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News from August 2001

Friday, August 31th, 2001
New Delta Commercial
Delta Airlines is trying a new kind of commercial campaign. I'm not sure if it will work or not, but it's definitely different. Check it out at the above link.

Thursday, August 30th, 2001
Final Burn v0.136 Released
The CPS-2 emulator Final Burn Alpha was updated to v0.136. Here's what you get:
  • Disabled the T (talk) key during netply until i can figure out a way of fixing the problem
  • A small fix so the the option bReadInputEveryFrame is now always ON during netplay. Changing the value in the .ini file now only effects local play.
  • Merged in some changes from big fool.
  • Added an options dialog, still needs a bit of work but works in its current state
  • Added the layer toggle code by gangta and removed the old Alt+L layer toggle stuff keys alt+6 -0 are used
  • Added version 2 of HyperYagami's Cheat engine. A lack of space on the cheat menu has ment that you cannot disable cheats, but that doesn't really matter. Also made a small change for netplay cus the input dialog was getting screwed
  • Removed the Dat type code from the .ini file. Use the buttons under options instead.
  • Cheat options input screen added :)
  • Fixed 4 player under Battle Circuit
  • Added lots more cheats to the fbcheat.dat file
  • Fixed so the 4/3 player fixes only applies to the netplay games
  • Minor tweak to the Options Input screen
  • Added Mike's lovely FBA logo to all the doc's
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section. Thanks to Natus for the news.

Nebula v1.8 Released
The CPS-2 (and now Neo-Geo) emulator Nebula was updated to v1.8. Here's what's new:
  • New system emulated: Neo·Geo. Read the NEOGEO.TXT file for more information.
  • New autoframeskip code. It's much better than the older one. Now games should run better than before in slower computers.
  • Please note that the working of UseMask in NEBULA.INI was changed in the previous version, read the updated comments in NEBULA.INI.
  • Added options in NEBULA.INI to disable the joystick and sounds of the GUI.
  • New menu system (press ESC during gameplay) to access the different windows available for each system (savestate, loadstate, cheats...)
  • All game windows have been enhaced with new fonts and colors, they are more readable (and look a lot better :) )
  • Re-added (again) the scanlines modes for 640x480, please, note that not all of the other modes work correctly in this resolution in CPS (1 and 2) games, so be careful. Neogeo games will work ok with any mode in this resolution.
  • Video options can be customized for each emulated system (CPS Horizontal,
  • CPS Vertical and Neogeo).
  • Added the (experimental) -window option, that lauches nebula in a window. Use this option only if your desktop color depth is set to 16 bits. Also you can switch between window and fullscreen while playing using ALT-ENTER.
  • Added the -romcenter option that creates a Romcenter Datafile (Nebularomcenter.dat)
Download it from the Arcade Emulation section. Thanks to Natus for the news.

Son Off to School
My 5 year old son's first day of school is tomorrow. Not that anyone really cares, it's just a big moment in my life and I wanted to share it.

DreamGBA v2.2 Released
The excellent and always getting better Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator DreamGBA was updated to v2.2. Here's what's new:
  • Added a GBA cart save method database.
  • Save problem should be solved by now
  • OBJ support for GBA Mode 3/4 added
  • Optimized Sound Emulation
Download it from the Console Emulators section. Thanks to Geoshock for the file.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2001
VirtuaNES v0.24 Released
The Nintendo NES emulator for Windows, VirtuaNES, was updated to v0.24 to include the following:
  • Support Drag&Drop of a state / movie file.
  • Were able to select a movie name to file filing it at the time of "Play","Record","Append Record".
  • Change a VRC7 source part to an emu2413 core from NEZplug/fmopl.
  • Fixed DiskChange bugs.
  • Fixed FME-7 source.
  • The title which revised movement defectiveness and a quiver of a screen with a version of this time.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

z26 v1.47 Released
The best Atari 2600 emulator z26 was updated to v1.47 which includes added support for Thwoker and a new version of Video Life. Download it from the Console Emulators section.

