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News from June 2000

Friday, June 30th, 2000
AGES v0.20a Released
AGES is a Sega Genesis & 32X emulator for Windows. This release includes a bunch of new items including:
  • Underclocked SH2s to make AGES run lots faster (drastic and bad practice but it should appease you speed-impaired :P )
  • Double resolution and fullscreen modes (should be compatible with everybody's video card)
  • A few kinds of scanline options
  • Player 2 control pad emulation
  • Joystick support
  • Key/button redefinition
  • 6 button emulation
  • Region autodetection (can even customize your preferred search order)
  • No more forced filenames for 32X system ROMs
  • Customizable path for battery RAM saved files (very useful if you play ROMs right off a CDR)
  • Lowered DirectX graphics requirement (for you NT users)
  • Added support for .GEN extension
  • Fixed 32X dual framebuffer; no more flashing
  • Fixed many Genesis VDP and IO bugs; lots more Genesis games work
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

D-BOY v0.62u Released
Boukichi has released version 0.62u of his DOS based Game Boy Emulator. No telling what's new, but I'm sure it high in fat and sugar coated. Also, he's got a new page. Bookmark it at http://boukichi.vg-network.com/. Download the latest D-BOY from the Console Emulation section.

MAME History.dat v0.34b4
Gerardo updated the MAME History Database (History.dat) to version 0.34b4. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under "MAME Utilities".

More MAME WIP News
Gridle has been a busy little bee with his MAME Work-In-Progress page. Following is a listing of the MAME source code changes over that past few days:
  • June 28th, 2000: More progress was made on the Williams 34010 driver by Aaron Giles and Ernesto Corvi, fixing the T-Unit version of Mortal Kombat 1 almost completely and adding sound to NBA Jam (and Tournament Edition).
  • June 27th, 2000: Luca Elia added Dodonpachi and Guwange to the Cave driver. Nicola Salmoria added a clone of The Hustler called Rack 'em Up. Aaron Giles finally fixed the protection issues in Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam, but graphics glitches still remain and sound is not emulated. He also sent in an update to the YMZ280B sound core with much better sound output.

      Dodonpachi screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
      Guwange screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
      Rack 'em Up screen shots: [ 1 | 2 ]

  • June 26th, 2000: CAB added compressed PCM playback to the C140 core and did some cleanups. Phil Stroffolino sent in a preliminary Namco NA-1 driver, which supports Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit and Emeraldia as nearly playable games.

      Cosmo Gang the Puzzle screen shots: [ 1 | 2 ]
      Emeraldia screen shots: [ 1 | 2 ]
      Tinkle Pit screen shots: [ 1 | 2 ]

Check out game screen shots at the above links.

GL2Ideal v1.4 Released
GL2Ideal is an excellent Glide wrapper for UltraHLE. It's designed to allow you to use UltraHLE if you don't have a Voodoo video card. Using a good video card like a TNT2 or better, you can get the speed and the quality of a Voodoo (3dfx) card while running UltraHLE. This release adds the following:
  • DepthMask bug fix
  • Minor optimizations
  • GL_ARB_texture_env_add support
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under "UltraHLE Utilities & Info". Thanks to Geoshock for the news.

Last day to Win a Dreamcast!
Less then a day left in this month's Arcade Trivia Game and your chance to win a $250 shopping spree or a Dreamcast! Best of all, it's free to enter and the more times you play and qualify, the better your chances are to win. What are you waiting for?

Spinal Nemu64 INI v3.4 Released
Spinal has released another update to his Nemu64 INI file. This version includes the following:
  • New Playable Games
    • Ǽ64
  • New Almost Playable Games
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under "Nemu64 Utilities & Info".

What Happenend to Thursday?
I had a headache, and nothing special was going on, so I didn't post anything, so there =)

Wednesday, June 28th, 2000
SegaEMU v0.50a Released
It's been nothing but Sega Genesis emulators for the past two days, Gens, Vegas, and now SegaEMU a new Genesis emulator for Windows. This release adds the following:
  • Genesis/MegaDrive emulation
    • Sound - 100% complete... sound funky on some machines
    • Video - 100% complete... Not everything works as planned
    • Currently setup as one player, preliminary support for second controller.
  • Added Scanlines support, this works on all emulated systems.
  • Added GUI
  • Added ZIPped rom support (all systems)
  • Added "Simple" rendering mode, this works on all systems. (This option forces the system to render the entire screen only at the end of the frame rather than line by line as normal.)
  • Added Auto-Country select during rom load.
Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to Geoshock for the news.

Vegas v0.94b Released
Vega is an excellent Sega Genesis & 32x emulator for Windows. This version is a special release designed to test a new rendering engine. Please give the author feedback on any framerate issues with Genesis games (not 32x). New features include:
  • Fixed 4 bugs dealing with shadow and hilight mode.
  • Tweaked some Genesis DMA code.
  • Wrote new rendering pipeline.
  • Wrote new scanline and screen rendering effects.
  • Rewrote DirectX code.
Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to Exodus3D for the news.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2000
Gens Win v0.76 Released
Gens is a Genesis emulator for Windows and has been updated to version 0.76. This release includes the following:
  • DMA FILL finally correct (i hope)
  • Little bug in windows/scrollA interaction fixed
  • STOP instruction fixed for "mine" 68000 engine (Thunder Force IV and Todd's aventure fixed with "mine" core)
  • 68000 interrupts fixed once again :)
  • Load / Save State improved:
    • File is smaller
    • Sound is correctly recovered
    • Better stability

  • RAZE interrupt fixed, RAZE is now the default Z80 engine
  • Z80 Memory write/read fixed again
  • Z80 Interrupt timing modified.
  • MMX detection rewritten again
  • You don't need anymore to reload a rom after changing the sample rate
  • Others little fix...
Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to Geoshock for the news.

Win a Dreamcast!
Only a few days left in this month's Arcade Trivia Game and your chance to win a $250 shopping spree or a Dreamcast! Also, webmasters that have linked to the Arcade Trivia Game are looking fairly good to win a Dreamcast of their own. If you haven't heard, if the grand prize winner of the Arcade Trivia Game is referred from your site, you win a Dreamcast or a $250 shopping spree also! To read all the details, check it out here.

