that EMU+ v0.36 beta 5 was released. New feature for this version is the addition of MARP high scores (visit the tab menu). Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Back From Cedar Point:
Just got back from Cedar Point. Had a great time. Got a chance to play most all of their classic games (and a few new ones too). Now I'm tired and need sleep...

Saturday, September 25th, 1999
MAME32 v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
MAME32 (the Windows 9x/NT version of MAME) has been updated to the latest source version. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Not Arcade@Home today, but Arcade@CedarPoint. Heading out to Cedar Point to visit their wonderful arcades. They have one of the best classic arcades on earth (as well as some of the best roller coasters). If you don't know what Cedar Point is, check it out at the above link.

Friday, September 24th, 1999
Pugsy's MAME Cheats Updated:
Pugsy has updated his MAME cheats to include MAME v0.36 beta 5 games. This release features 17,726 cheats for 1,664 different games! Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under Utilities.

New Console Section:
Added yet another console section. This time the ColecoVision. The ColecoVision was one of my favorite consoles as it had a huge number of near perfect arcade classics in it's library. I just got my childhood ColecoVision back from my parents a few days ago only to find out that the controllers are missing :(

Lamer Says What?:
Lamer boy from yesterday replied back. To be expected from a lamer, there were more lame comments, all caps text, poor english, etc. However, this time he also called all of you a fool! Here's the quote:
    LAMER E-MAIL OF THE DAY?? ARE YOU CRAZY!!! Those fools [know] nothing about anything...
(Notice that I had to add [know] in his quote just for it to make even a little sense.) Anyway, because he's now bringing you into this, maybe you would like to reply to him at the above link. His e-mail goes on to say that I won't hear from him again until next month (thank God for that).

NO$GMB v2.3 Released:
This great GameBoy emulator gets an update today as well. This version adds "some timing/link/snespad fixes, OAM screen, A22I-XED, new address". Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Snes9x v1.26 for Linux Released:
Snes9x's core gets updated to v1.26 as does the Linux build. Their site doesn't yet list what's new, but I'm sure information is included in the archive. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Snes9x v1.23a Mac Released:
Snes9x v1.23a for the Mac has been released. You can grab it from the just expanded Console Emulation section. New sections are Sega Genesis and NeoGeo. Many more to be added in the coming days as well as other new feaures in each section. Thanks to Retrogames for the file.

Thursday, September 23rd, 1999
Lamer E-Mail Returns:
No, I didn't stop getting lamer e-mail, none were quite lame enough, till now. Below is the entire e-mail I got from "superfunnyg". It was, of course, from a hotmail account (lamer village).

    YOU IDIOT! YOU ARCADE AT HOME BLOWS, THERE ARE 100DS OF OTHER MAME software dont you think so? You FORCE people to download it, to find out it is nothing about it, Ill bet it wont survive for more than a month! HAHAHAHAHAHAH, well, since your site wont ever be #1 again, we have nothing to worry about, right fool? When you go under, expect to hear from me again
Well, now I know why he goes by "superfunnyg" cause this is one super funny lamer e-mail. I can't wait to hear from him again within the next 30 days. I'm sure he can be even lamer next time and provide us with more super funny material. BTW, I am not liable if your sides split.

Dreamcast for $132.65:
Most of you have probably seen these types of prices for the Dreamcast, only to click on a link that doesn't work. Well, this one actually works albeit they don't have any in stock (which is common for other on-line stores). Not only do they offer a Dreamcast for $132.65, they also offer 33% off most Dreamcast games! Let me warn you that their server seems to be at times very slow and I have no information about this company. I placed an order for a Dreamcast and NFL2K including shipping for $165.97. Lets see if I get it. Thanks to blazemore for the link.

PMAME ASM v0.36 Beta 5 Fixed:
As suspected, the ASM version of PMAME v0.36 beta 5 was actually the C core version. This has now been corrected by Rodimus Prime, PMAME's author. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 1999
MacMAME v0.36 Beta 5 Locally:
If there's anything more difficult to download than DX7, it's MacMAME v0.36 beta 5. It's now available for local download on the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to ZyClone for the file.

MAME WIP Updates:
If you haven't checked out the MAME WIP page in a couple of days you should. New drivers include R-Type, R-Type II, Hammerin' Harry, & Kickle Cubicle. Check out all the details and lots of sample images at the above link.

Another Atari Interactive Preview:
Mike Stulir has done another Atari Interactive preview for an upcoming game. This time Pong. Hasbro Interactive is cranking out the Atari classic remakes. Check out the preview at the above link.