AdvanceMAME v0.53.0 Released
The version of MAME for arcade cabinets and monitors was updated to v0.53.0. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Sunday, August 26th, 2001
MAME v0.54 Updated
Don't like that MAME v0.54 broke CPS-2 games? Well that's now been corrected with this new patch of MAME for Windows v0.54. Please note that only the standard Windows version has been updated, not the DOS or i686 versions. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section and thanks to VGN for the file.

VisualBoy v1.4.11 Released
One of the best Nintendo GameBoy emulators VisualBoy was updated to v1.4.11. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed problem loading save games (no sound or crash)
  • Great speed improvements
  • GBA mode
  • Fix for Final Fantasy Legend
  • Fix for Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Fix for The Smurfs
  • Fix for Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly
  • Fix for Bomberman Quest
  • Menu always on in Window mode
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

InfoNES v0.75 Released
InfoNES is a Nintendo NES emulator for Windows that's been updated to v0.75 and includes the following:
  • Changed terms to redistribute of this software
  • Improved the compatibity
  • CPU: Supported the 6502's bug (indirect absolute jump)
  • CPU: Prohibited write operation to $2002
  • CPU: Fixed read operation to undefined PPU and pAPU registers
  • PPU: Fixed # of cycles per line
  • PPU: Fixed timing of end of VBLANK
  • PPU: Fixed height of screen
  • Mapper: Supported more than 80 Mappers
  • Mapper: Added Mappers(iNES #26, #40, #42, #46, #47, #48, #50, #83, #89, #91, #112, #160, #182, #151, #189, #243)
  • Mapper: Fixed Mappers(iNES #1, #11)
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

New Discs of Tron Background
The background art for Discs of Tron for MAME was updated. Download it from the MAME Art section at the above link.

Friday, August 24th, 2001
MAME v0.54 Released!
Huh? New version of MAME already? This new numbering system really works! Here's what's new:
  • Fire Barrel [Bryan McPhail, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Time Limit [Ernesto Corvi]
  • Youjyuden [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Gulf Storm [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Minesweeper [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Space Force (= Meteoroids)
  • Last Mission (Japan)
  • Gun Dealer '94 (= Primella)
  • Blue Hawk (NTC)
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. PS, a "bonus" in this version is that CPS-2 games are broken! Enjoy!

MacMAME v0.53a Released
The Mac version of MAME was updated to v0.53a and adds the following:
  • Re-enabled PPC 68k cores. This fixes miscellaneous funk with a number of games, e.g. Gauntet. [Brad Oliver]
  • Fixed some issues with incorrect text in the ROM audits. [Brad Oliver]
  • MacMAME now exits with a warning message on systems less than 8.6, rather than crashing. [Brad Oliver]
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Wednesday, August 22th, 2001
Retrogaming Times #48 Released
The classic newsletter continues to come out! This issue features the following:
  • Geoff Voigt covers the Classic Gaming Expo!
  • Review of Phoenix, The Fall and Rise of Videogames!
  • Start of a new prose story, "Intruder Alert!"
  • A Whole Lot More!
To read the always fun and free newsletter, go to the above link.