New catver.ini Needed
If anyone out there has updated their catver.ini for Arcade@Home let me know. The one currently on-line is a couple revs behind and I've had some people ask for it. I'll give a link or props to whoever sends it first. Thanks.

MAME WIP Updates
Gridle has been busy with his MAME WIP updates for the past several days.
  • June 26th, 2000: CAB added compressed PCM playback to the C140 core and did some cleanups.
  • June 25th, 2000: Jrgen Buchmller fixed the Pokey sound core, and Tempest sounds a bit better now. E. Watanabe fixed the ADPCM sound in the Tecmo16 driver.
  • June 24th, 2000: E. Watanabe submitted a Tecmo16 driver, which supports Ganbare Ginkun and Final Star Force. Nicola Salmoria fixed some graphics glitches in the Tecmo16 driver. Mike Coates fixed some ASM 68k core bugs.

      Final Star Force screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
      Ganbare Ginkun screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

  • June 23rd 2000: Gerardo Oporto fixed a lot of dip switches. Hans de Goede fixed some compilation problems on different platforms.
  • June 22nd 2000: Aaron Giles sent in a preliminary YMZ280B sound core, adding sound to Dangun Feveron, ESP Ra.De. and Uo Poko.
  • June 21st 2000: Karl Stenerud and Mike Coates fixed some problems in the 68k cores.
  • June 20th 2000: Bryan McPhail fixed some YM2151/OKIM6295 sound balance problems in several drivers.
  • June 19th 2000: Aaron Giles added a new Blasteroids romset, which replaces the rocks with designer Ed Rotberg's head under certain circumstances.
  • June 18th 2000: Aaron Giles added a new Cyberball romset.
  • June 17th 2000: Jrgen Buchmller fixed the cycle counts in 8080A/8085 CPU cores. Hans de Goede fixed a small bug in the Smash TV driver.
  • June 16th 2000: Brad Oliver sent in yet another Taito F2 driver update, and now Ninja Kids works. He also sent in a cheat system update, adding the search capability.

      Ninja Kids screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
Check out game screen shots at the above links.

Winamp Needs Pac-Amp
I posted news about this on March 3rd, but it seems it was "rediscovered" today so I guess I'll repost the news as it appeared then =)

Want the perfect thing to go along with the latest Winamp? How about Ryan Bennett's Pac-Amp! Check out a preview of it at the above link or the image. When you're done drooling, download it directly into Winamp using the following link: Pac-Amp.

Monday, June 26th, 2000
VGBC Full Version Released
VGBC (Virtual Game Boy Color) has gone from a commercial emulator to a free one! And, it will soon be open source. This emulator features the following:
  • Runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
  • Game Boy Color emulation with support for hi-color.
  • Emulates the quirks of the real hardware that causes many programs to have problems.
  • Extremely accurate sound emulation with 3 levels of quality.
  • Frame skip option for adjusting speed.
  • Send to Bung XChanger support
  • Full featured graphical debugger with breakpoints, step, step over, and run to cursor.
  • Registers and memory can be modified by clicking on them in the debugger.
  • Palette, tile, and map viewer.
  • Debug warnings for common mistakes when dealing with the real hardware, such as: disabled RAM bank, memory access during DMA, video memory accessed during LCD refresh, OAM memory bug, and others.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

DarcNES dn9a0625 Released
DarcNES is a multi-console emulator for Linux (emulates NES, SMS/GG, TG16 & ColecoVision). Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to VGN for the news.

Sunday, June 25th, 2000
MAME Needed Soon
Two new games have been added to the MAME Needed Soon page of the MAME ROM Files section. Download them to be ready for the next MAME release.

Callus95 v0.42p2.2 Updated
The last release of Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.2 had some problems with Windows 2000 users. The new version on-line fixes those problems. Download it from the Arcade Emulation section.

Spinal Nemu64 INI v3.3 Released
Spinal has released version 3.3 of his INI file for Nemu64. This release adds the following:
    New games
    • TROUBLE MAKERS (playable)
    • KUIKI-UHABI-SUIGO (almost playable)
    • LASTLEGION UX (almost playable)
    Other added games
    • BURABURA POYON (playable)
    • Eltail (playable)
    • FIGHTER DESTINY2 (playable)
    • Getter Love!! (playable)
    • LET'S SMASH (playable)
    • PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU5 (playable)
    • RALLY CHALLENGE (playable)
    • 64 (playable)
    • 64 ӳ 2 (playable)
    • ޸ݾ64 (playable)
    • HEIWA ݺ ܰ64 (almost playable)
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under "Nemu64 Utilities & Info".

Saturday, June 24th, 2000
RockNES v1.090 Released
RockNES is an excellent NES emulator for DOS. This release adds the following:
  • Fixed noise frequencies table;
  • Fixed pAPU 'active time left' table;
  • Small PSG optimizations and more fixes;
  • Fixed CHR bankswitching macros (added a few more too);
  • Fixed mapper #23 CHR banks.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Hu-Go! v1.26 Released
Hu-Go! is a TurboGrafx 16 emulator for DOS and linux. This release includes the following changes:
  • Slightly changed the joypad detected handling (you'll see that in the .ini file)
  • Updated the cheat database (thx to Mug Uk)
  • Set another skin (which was present in the 1.23)
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

More EmuDX Cryptic Messages
The EmuDX site has been changed once again with a new cryptic message "Not if I can help it..." and a link to an image with the text "Kung-Fu Master DX, coming soon... One way or another." So, is it hype? A ploy to get more banner views? Really the end? Who knows, Mike Green wasn't available for comment, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