DirectX 7.0 is Out!
Needs no description. Download it from Microsoft's site at the above link. Thanks to Razoola for the news.

New N64 Emulator: Corn
Corn is a new N64 emulator. It only plays Super Mario 64 but is VERY fast. I have reports of it not running on Voodoo1 and 2 hardware and it looks very funny on my Voodoo Banshee. There's no sound and it writes directly to your desktop so it leaves graphic glitches all over the place. Also, to quit it appears you have to do a three finger salute. You should check it out just for its speed, however. It's on the Console Emulation section.

MacMAME v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
v0.36 beta 5 of MacMAME has been released. However, his server is so slow it's impossible for me to download it (have been trying all day). As soon as the speed increases, I'll have it locally for you to download.

PMAME v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
Rodimus Prime has released his PMAME to keep up with the latest MAME build v0.36 beta 5. They are available from the M.A.M.E. section but please note that I believe the ASM and C versions are identical. I've notified Rodimus about this and I'll update the incorrect one as soon as it's known.

Tuesday, September 21st, 1999
Snes9x v1.25 DOS Released:
Snes9x for DOS has been updated to the latest v1.25 source build. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

The Last New Ms. Pac-Man:
Here's a cool story along with pictures of a brand new Ms. Pac-Man (still in the box) that was recently finally sold by an arcade distributor. Seems that it was sitting in his warehouse for nearly 20 years! Check out the above link for the complete story. Thanks to |Badger| for the link.

Retrogaming Times 25th Issue is Out:
Retrogaming Times is a great on-line magazine about what else, retrogaming. Check it out at the above link. It's a good read.

Sharon from IRC pointed out this new Pac-Man emulator with a twist. It's the actual emulated arcade Pac-Man, but with newer graphics. It's a private beta now, but I had the privilege of trying it out and it's really is nice. Check out some screen shots at the above link.

RealityMan Fed Up Again:
It seems that the lamers are getting to RealityMan (one of the authors of UltraHLE). It doesn't exactly say how they were harrassing him, but it was bad enough to post a lengthy editorial to his site and to take all sections off-line. Check out the above link for his complete words. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

AMAME v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
AMAME (Pentium II/III, AMD, & 486 optimized versions of MAME) has been updated to the v0.36 beta 5 core. PMAME will be following shortly. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Monday, September 20th, 1999
Missile Command Preview:
Mike Stulir got his hands on an alpha release of Hasbro's soon to be released Missile Command. Check out his preview at the above link.

Space Wars Background Art:
I forgot to mention that Space Wars got new background art for MAME v0.36 beta 5. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under Backdrop Art. Thanks to DVGS for the file.

Another Day, Another Zsnes Release:
Zsnes has been updated once again to v0.963. This version adds the following:
  • Fixed DMA position reader to fix the high sample rate problem in SB-Live! cards. Thanks to ShihTzu for helping us with this!
  • Removed SB16 only message under stereo option in commandline help. Shouldn't really be there since v0.600.
  • Low Pass Filter is now disabled by default. But you can still enable it through the GUI.
  • Implemented an option in the GUI to not allow Zsnes to change the current start-up game path in the configuration. You can access this in Config->Options.
  • Joystick calibration values have been reset since there seems to be some problems with it. You may have to re-calibrate your joystick if it doesn't respond correctly.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Livin' la Video Loca!
Check out this mother of all video cards! It's Video Loca's Bitchin'fast!3D2000. Check out this quote:
    "Uses ALL FIVE of today's hottest 3D chipsets--and they're all jimmied together in some kind of nutty, five-way, scanline-interleave bouillabaisse. It shouldn't work... but it does."
Amazing! I've already ordered one and I'm sure you will too when you see the ad at the above link. If anyone knows of a case that will fit this video card, please let me know. Check it out! Thanks to Minamoto K. for the image.

Sunday, September 19th, 1999
DBoy v0.51 Released:
DBoy (a GameBoy emulator) v0.51 has been released. Since I can't read Japanese, I can't tell you what's new. But it appears that something having to do with DMA and A-com have been updated (that was the only english text I could read) =) Download it from the Console Emulation section.

New MAME Screen Shots:
The MAME screen shots page has been updated to include all new MAME games. Something is messed up with the script, so some games are listed when they shouldn't be. However, everything still works and I'm working on the fix now. Check it out at the above link.