Tuesday, August 21th, 2001
Ace v1.4 Released
The "other" CPS-2 emulator was updated to v1.4 which includes the following:
  • Added quick save/load states.
  • Finally get rid of the eeprom bug - no kludges anymore for cps2 games.
  • Eliminated a bug that stopped sound in msh and sfa2.
  • Corrected a sprite bank bug.
  • Nicer gui font.
  • Implemented "parent" romsets.
  • Improved gui romselector.
  • Implemented gui messages. Gui is not hybrid anymore.
  • Switched to DirectDraw 3, and surprise of surprises: DDraw3 is faster than DDraw7.
  • Added a bunch of options to the ini file.
  • Added Vampire: The Night Warriors.
  • Added Capcom Sports Club Asia (clone).
  • Added 19xx Hispanic (clone).
  • Added Armored Warriors.
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Sunday, August 19th, 2001
Jagulator v1.5.1 Released
The only Atari Jaguar emulator in town was updated to v1.5.1 to include the following:
  • Optimised Object Processor core to reduce the number of calculations required.
  • Fixed bugs with Branch Objects: YPOS < or > VC.
  • Removed Blitter Processor multi-threading to increase execution time.
  • Added Status Bar to inform the user on the progress of rom loads and execution.
  • Implemented a 'Supported Roms' system so that only verified roms will be able to be loaded and executed on Jagulator (This release only).
  • GPU code verifiably working, although still buggy.
  • Borders and display areas now correctly set.
  • CLUT now correctly sets up as per VMODE settings (e.g. CrY16 or RGB16).
  • All but 24-Bit color modes now supported in the Object Processor.
  • Emulation reset code improved allowing multiple rom loads in each session.
  • General compatibility improved.
  • Speed Improvement.
  • Reduced executable size.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

DreamGBA v2.1 Released
The excellent and always getting better Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator DreamGBA was updated to v2.1. Here's what's new:
  • Added new Real GBA display mode
  • Some speed-ups
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Back from Cedar Point
I know everyone already knows this, but Cedar Point owns you. Classic video games and the best (and most) coasters on the planet. Went there yesterday and it was a blast. If anyone else was there, you probably saw my high scores on Galaga, Asteroids Deluxe, and Missle Command =) The wifey actually fell asleep behind the wheel of a driving game where she was waiting as I played for like 30 minutes with one quarter on Galaga. =)

Friday, August 17th, 2001
This is Just Wrong
If you're in the right mood, the above link is really funny.

MAME WIP August 17th
MAME WIP news for August 17th:
  • August 17th, 2001: Bryan McPhail added the Japanese version of Last Mission. Nicola Salmoria added sound to Clash Road and attempted to add Fire Battle but it has problems. R. Belmont sent in some pictures of a work-in-progress Konami System GX driver that he estimates being ready in the year 2012. The sound is fully emulated but there are some graphics problems in the 3 games that are working (Gokujou Parodius, Twinbee Yahoo! and Sexy Parodius) and the rest of the games suffer from unemulated protection.
Check out the screen shots at the above link.

MESS v0.37b15 Released
MESS was updated after several months without an update. Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Thursday, August 16th, 2001
MacMAME v0.53 Released
After what seems like a year, the Mac version of MAME was updated to v0.53. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