Friday, June 23rd, 2000
SMS Plus Win v0.9.2.2 Released
SMS Plus is an excellent Sega GameGear and SMS emulator. The Windows version has been updated twice today with the following changes:
  • Added load / save state support.
  • Added sound support for windows NT.
  • Changed default frame skip 'No' to 'Auto' and implimented auto skip.
  • Emulator now runs on DX3 or higher, though Joystick support and full screen modes are only available if you have DX7 or higher installed.
  • Added zipped ROM support.
  • Added a gamma correction option.
  • Added a sound recording option.
  • Now displays the name of the game running.
  • Added full screen support (requires DX7).
  • Added screen smoothing (requires DX7).
  • Added a scanlines option (requires DX7).
You can download it from the Console Emulation section now that the internet is again working from here. It was weird, like half the internet was down for several hours. Some farmer must have cut a backbone connection again. =)

News Archive
Okay, so it's not really newsworthy and it's not even very interesting. But, it took me a long time to do so I'm going to report on it anyway =) There's a new section to your left called News Archive with all the news from day one all grouped by month and all with the same look and feel. Like I said, not very interesting, but much better than it was before. Check it out if you've got nothing better to do. Some of it is kinda funny =)

Thursday, June 22nd, 2000
TRWin v2.34 Released
TRWin is an open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. Only a day after the last release, this release cleans up the graphics a bit in games like Duke Nuke'em. Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

MESS v0.37 Beta 4 Released
MESS for DOS has been updated to the latest MAME source code. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Street Fighter Zero QSound File
Where can you find the QSound file required for Street Fighter Zero in the latest patch of Callus95? On the ROM Files section of course.

Callus95 v0.42p2.2 Released
Callus95 (the dead arcade emulator for Windows that keeps being updated) has been patched to v0.42p2.2. This release adds the following:
  • Street Fighter Zero/Alpha (Multi, CPS Qsound Hack)
  • The game has been reversed engineered to add the following which is missing from the normal CPS Changer version:
    • Qsound title screen
    • Attract mode sounds (wind, lightning etc)
    • Street Fighter Zero / Alpha title page speech
    • You Win/Loose, Timeover, Draw and Continue countdown speech
    • One missing tune (Qsound code 31)
    • 19 Attack sounds, 16 Character sound FX (grunts etc)
    • 6 Character speech sounds, 5 Character death sounds
  • (See known problems before reporting sound problems in this game)
  • *note* Qsound ROM's can be in a file 'QSOUND.ZIP' in your roms dir.
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section.

TRWin DAT v1.4 Released
Spinal has released v1.4 of his TRWin DAT file. New playable games in this release include: AeroGauge, Banjo-Kazooie, ExciteBike64, -Zero X, MK Mythologies, NBA in the Zone '98, Smash Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, & The Mask of Mujura. Download it from the Nintendo 64 section. Thanks to Geoshock for the news.

Wednesday, June 21st, 2000
MacMAME v0.37b4 Released
The Mac port of MAME has been updated to the latest MAME source code. No news on what's new, on the home page yet, but you can download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

TRWin v2.33 Released
TRWin is an open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It doesn't say what's new, but this emulator has been showing great progress lately. Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

Vegas v0.94 Released
Vegas is a Windows Sega Genesis emulator that also plays 32X games! This version includes a ton of new features including better Genesis and 32X compatibility, better sound, and faster speed. A complete list of changes follows:
  • Changed some audio flag logic. Several more Genesis games now work.
  • Switched from Microsoft C compiler to Intel C compiler.
  • Completely re-wrote all timing and clock systems.
  • Fixed a sound bug introduced in release 0.92. Seems there's a bug in the Microsoft release libraries. Going back to the debug libraries has fixed the sound bug. Hmmm.
  • Optimized sprite rendering. Reduced some memory overhead.
  • Fixed a bug in 32X/Genesis signal mixing.
  • Fixed a typo in the 32X palette code.
  • Fixed a bug in the debugger.
  • SH2 cache emulation. Some more 32X games work.
  • FM enhancements. Sounds much nicer.
  • SH2 optimizations.
  • Fixed a bug in 68000 STOP instruction.
  • Changed full screen mode to use double-buffering instead of triple buffering.
  • Rewrote DREQ.
  • Fixed 32X division bug.
  • Fixed bug in 32X auto-fill.
  • Fixed bug in Genesis BG color.
  • Fixed bugs in disassembler.
  • Fixed bug reading controllers.
  • F3 will pause the emulator.
  • More information in title bar. Now shows name of hardware and territory.
  • You may now display the frame rate.
  • Added undocumented Z80 opcodes to disassembler.
  • Fixed interrupt bug in 32X mode.
  • Fixed a video mixing bug.
  • Several rendering optimizations.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Webmasters: Win $250 or a Dreamcast!
Webmasters! Link to the Arcade Trivia Game and win $250 or a Sega Dreamcast! Simply add links to your site and if a person you referred wins, you win too! It works by recording the referred page when a user enters the Arcade Trivia Game. Then, when they qualify, it stores what site the user came from. What's even better is that the user can play any number of times and every time the user qualifies, you qualify as well! This increases your chances of winning greatly. You don't need to register to get started, just ad links. The links can be text, graphics, pop-ups, etc. it doesn't matter. You can see that it's working by looking at the bottom of any Arcade Trivia Game page where it displays the referred page. The more visitors you send, the better your chances are to win! To get started, simply link to: http://arcadeathome.efront.com/trivia/trivias.phtml

Tuesday, June 20th, 2000
MAME Needed Soon
Quite a few MAME needed soon games on the MAME area of the ROM Files section. Be prepared for the next release of MAME by visiting the ROM Files section.

Retrogaming Times #34
Tom Zjaba has released issue #34 of his Retrogaming Times. This issue includes the following:
  • Information on possible new Intellivision games!
  • A look at the CCAG show!
  • Reviews of Bagman and Cheeky Mouse
  • Matching Scores to Games
  • A whole lot more!
Check it out at the above link.