New MAME Sound Samples:
Depthcharge now has a sound sample set for it available on the M.A.M.E. section under Sound Files. It's been resampled and cleaned up as I always do to improve the sound quality and reduce the file size. Also, samples for Turbo and Stratvox are floating around. To me, they just sound like samples from another game that are renamed and repackaged. Since they are not on the official MAME site, I can only assume they are not correct. Note that it's easy to do this, for example use the Punch-Out! samples for Super Punch-Out!. The sounds are all wrong, but at least there are sounds.

Snes9x v1.25 for Linux Released:
The Linux version of Snes9X v1.25 has been released. The Windows version should follow shortly. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Zsnes v0.962 Released:
Both the C core and ASM core versions of Zsnes have been updated to version 0.962. This release adds the following features and bug fixes:
  • Exit text now only displays when text mode is 80x25
  • Used hardware DMA counter to determine which sound block to write to rather than assuming it always starts at the first one for the sound routines. This should hopefully fix all those nasty sound static problems many people seems to have. Many thanks to Crono for the code and for his help!
  • Removed Re-Init Every 30 Second option. Shouldn't be needed anymore
  • Added the ability to disable the Low Pass Filter
  • Implemented Diagonal Keys
  • Implemented some SA-1 speedups
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Catver.ini for Arcade@Home Updated:
The optional catver.ini file (displays game category and MAME version information in Arcade@Home has been updated by Gerardo to include MAME v0.36 beta 5 games. Download it from the Front-Ends section.

Saturday, September 18th, 1999
Unofficial MAME32 v0.36 Beta 5:
P2L97 has released his unofficial MAME32 compile of MAME. This is the Windows version using the latest DOS beta 5 source core. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

MAME v0.36 Beta 5 Released:
Took my kids to Seaworld today and got back with this surprise =) You can download it from the M.A.M.E. section while I update everything else.

Zsnes v0.960 Released:
Zsnes v0.960 has been released. A bunch of new featurs and bug fixes are included. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

ClrMamePro Beta 3c Released:
Beta 3a of this MAME ROM manager has been released. This version turns off the new ZIP scanner that was added to the last release. It caused problems for many people, so this release turns it off by default and makes it an option to turn back on. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under Utilities.

Friday, September 17th, 1999
New Section:
It was another slow day so I added a new section. Check out the Console Emulators section for the new Sega Genesis area. I'm working on many other features to these new sections that should be up shortly.

MAME WIP Update:
Slow day in the emulation world. Word is a new MAME release will be with us shortly. To see what will be new, check out the MAME WIP page at the above link. New drivers for Orbitron, Mad Motor, Battlantis, and more and updates to drivers including Renegade which may be playable by release.

Thursday, September 16th, 1999
HanaHo ArcadePC Review:
Andrews and Laura Burt have written a good review of HanaHo's ArcadePC arcade cabinet. It also gives a good female arcade emulation perspective. Check it out at the above link.

ClrMamePro Beta 3b Released:
ClrMamePro beta 3b has been released. This version adds the following Features and changes:
  • changed: zipscanner detects much more bad zipfiles which caused some trouble in earlier versions (Thanks Si)
  • added: internal RAINE support (no more datfiles are needed) (Hi Gridle...:o))
  • added: small 'FAQ' to the documentation
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under the Utilities area.

Wednesday, September 15th, 1999
Emulation World Down:
Emulation World, the home of Retrogames, Zophar's Domain, Emulators Unlimited, Emulation Sphere and many other emulation sites is down for a server move. This was a scheduled move and they should be back up shortly.

Tuesday, September 14th, 1999
Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME Updated:
Xray1 has updated his MAME Flyer and Poster Archive to version 3.7 (now called Pack #11). This release includes 18 new flyers and 21 were replaced. Download it from his site at the above link.

New Nemu64 Released:
This must be the day for N64 emulators to be released. Nemu64 releases version 0.6 with the following new features:
  • MUCH higher game support. This is the most compatible Nemu64 ever :)
  • Support for extra EEProm and Mempack folders, so roms can be directly executed from read-only devices like CDs or read-only network drives
  • Favourite folders
  • Support for higher resolutions
  • Statefile support
  • Joystick and keyboard support via DirectInput - highly configurable !
  • Alignment support - on newer PCs (PII or better) this can be faster
  • Dynamic TLB - speed increase for non-TLB roms
  • Several CPU speed ups and many bugfixes
  • Added DL/s - this is a more accurate FPS counter. It only works in RCP roms (like commercial games and 3d demos)
  • Better lle sound support - hardly any gaps now
  • Better PifRAM support (EEProm, RumblePack, Mempack, Controllers)
  • Support for multiple higher resolutions
  • Improved graphics in many games
  • Automatic texture coordinate generation (reflection mapping)
  • Many combine modes added
  • Much improved optimization of D3D calls (speed)
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

New TRWinGL Released:
True Reality (TRWinGL), a Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows and OpenGL, has been updated. Many changes have been made including dymanic recompulation (which speeds up emulation). Download it from the Console Emulation section.