Monday, June 19th, 2000
Stages Virus
Like the "I Love You" virus, the new Stages virus is spreading like wild fire. It spreads itself using Outlook, ICQ, mIRC, and PIRCH by sending the "LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS" attachment to everyone on your contact list. My corporate e-mail system was littered with this virus which randomly generates the subject line. Because the subject is randomly generated, it makes it more difficult to detect. Here's a clip from Symantec.com that probably gives the best description of what to look for:
    The subject of the email is randomly generated and can be one of twelve strings. It may or may not begin with "Fw:". It will contain either "Life stages", "Funny" or "Jokes" and may or may not be followed by "text". Examples would be "Fw: Life stages", "Jokes text" or "Fw: Funny text".
Anyway, the major anti-virus utilities have updates to protect you from this virus. Read more about it at the above link.

TRWin v2.32 Released
TRWin is an open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. This release includes the following from the home page:
    "First of all, I'd like to thank Fres for laying the groundwork for understanding of the rare ucode. This WIP does not run DKR, but it should be interesting for those of you that like to follow the progress of reversing a ucode."
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

RockNES v1.080 Released
RockNES for DOS was updated to version 1.080. This release adds a ton of changes including:
  • Major emulation core cleaned/rewritten;
  • Added mapper #75 (Konami VRC1 / Jaleco SS8805);
  • Fixed mapper #18 (Jaleco SS8806);
  • Fixed mapper #23 PRG bankswitching (oops!);
  • Fixed mapper #24 mirroring set;
  • Fixed mapper #26 (jap. Madara works fine);
  • Fixed mapper #78 (jap. Holy Diver works fine);
  • Fixed mapper #88 (jap. Quinty works fine);
  • Fixed mapper #227 (pirate cart 1200-in-1 works fine);
  • Fixed mapper #228 (gfx corruption, oops!!);
  • Fixed pAPU timing;
  • Fixed noise sound channel (almost perfect);
  • Fixed PCM volume level;
  • Fixed a VRCVI reset problem;
  • Fixed a bug parsing sound rate setting from config;
  • Fixed a bug parsing frame rate setting from config;
  • Fixed a bug parsing game directory from config;
  • Added pAPU reset on NES reset;
  • Rebuilt some PSG stuff;
  • Rebuilt CHR bankswitching (more games are playable, it fixes mapper #90);
  • Fixed PRG/CHR bank mask;
  • More bugs were squashed, fixed some broken stuff due the last updates.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Sunday, June 18th, 2000
VisualBoy v1.4.2 Released
The excellent GameBoy emulator for Windows VisualBoy has been updated to v1.4.2. This release adds the following:
  • Trying to switch to full-screen on some computers never worked and the emulator would never work again without changing a value in the registry. This has been fixed.
  • MBC3 cartridges (Pokemon Yellow) now have the timer saved.
  • Option to turn off the sound completely
  • Slightly faster version of the code
  • DirectX 7.0 version for the people who get sound but no screen. Version 1.5 will only support DX7.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

AMAME/PMAME v0.37b4 Released
Rodimus Prime has released the latest builds of his AMAME & PMAME versions of MAME (PII/PIII/AMD/486 & classic Pentium optimized versions of MAME). Download them from the M.A.M.E. section. Compliments to Rodimus Prime's new job and free time for this release. =)

Saturday, June 17th, 2000
Arcade Downloads
There's been tons of new additions on the ROM Files section including new NeoGeo and Callus areas. Also, it's got a new look and feel which is going to get some enhancements later today so stay tuned. Check it out at the above link.

Friday, June 16th, 2000
D-BOY v0.62 Released
D-BOY is a very nice GameBoy emulator for DOS. Because it's in Japanese, I haven't a clue what's new, but I'm sure it's all good and sugar coated. Get it from the Console Emulation section in zip file format.

Myzar Nemu64 INI v1.6.9 Released
Myzar has once again updated his Nemu64 INI file. This time he adds the following playable games:
  • Fighters Destiny2 - Playable
  • Rally Challenge - Playable, minor gfx errors
  • Iggy's Reckin' Balls - Playable (4mb rdram)
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under "Nemu64 Utilities & Info" title.

MAME v0.37b4 Screen Shots
I've updated all the MAME screen shots in the different sections. You can download the v0.37b4 screen shot pack from the Front-Ends section or you can browse all MAME screen shots via the on-line Screen Shot Browser.

MAME v0.37b4 Goodies
Go get your MAME v0.37 beta 4 goodies from the ROM Files section.

Thursday, June 15th, 2000
MAME v0.37b4 i686 & K6 Released
The optimized builds of MAME for i686 (PPro, Celeron, P2, P3) and AMD K6+ processors has been updated to the latest MAME source. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

Gens Win v0.73 Released
Gens Win is a Sega Genesis emulator for Windows. This release adds the following features/fixes:
  • Menu selection fixed (2xSAI & Scanline)
  • Write/Read Z80 Ram fixed. (Grand Slam music is ok)
  • You can now pause emulation with ESC key. (automatically paused when the Gens window is desactivated)
  • High-resolution fullscreen finally complety fixed for all videos cards.
  • MMX detection code rewritten (no crashes anymore).
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

MAME v0.37 Beta 4 Released!
MAME v0.37 beta 4 has been releaesd! This version includes new drivers for the following games:
    New games supported:
    • Victory [Aaron Giles]
    • Hana Awase [Zsolt Vasvari]
    • Hit the Ice [Jarek Burczynski]
    • Rambo III [Jarek Burczynski]
    • Quiz Sekai wa SHOW by shobai [Jarek Burczynski]

    New clones supported:
    • Rescue Raider (Stand-Alone)
    • Pang 3 (Euro)
    • Sangokushi II (= Warriors of Fate)
    • Ashura Blaster (US)
    • Exodus (= Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO)
Go get it from the M.A.M.E section and enjoy. I'd also like to thank Gridle for typing "make" at the command line. Get some sleep Gridle, I'm sure you're tired from all the hard work.

MAME History.dat Released
After about 5 months, the MAME History.dat file has been updated thanks to Brian Deuel and Gerardo Oporto. Download it from the MAME Utilities section.

Why did SNK's NGPC Fail?
I'm sure most of you have heard that SNK and their NeoGeo Pocket Color is pulling out of the US market. There's been a lot of speculation as to why it failed. However, I think I now know the real reason why the NGPC failed. Check out the picture to the left to learn the real reason for its demise. Who would buy a console with reirom's face on it? =) Thanks to Exodus3D for the picture.

Ultra.ini v1E Released
"The Company" upgraded their Ultra.ini file for UltraHLE to version 1E-Final. This series of INI files has claimed many things but delivered very few. So, if it says something is faster or works better, you may not notice it or it may be even worse. In other words, use at your own risk. This is what they claim has been done in this release:
  • Mahjong 3 : The game is now fully playable (doesn't lock up at the intro anymore)
  • Diddy Kong V1.1 almost playable (fast, no cracked version required)
  • Golden Eye : speed up patch (check the special notes)
  • Monster truck Madness : intro starts
  • Proyaku King baseball : intro starts
  • Banjo Kazooie: More cheats. A bit more stable.
  • Battle Tanx: re-wrote patch. Less gfx glitches. More stable
  • Found more emulated games (fully, intro, check out the updated compatibility list)
  • Some unworking cheats, unuseful or dupe patches removed or rewrote
  • Many, many new games comments added.
  • 2 InI files packed: one including everything and another one including only playable and almost playable roms (chose the one to install)
  • Compatibility list added & updated.
Download from the Nintendo 64 section under "UltraHLE Utilities & Info". Thanks to DELBOY for the news and the file.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2000
No News is Good News
Man, what a boring news day. My 14 month old daughter had to go to the hospital today to get 5 stitches after falling and hitting her eye on the corner of a bookshelf :-( She's okay, but man was there a lot of blood. So, I spent the afternoon sitting in the ER. Maybe if there's still no news later today I'll post a picture of the cut =)

Tuesday, June 13th, 2000
Pikachu 64
I almost lost my cookies when I saw this. In retaliation to Sony's PS one, Nintendo released brightly colored Pikachu endowed N64s. If you have an iron lined stomach, click on the image to the left to see a close-up.

Charmin's new Ad Campaign
My wife e-mailed me this cartoon from her computer that sits about 8 feet from mine (yea, she e-mails me instead of just showing it to me). Anyway, it was kinda funny. Click on the image to the left and enjoy.

D-BOY v0.61a Released
BouKiCHi has released another update to his GameBoy emulator for DOS. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Myzar's Nemu64 INI v1.6.8
Myzar released v1.6.8 of his Nemu64 INI file yesterday. This version makes Indy Racing 2000 playable but with graphics errors. Note: turn off new combiner, single race mode works randomly). Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under Nemu64 Utilities & Info.

Gens Win v0.72 Released
Gens Win is a Sega Genesis emulator for Windows. This release adds the following features/fixes:
  • High-resolution fullscreen fixed for voodoo3 & savage4.
  • Repaint fixed for tnt2 in windowed mode.
  • 50% scanline added.
  • Interpolated scanline added.
  • NHL93 rom is fixed.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Monday, June 12th, 2000
Pretendo v0.20 Released
It's been two months since we last saw a Pretendo release (NES emulator for Windows). This version includes many new features that can be checked out here. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

RockNES v1.070 Released
RockNES is another excellent NES emulator for DOS. This version adds the following:
  • Rebuilt and cleared up NES memory handler system, lots of fixes. Things should work better than before. Changed a couple of internal stuff;
  • Rebuilt input configurations, much cleaned up;
  • Rebuilt PSG event queue (fixes the NSF player);
  • Minor PSG/FDS code fix/clean;
  • Saved states slightly changed due the memory system changes;
  • NES sound updated at end of frame, instead of VBlank hit (works better);
  • Replaced some 'generic mappers id' by 'board names', when possible;
  • Added mapper #94 (Senjou no Ookami, jap. Commando);
  • Added mapper #97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru, jap. Kid Niki);
  • Fixed a minor mapper #5 (MMC5) startup problem;
  • Fixed mapper #113 (=#79, Rad Racket works, other games may be buggy);
  • Fixed a backed battery problem;
  • Fixed VROM dumping (file is saved in the same folder that ROM image is, with ".chr" extension, instead of generic "vrom.dmp");
  • Changed nametable dump (filename) to use ".nam" instead of ".ntb";
  • Removed "vsdir" from config file (no more used);
  • Updated with latest 6502 core by Matt Conte (supports all 256 opcodes).
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

1964 v0.49 Released
1964 is an open source N64 emulator for Windows that is making great progress. This version includes the following new features:
  • 2 binaries: 1964interpreter.exe and 1964dynarec.exe
    • 1964interpreter.exe = more compatibility but slower
    • 1964dynarec.exe = less compatibility but faster
      Once I handle self-modifying code, compatibility should be the same in both cores. Fortunately, the interpreter still seems a good speed on my overclocked celery 300A.
  • What's new in 1964interpreter.exe:
    • Quest64
    • Waverace
    • Bomberman Hero (game needs serious work)
    • There's likely to be a few others.
  • What's new in 1964dynarec.exe:
    • More speed ( what else? :) )
  • Much cleaner and more manageable code
  • The latest graphics plugin (1964ogl.dll v0.2.2) is included with this release so you're up-to-date.
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section. Note: you must be running DirectX 7 for 1964 to work!

Sunday, June 11th, 2000
D-BOY v0.61 Released
BouKiCHi has released an update to his DOS GameBoy emulator. Here's what's new:
  • Improved PSG emulation engine.
  • Improved CPU emulation.
  • Added -ifsega option. (Use IFSEGA2/PCI mode)
  • Added -sfreq [n] option. (Change sound sample rate)
Get it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to VGN for the translation.