SNES9x Win v1.24 Released:
SNES9x v1.24 for Windows has been released. This version adds the following:
  • 3dfx speed hack back again, only disabled when Seiken 3 is loaded.
  • Some minor SA-1 speed ups added - the SA-1 instruction skipping code will have to wait until I have more time.
Download it from the Console Emulation section under SNES.

Monday, September 13th, 1999
Hidden loopyNES Beta:
I heard a report that there was a new hidden loopyNES beta on the official site. Sure enough, it was there. This version was released last Thursday and it's not known what new features it has. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

New Console Emulation Section:
The new console emulation section is now active! I started by adding new areas for SNES, NES, and GameBoy. Other consoles to be added in the coming days and many new features to be added in these sections as well. Check out the Console Emu link on the left navigation bar.

Sunday, September 12th, 1999
Raine v0.25c Released:
Raine v0.25c has been released. This version adds support for 24 new games. You can download it directly at the above link. Below are a listing if the new supported games:
  • Ark Area
  • Dogyuun
  • The Lord of King
  • Cachat
  • Iga Ninjyutsuden
  • Chimera Beast
  • Teki Paki
  • Quiz Jinsei Gekijoh
  • Yuyu no quiz de Gogo
  • Gun Frontier
  • Gekirin Dan
  • American Horseshoes
  • Kiki Kai Kai
  • Knight Boy
  • Kuri Kinton
  • Daisenpu
  • Kageki
  • Bobble Bobble
  • Super Bobble Bobble
  • Cadash French
  • Snow Bros (alt)
  • The NZ Story (bootleg)
  • Rastan American
  • Rastan American (alt)

Saturday, September 11th, 1999
MAME v0.36 Beta 4 Cheat File:
Pugsy has released his cheat file for MAME. This version adds support for new games added in v0.36 beta 4. It contains 16,949 cheats for 1,611 games. Download from the M.A.M.E. section under Utilities.

New UltraHLE Interface:
Not only will UltraHLE v1.1.0 include support for 3dfx and OpenGL, a cool new interface is also being developed. Take a look at the following links for examples of the new GUI: Game List Control Config.

New Site Additions Today!
Arcade@Home is expanding to include new sections and new feaures. Later today I'll release the first round of changes with many more to follow shortly. I'm working on some really cool new features that you should really enjoy. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 10th, 1999
Win an Apple iBook:
You've got less than 3 weeks left to win a chance at the new Apple iBook laptop. 300Mhz PowerPC G3, 160MB RAM, 3.2GB and more (a $2500 value). Remember, this contest is used to gather demographics for this site. So not only can you win this cool prize, you'll also be helping me gather this information. Click on the above link for your chance to win!

Thursday, September 9th, 1999
UltraHLE v1.10 to use OpenGL:
RealityMan (one of the authors of UltraHLE) has reported that the next release v1.10 will use OpenGL. This is great news for those of you out there with non-Glide video cards.
    Quote: "As you can probably guess, this means that v1.1.0 will use OpenGL graphics for two main reasons, wider compatibility and possible future porting. Porting moves me onto the next question. Recently, several people have reported to me that UltraHLE works on Linux/Unix using WINE. This is an interesting and unexpected development. The question that has been asked is whether UltraHLE will be ported to other systems such as UNIX, MacOS etc. Well, potentially, yes, although not in the immediate future. The emulator is primarily written in C but the dynarec only currently compiles to Intel x86. This should be resonably easy to port to other systems, hence the possible future non-intel versions."
Check out the new UltraHLE site at the above link.

z26 v1.35 Released:
Not much added in this release except for minor changes to the video modes. The main difference is that z26 now comforms with the conditions of the GNU Public License (GPL). Download it from the Atari 2600 section.