DreamNES v2000b3 Released
DreamNES is an excellent NES emulator for Windows (probably the best). This version includes the following changes:
  • Minor Sound Bugs Fixed
  • Added Namcot/VRC6 Extended Sound On/Off switch
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

PC-Saturn v0.1a Released
PC-Saturn is a new Sega Saturn emulator. This first release includes the following:
  • Fully reprogrammed in Visual C 6
  • Memory mapping reprogrammed
  • SH2 opcode handling reprogrammed
  • HUGE speed boost!
Status of the emulator is as follows:
  • Master SH2 100%
  • Slave SH2 20%
  • SH1 15%
  • SCU 5%
  • SMPC 3%
  • VDP1 0%
  • VDP2 0%
  • SCSP 0%
  • 68EC000 0%
  • CD-ROM 5%
  • Memory 40%
Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to VGN for the news.

SMS Plus Mac v0.9.2 Released
SMS Plus is a Sega GameGear and SMS emulator for several platforms. This Mac release brings it up to date with the DOS source. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Hu-Go! v1.25 Released
This is a minor update of Hu-Go! (a TurboGrafx 16 emulator for DOS and Linux). It features mp3 playing and synchronisation for linux. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Saturday, June 10th, 2000
A Boy and His Poo-Chi
Here's a story about a boy and his Poo-Chi (Sega's cybernetic dog). It's more of a story than a review. Showing the ups and downs of living with a Poo-Chi. After a few "incidents", man and cybernetic beast have learned to live with each other. Check out this interesting read at the above link.

Turtle Bridge (Nintendo) Simulator
MADrigal has released his twelveth simulator, Turtle Bridge (Nintendo, Wide-Screen series, 1982). Also, he updated "Donkey Kong Circus" (Nintendo, Panorama Screen Series) to version 1.03 which now features the original MANUAL browser. Download both from his site at the above link.

Friday, June 9th, 2000
More MAME Needed Soon Games
Three new files have been added to the MAME Needed Soon section of ROM Files. Get them before the rush when MAME v0.37 beta 4 is released.

Gens Win v0.7 Released
Gens is a Genesis emulator for Windows. This version adds a bunch of new things including:
  • 640x480 Full Screen resolution added.
  • 2xSAI Kreed's engine added (the same as zsnes or snes9x) !
  • Scanline added.
  • AutoFrame-Skip synchronised on DirectSound (when available). (Sound is a little better)
  • Interrupts fixed for both 68k core (Starscream and mine)
  • Little change in H-Blank flag.
  • Z80 BUS request fixed.
  • Vertical-Counter fixed.
  • 'Reset' instruction fixed.
  • Correct screen ratio in windowed mode.
  • Save and sram files name of zipped roms are now correct.
  • Bad config files in "\windows" directory fixed.
  • Shortcuts changed.
  • "Free-Rom" mode changed. (If you can't see it, you aren't in 15/16 BPP mode (Gens needs 15/16 BPP))
  • Minors tweaks in blits routines.
  • Minors bugs fixed.
Games that are fixed in this release include: Double Dragon 1, Double Dragon 2, Fatal Rewind, Super OffRoad, Tecmo NBA, Lemmings 2, Combat Cars (2 players split is ok), and Todd adventures. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Corn INI v1.0.2 Released
Myzar has released v1.0.2 of his Corn INI file designed for Corn v0.30. This release makes Holy Magic Century playable if you turn on full screen view. Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

Additional Server On-Line
Now only does Arcade@Home use a network of over 2,000 Akamai servers to cache the graphics on the server closest to you. It's now also outgrown a single main server so a second one was added. You shouldn't really notice anything except for maybe some additional speed =) Let me know if anything is broken.

SMS Plus Win v0.9.2.0 Released
The Windows version of this very nice Sega GameGear/SMS emulator has been updated to v0.9.2.0. It includes the following changes over the recently released DOS version:
  • Fixed a bug where the enable sound option was being overwritten in the registry.
  • Added an option to disable keyboard input when a joystick is selected.
  • Added an option to set the rapid fire rate for each player.
  • Added an option to enable / disable FM sound.
  • Added an option to select the default territory (JAP / Europe-US)
  • Made the application become active when launching ROMS via RMB emulate.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Thursday, June 8th, 2000
New PlayStation: PS one
Sony introduced a new PlayStation today, the PS one. Not only is it about 1/3 of the size of the regular PlayStation and more stylish, it's also portabable with the optional LCD screen! It also has some neato option where you can connect your cell phone to it for truely portable network gameplay. It's scheduled for release in Japan on July 7th at a price of about $141 US. No news on when and if it will be released in the US. Read all the details at the above link. Thanks to Kiddcade? for the news.

The MAME WIP page has been updated with news from the last several days:
  • June 7th 2000: Paul Leaman sent in a YM2413 update with proper frequency calculations.
  • June 6th 2000: Zsolt Vasvari sent in a driver for Hana Awase. Jarek Burczynski fixed a zoomed sprites bug in 16bpp modes. Phil Stroffolino sent yet another Grand Champion update with graphics fixes and preliminary collision detection working. Nicola Salmoria fixed Victory from crashing.

      Grand Champion screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
      Hana Awase screen shots: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

  • June 5th 2000: Paul Leaman added clone romsets of Pang!3 and Warriors of Fate to the CPS-1 driver.
  • June 4th 2000: Aaron Giles added another Rescue Raider romset to the Bally/Sente driver.
  • June 3rd 2000: Sebastien Monassa sent in a driver for Video Pinball.

      Video Pinball shots: [ 1 | 2 ]

  • June 2nd 2000: Mike Coates added Exodus (which is the original version of Red UFO) to the Galaxian driver. Aaron Giles sent in a Star Fire / Fire One update, fixing more of the graphics glitches, and he sent in an Exidy sound system update. Jarek Burczynski fixed another SEAL sound bug.
  • June 1st 2000: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed the sprites in Hole Land. Phil Stroffolino sent in an update for Grand Champion, fixing graphics and other stuff.

      Hole Land screen shots: [ 1 | 2 ]
Check out the above screen shots.

Wednesday, June 7th, 2000
SMS Plus v0.9.2 Released
SMS Plus has been the king of updates for the last week and today is no exception. This release adds the following:
  • Digital YM2413 FM sound emulation. Drums sound real good, too.
  • System territory switch, default is overseas (Europe / USA)
  • Made some internal changes and clean-ups to the source code.
  • Revised document on porting to be actually useful.
  • Adjusted version number to stay in sync with the Macintosh port.
  • Support for ZIPped game images and games with 512-byte headers.
  • Screen expansion now works for 16-bit displays.
  • Fixed some centering problems with screen expansion on GG games.
  • Sound output using SEAL should be a bit clearer.
  • Configuration file support.
You can download the DOS and the PSX version updated to v0.9.2 from the Console Emulation section. Also available are the Windows and Mac versions (allbeit older revs).

Callus 95 v0.42p2.1 Released
Yet another patch to another dead emulator. I love it how emulators never die. =) Anyway, this one adds the following:
    New Games Supported
  • Pang! 3 (Euro, Mitchell)
  • Sangokushi 2 (Asia)
    Bugs Removed And Fixes
  • Pang! 3 loading and GFX problems some were experiencing should now be fixed. Please let us know if your still having problems.
  • Speech Samples in Forgotten Worlds / Lost Worlds now play at the correct speed.
  • The Qsound hack of Street Fighter 2 now plays samples correctly ("you win" sample for example).
  • Gfx sludge in attract mode for MegaTwins and clone removed. This error existed in the last official Callus95 release.
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section.

SMS Plus Win v0.9.0.3 Released
SMS Plus Win is a Sega GameGear/SMS emulator for Windows. There was a quick release of v0.9.0.2 yesterday that was quickly updated to v0.9.0.3. The last two versions added the following features:
  • Added an option to enable / disable the sound.
  • Added an option to set the sound frequency (44100 / 22050 / 11025).
  • Added a reset CPU option.
  • Added rapid-fire option for buttons
  • Added Joystick support (Windows 95/98/2000).
  • Emulation now pauses when focus is lost.
  • Re-arranged menu items for better grouping.
  • Added a screenshot function (F12), with definable save path option.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Handy v0.73 Released
Handy is the best Atari Lynx emulator on the planet (okay, it's also the only one). The DOS version has been updated to version 0.73 which includes the following new features:
  • Fixed incorrect cycle counting settings.
  • Fixed NULL pointer access race condition in joystick handler code.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Tuesday, June 6th, 2000
Raine v0.28h Released!
While Raine is dead, the source code was given to katharsis of Geoshock and he's made the following changes:
  • Compiled with Allegro 3.9.27 WIP with additions by Antiriad. All speed problems Raine 0.28g had should be fixed with this.
  • Compiled with SEAL 1.07 for better compatibility with PCI soundcards.
  • Feveron EEPROM issues fixed. Insert Coin and the test mode are working now.
  • Puzzle Bobble 1 (B-System version) added.
  • Macross 2 added. Very preliminary, playable, but with loads of graphical glitches.
  • All unreleased sets are removed, will help you to complete your romset by showing you only missing stuff that you really can find out there (don't bug neither me nor Antiriad about roms).
  • Added the MAME names for some romsets (e.g. DFEVERON for Dangun Feveron).
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section.

Myzar's Nemu64.ini v1.6.7
Myzar has released his latest Nemu64.ini file (v1.6.7). This release adds the following playable games to Nemu64:
  • HSV Adventure Racing (Playable,gfx errors)
  • 1080 Snowboarding (hit ctrl+k before it hangs just after the board selecting screen)
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

MAME Needed Soon Morsels
Got a sweet-tooth for MAME ROM candy? Well, get your fix on the "MAME Needed Soon" area on the ROM Files section at the above link. A few new goodies were included today. If you're a diabetic, go easy on it.

Spinal's Nemu64.ini v3.2 Released
Spinal has released v3.2 of his Nemu64.ini file. This version adds 25 new games including the following playable ones:
  • All-Star Baseball 20
  • Ganbake Goemon
  • Human Grand Prix
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section under "Nemu64 Utilities & Info".

SMS Plus Moves
Another site leaves the levb.org collective. This time the excellent SMS Plus emulator by Charles MacDonald. The new url is http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/. Update your bookmarks.

Free Web Hosting
Are you looking for a great web host that is totally free, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and has no ads on your web pages? Think it's impossible? Well, Stas.net does this and much more. Like free message boards, guest books, form-mail, etc. How can this be done? Simple... quantity =) No seriously, it really is free and there are no web page ads. Check it out at the above link.

Arcade Trivia Winners Selected
The winners of last month's Arcade Trivia Game have been located. The winners are:
  • Michael Dixon of Toronto, Ontario won a $250 gift certificate
  • James Afonso of West Haven, CT won a Capcom Coin-Op Classics CD
  • Ronn LeFeuvre of Fremont, CA won an unclaimed Capcom Coin-Op Classics CD from the month prior
Michael Dixon's picture is on-line with the rest of the winners at the "previous winners" link on the Arcade Trivia Game's main page. If you want your mug on that page, you've gotta play to win.

20 Millionth Visitor
James Clement was Arcade@Home's 20 millionth visitor. While he gets no prize, he does gets his name mentioned here =) Also, he had a good e-mail quote that I'd like to share: "If at first you don't succeed, your skydiving days are over."

Monday, June 5th, 2000
20 Million Visitors
Wow, quite a milestone! Visitor number 20 million will be gracing Arcade@Home very shortly. I'm not giving anything away for visitor #20 million because it creates a bunch of people just hitting refresh and then a bunch of bad fakes =) If you want to win something, try your hand at the Arcade Trivia Game. Thanks to everyone out there for making this milestone possible. Oh, I also added a "News Headlines" section over to the right to quickly jump to the latest news.