New Catver.ini Released:
The catver.ini file adds the category and version information to the Arcade@Home front-end. Because this information is not stored in MAME, it must be created in an external file manually. Gerardo has once again updated this file. Just replace your existing catver.ini file with this one (it's in your Arcade directory). Download from the Front-Ends section.

Wednesday, September 8th, 1999
ClrMame Pro 3a Released:
This version adds the following fixes:
  • 'Receiving data' from a M.A.M.E.-binary fails
  • 'Unneeded fix' doesn't fix files in all cases
  • Weird 'zip errors' with read-only zip files
  • Minor GUI and refreshing stuff
Download it from the above link (yeah, it's now available as a direct download).

Billions Made off Open Source?:
After Red Hat's public offering less than a month ago and it's steady climb to almost 9 times the IPO price, 3 Red Hat executives are now worth over $1 billion. Who wrote this software that they are making billions off of? Mostly the 5,000 programers that DONATED their time to code this open source program. Red Hat was nice enough to offer them a chance in on the IPO, but only 1,150 were eligible or wanted to. The problem stems from the fact that they still needed to buy the shares at the IPO price of $14/share. So, while they could have made 9 times the return, so could just about anyone that knows their way around securities and IPOs. If they invested $500, they would be sitting on about $4,300. While not bad, it's still far from the billions that the Red Hat execs are worth. So, who still wants to code for an open source project and let others make billions off your hard work?

EMU+ v0.36 Beta 4 Released:
This is a great alternate to the official version of MAME. It adds support for many additional features like auto-fire, overclocking, special video modes, and much more. Beta 4 adds the following new features:
  • Everything is the same as beta 2 and 3 as far as Sidewinder support and Gravis Devices (Grip, Exterminator, Stinger). Thanks to MAMEGRIP (Rob) for the fixes for Gravis Pads.
  • Read the info for beta 3 to use the joysticks. :)
  • Added support for many crazy different video modes. Thanks to HAZE and DGEN Author for this. (Please note: All video modes require 16bpp color except Eagle which supports both 8bpp and 16bpp)
    • -craptv - A blurred out tv mode
    • -eagle - Eagle routines like those found in kbmame.
    • -lcdblur - This is a weird effect. Blurs the screen sorta like an lcd display.
    • -lcdlarge_screen - Used in conjunction with -lcdblur Displays large or small screen.
    • -cleanblur - This is also used in conjunction with -lcdblur, Some games look better with it on. Baseball Stars doesn't leave the word Strike on the screen for ages. Other games look better with it off, just experiment.
    • -blur - This creates a different blur type effect. Draws every other line.
    • -fifty - This is a 50% scanlines mode.
    • Not every game will work with these modes. Most require stretch=Yes in mame.cfg. You can set these options in mame.cfg but you can only use ONE mode at a time. (If you say eagle=Yes and craptv=Yes. You will get eagle and not craptv.)
  • GUI Support
  • Added the GPILOTS loaded fix and the listinfo fix (for mamemerge, clrmame, etc). Thanks to HAZE and DUTCH for this info.
Your's truly added the GUI support. It's an Easter egg, try to figure out how it works. =) Download EMU+ from the M.A.M.E. section.

ClrMame Pro Beta 3a:
Bogy reports that there are some bugs with Beta 3 of his MAME ROM manager program. Beta 3a is due out shortly to address these problems.

MAME32 v0.36 Beta 4 Released!
After a long time waiting and several missed versions the official MAME32 (Windows 9x/NT version of MAME) has been updated to the latest MAME beta core. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Tuesday, September 7th, 1999
EMU+ v0.36 Beta 4:
A little birdie told me that EMU+ v0.36 beta 4 should be released this evening. Your's truly has written a feature into this release of EMU+ and the word on the street is that it will include a new switch called -eagle (can you guess what that does) =) There are a lot of other surprises in this release so check their site often at the above link to catch it when it's released.

UltraHLE Version 1.1.0:
RealityMan has announced that he is working on UltraHLE v1.1.0. No release dates or information on it's compatibility at this time. Visit the above link for this official news.

Slow News Day:
It's been a slow news day. Anyway, I'm working on a new release of the Arcade@Home front-end that corrects a few little problems and adds a few more requested features. The new release should be available in the next few days. I'll post a list of new features when it goes out to the beta testers.

Monday, September 6th, 1999
MAME v0.36 Beta 4 Screen Shots:
MAME v0.36 beta 4's on-line game screen shots are now available. Visit the above link to view a screen shot of every MAME game.