FCE Ultra v0.21 Released
FCE is a Nintendo NES emulator for DOS and Linux. This version adds the following new features to both versions:
  • Color "de-emphasis" bits are now emulated.
  • Fixed quite a few bugs.
  • DPCM emulation improved.
  • Saner Game Genie ROM image handling.
  • Support for mappers 87, 90, 93, 94, 97, 112, 180, 184, and 246 added.
  • Unknown 6502 opcodes are now ignored, rather than patched.
  • Added TCP/IP network-play capability.
  • Added partial support for the AY-3-8190 sound chip used in conjunction with Sunsoft's FME-7(mapper 69) in the game "Gimmick!".
  • Support for the following VS Unisystem games added:
    • VS Atari RBI Baseball
    • VS Excite Bike (thanks to loopy for the palette)
    • VS Slalom
    • VS Super SkyKid
  • Fixed mapper 66 so that "vertical" VRAM mirroring isn't forced.
  • Format of configuration file has changed. Previous values will be lost.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

AdriPSX v00.06.03 Released
AdriPSX is a Playstation (PSX) emulator for DOS. The author had his hard drive formatted by his brother which has caused him to start over with much of AdriPSX. This release adds the following:
  • A Fresh Start : Some lost, some added
  • Added ADPCM and CDDA Sound support.
  • A bit faster than previous release.
Download it from the Playstation section.

Navigation Changes
I made some slight navigation changes to the left-hand side. I combined two sections into just one called "Emulation" which seemed more logical. Also, I only listed the main emulation sub-sections (MAME, PSX, & N64) because listing them all would be REALLY long and probably make things worse. Anyway, hope it works better for you.

Sunday, June 4th, 2000
AMAME v0.37 Beta 3
Rodimus Prime has released his optimized version of MAME for PII/PIII/Celeron/AMD/486 based CPU's. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

D-BOY v0.60 What's New
Nakao translated the entire D-BOY manual to english as well as what's new in v0.60:
  • PSG reproduction is improved sequentially.
  • Improvement of CPU(the phenomenon that Ghost Babel, an elevator were confined to with 97F was recovered from)
Then english manual is available as the description to the emulator on the Console Emulation section.

AstDX v2.0 Released
AstDX (written by Norbert Kehrer) is an enhanced version of the emulated Asteroids that the vector graphics have been replaced with sprites (similar to Mike Green's EmuDX). It includes
  • Better graphics
  • Handles new graphics for the player's ship
  • Has 10 MIDI tracks as background music
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section.

Spinal's Nemu64.ini v3.1 Released
Spinal has released v3.1 of his Nemu64.ini file. This version adds Mario64 Rumble as a playable game in Nemu64. Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2000
SMS Plus Win v0.9.0.1 Released
SMS Plus For Windows ported by Richard Teather has been updated to version This release includes the following:
  • Added an 'Exit' option to the file menu.
  • Added a minimise button the the application window.
  • Added a 'File Associations' option to the configure menu. This allows you to register the file extensions '.gg' and '.sms' to SMS Plus. Once this has been done, you can double click on a file to load and run it, or right click and choose 'Emulate'.
  • Stopped multiple instances of the emulator running at once.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

D-BOY v0.60 Released
Boukichi (author of the DOS D-BOY GameBoy emulator) has been keeping himself busy with all his new releases. Like usual, I don't speak Boukichi's language, so I don't know what's new in this release. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Friday, June 2nd, 2000
Check Your E-mail for a Dreamcast
The winners of last month's Arcade Trivia Game have been selected. If you want your $250 shopping spree, you'd better check your e-mail to see if you've received a congratulations from me. This month's Arcade Trivia Game is in full swing with 124 people already registered for the grand prize. That's 1 in 124 odds of winning a Dreamcast (not bad in my book). Play it at the above link and test your arcade trivia skills.

MAME Needed Soon
The new improved MAME ROM section has now been adorned with a MAME Needed Soon section. All the latest games slated to be included in MAME v0.37 beta 4 are available. Check it out on the ROM Files section.

Thursday, June 1st, 2000
Do You Like the Site Without Frames?
So, here's your chance to let me know how you feel about the new frameless site design. Vote on: Do you like the site without frames?. You can also check out the results of the vote at the same link. Remember, you guys call the shots. So, it matters to me if you like the new design or not. Vote at the above link.

ClrMamePro v1.5a Released
Roman Scherzer has released his latest version of ClrMamePro v1.5a (MAME ROM manager). This version includes the following:
  • added: scantime, rebuildtime and some rebuilderstatistics
  • misc: optimized zipscanner
  • misc: a lot gui changes & some source cleanup
  • misc: support for zip32.dll version 2.3
  • misc: support for ROMCenter 2 datfiles
  • misc: fixoptions aren't restored by a fastscan operation
  • fixed: small rebuilder stopping bug
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section under MAME Utilities.

DarcNES dn9a0530 Released
DarcNES (linux multi-console emulator) gets another update. This one inclues the following:
  • Fixed (hopefully) the Allegro (DOS), SVGALib, and GTK versions (I don't have any systems that will run these, so I couldn't test the fixes).
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Bit Age Times #8
Tom's Bit Age Times issue #8 has been released. Bit Age Times is a newsletter for the second generation of video games and beyond. Here are a few issue #8 tidbits:
  • A special baseball themed issue!
  • Do Bits Still Matter?
  • The "I Was a Teenage Altered Beast" story continues!
Check it out at the above link.

D-BOY v0.59z Translation
Here's a translation for what's new in D-BOY v0.59z:
  • More improvement on PSG emulation engine using PCM sound.
  • Fixed bugs about sprites and background display priority. (work properly in Ghost Babel)
  • Now in autodetect, it will use "-sgb" switch as default.
  • Added realtime states saving option. ( "-rtssave" or "-rs" )
You can download D-BOY v0.59z at the above link and thanks to Aries for the translation.

Arcade@Home Face-Lift
Arcade@Home got a little face-lift today and removed the frames. There was a LOT of stuff I had to change, so if you find anything that doesn't work, let me know.

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Nintendo shares hit following loss warning

KADE - Connects arcade controls to computers and consoles

Ouya passes Kickstarter goal on first day at $950K and rising

Bleeding Edge MAME / MESS source downloads (GIT)

MAME & MESS Political Roadblocks / Politics Over Progress (May 12th, 2011)

Personal data of millions at risk as Sony network hacked

Future of the Projects (April 12th, 2011)

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NeoRageX v0.6b
Arcade@Home v0.37b
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