ClrMamePro Beta 3 Released:
Bogy's ClrMame Pro beta 3 has been released. This version adds a host of new features. Download it from Bogy's site at the above link.

Unofficial MAME32 v0.36 Beta 4 Released:
P2L97 has released his unofficial MAME32 updated to the latest MAME v0.36 beta 4 source. This release also includes the fix to the Namco System1 problem. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

New MAME v0.36 Beta 4 Games:
Bob from Arcade Emulation has reported that all new MAME v0.36 beta 4 games are now available for download. Visit Arcade Emulation from the ROM Files section.

AMAME & PMAME v0.36 Beta 4:
AMAME and PMAME v0.36 beta 4 have also been released. Download from the M.A.M.E. section.

MacMAME v0.36 Beta 4:
The Mac version of MAME (MacMAME) has been upgraded to v0.36 beta 4. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

MAME v0.36 Beta 4 Released:
I was out of town for a day, and of course that was the day of the new MAME release. MAME v0.36 beta 4 is now available for download from the M.A.M.E. section. More updates to follow shortly.

Saturday, September 4th, 1999
You've got to check out what's got to be the smallest arcade cabinet running MAME ever constructed. It looks like Dr. Evil's mini me cabinet. Check it out on the Cabinet Pics section (towards the bottom).

Friday, September 3rd, 1999
Voodoo4 For Sale on eBay:
Not to be outdone, 3dfx is auctioning off a pre-release version of their Voodoo4 on eBay! 3dfx was not available for comment on the authenticity of this auction. Check it out at the above link for a good laugh. Thanks to xW0Lf for the news.

ClrMamePro Beta #2a:
ClrMamePro Beta #2a was released. This version has two changes:
  • Reenabled the support for subfolders within a zipfile
  • Fixed possible crash when closing the scan-results window
Download it from Bogy's site at the above link.

Arcade@Home is a Legal GIF Site:
There's been some bad press going around about how Unisys is requiring web sites to pay a $5000 license for displaying GIF images. This is totally incorrect. The license is for the programs that create the GIF images not where they are displayed. For example, all GIF images at Arcade@Home were created by JASC's Paint Shop Pro. JASC has LZW license through Unisys, therefore all GIF images created by it are legal. For proof of this, read the above LZW license right from Unisys at the above link. Moral of the story? Don't get your panties in a wrinkle until you know the facts.

Thursday, September 2nd, 1999
New NeoGeo Driver:
A new NeoGeo driver for KBMAME has been released to support Pleasure Goal. Download neogeo.drv from the M.A.M.E. section next to KBMAME (KBM4.ZIP). Thanks to GeoShock for the file.

ClrMamePro Beta #2:
ClrMamePro Beta #2 was released which includes the following:
  • major scanner speed increase !
  • major receive-data speed increase !
  • revised unzip-, scan- and merge routines
  • 'Show all 0-crcs' (grey the 'Show missing 0-crcs')
  • taskbar-icon / maximizing / minimizig issues
  • unneeded files check if unneeded isn't enabled
  • closing the scan-results doesn't close scan-progress
  • some GUI related issues
  • 'Available Games' doesn't work correctly for merged sets
Download it from their site at the above link.

Pleasure Goal Released:
One of the rarest NeoGeo games, Pleasure Goal was dumped by RS. and made available to the public. You can download it from Arcade Emulation's Neo-Geo link on the ROM Files section or from GeoShock.

Arcadium Arcade Gaming System:
Another arcade cabinet hits the market. This one includes 2 joysticks with 10 buttons each, a trackball, spinner, control buttons, full-functional coin drawer, 25" monitor, lockable keyboard drawer, and includes a complete computer with 466Mhz Celeron with 128MB of RAM. Price? $5,999.00 Check it out at the above link.

MAME Merge v2.41 Released:
This version adds a bunch of new features (just too many to list). I don't trust ROM utility programs (after some bad experiences) but many people find that this utility works well and usually causes no problems. Download it from their site at the above link.

Wednesday, September 1st, 1999
Monkey Shooting Gallery #2:
It seems the monkey finally got caught and had to cough up his $20, but this link was too precious to pass up. If you didn't all your anger for the monkey out, the above link should be satisfying. Thanks to T-Bone for the link.

Leinenkugel Lodge:
What a man Corey V. is from Grand Forks ND. The "Tackle Box" of Leinenkugel Lodge was well received. That makes like 6 registered users. Maybe I should keep developing just for these good folks.

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