DreamGBA v2.0 Released
The excellent Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator DreamGBA was updated to v2.0. Here's what you get:
  • Fixed an alpha-blending bug in the new gfx engine
  • Fixed a bug that makes no sound on some soundcard(AC-97,8738...)
  • Fixed a bug that will erase existed save file
  • FlashROM/SRAM/EEPROM save/load supported
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Final Burn v0.135 Released
The CPS-2 emulator that started it all, and is not discontinued was updated to v0.135. Here's what's new:
  • External cheat system
  • Re-addition of the multi-rompath code
  • Updated pause code
  • Many more fixes as well.
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Calice32 v0.4.2 Released
The CPS-2, CPS-1, System 16/18, and now Neo-Geo emulator was updated to v0.42. Here's what's new:
  • Added Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move (neogeo)
  • Added Panic Bomber (neogeo)
  • Added Neo Turf Masters (neogeo)
  • Added Aero Fighters 3 (neogeo)
  • Added Aero Fighters 2 (neogeo)
  • Added Samurai Shodown (neogeo)
  • Added Quiz King of Fighters (neogeo)
  • Added Power Spikes II (neogeo)
  • Added Pop 'n Bounce (neogeo)
  • Added Neo Mr. Do! (neogeo)
  • Added Neo Drift Out (neogeo)
  • Added Neo-Geo Cup '98 (neogeo)
  • Added Neo Bomberman (neogeo)
  • Added NAM-1975 (neogeo)
  • Added Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 (neogeo)
  • Added Mahjong Kyoretsuden (neogeo)
  • Added Magician lord (neogeo)
  • Added Legend of Success Joe (neogeo)
  • Added Karnov's Revenge (neogeo)
  • Added Quest of Jongmaster (neogeo)
  • Added Gururin (neogeo)
  • Added Goal! Goal! Goal! (neogeo)
  • Added Battle Flip Shot (neogeo)
  • Added Fight Fever / Crystal Legacy (neogeo)
  • Added Fatal Fury 2 / Garou Densetsu 2 (neogeo)
  • Added Double Dragon (neogeo)
  • Added Blue's Journey / Raguy (neogeo)
  • Added Puzzle De Pon (neogeo)
  • Added Puzzle De Pon R (neogeo)
  • Added Hangon (System16)
  • Added Space Harrier (System16)
  • Road emulation
  • Dual 68000 system16 and system18 support
  • Fixed alien storm's controls (System18)
  • Added Time Scanner (System16)
  • Added Sega system16 and Sega system18 gpu sprite zooms support
  • Added Moon Walker (bootleg) (System18)
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2001
PocketGB v1.39c Released
The multi-console emulator for Win CE v2.11+ was updated to v1.39c. Here's what's new:
    TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine: There is a free TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine module included in this release. It is very slow and doesn't support sound, save game states, or zip file support yet. I wanted to release what I had of this before going back to optimize the GB code.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

MAME v0.53 Screen Shot Browser
The screen shot browser has been updated to include all MAME v0.53 games. I noticed that it's highnighting the wrong games as new in this release. check it out at the above link.

MAME v0.53 Screen Shot Packs
Get the screen shot upgrade and full set for MAME v0.53 from the Front-Ends section at the above link.

CatVer.ini v0.53 Released
qsx.net released v0.53 of the CatVer.ini file that can be used with the front-end Arcade@Home. Download it from the Front-Ends section.

DreamGBA v1.9b Released
The excellent Nintendo GameBoy advance emulator DreamGBA was updated to v1.9b. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed a CPU emulation bug in 1.9 *_*
  • FlashROM save/load supported!
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Monday, August 13th, 2001
Dega v1.05 Released
The new wanna-be Meka emulator Dega was updated to v1.05 and here's what's new:
  • Added triple-buffering... in a window! Overlays are now triple-buffered (if you have enough video memory).
  • Added a switch between sound off, 12khz and 44.1khz.
  • Added fullscreen mode. Press Alt-Enter to activate it.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Meka v0.58c Released
The excellent Sega GameGear/SMS emulator Meka was updated to v0.58c. Here's what you get over v0.58:
  • Fixed the missing soundcard selection menu in some cases.
  • Added printing of SDSC Header informations when found. The SDSC Header has been defined and created by the SMS Power developement team (based on Eric Quinn's idea) for homebrewn programs.
  • Drawn Latin-Extended characters (Unicode 0080-00FF) in the big font. Accents are now usable everywhere in MEKA. Be sure to use accents from the Latin-Extended table (usually used by Windows programs, not DOS ones).
  • Added Spanish messages translations (by Antonio J. Bazalo).
  • Added Portuguˆs messages translations (by Rodrigo C. Rubio).
  • Added "WIP" (Work In Progress) parameter in language definition, to disable warnings and informations when the language is uncomplete.
  • Squashed one very minor flag bug in the browser when a ROM had an number after a space, at the end of its filename.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.
  • Fixed two scrolling emulation bugs in video mode 5. They did not affect any game, but for the sake of accuracy, better fixing them!
  • Added Dutch messages translations (by Mark van Tilburg) and Redneck messages translations (by Maxim, using Dialectizer). Fry mah hide!
  • Added /LOAD command line parameter, to start directly with a savestate loaded (so you can make yourself batchfile loading a certain state.)
  • Added several new entrys to the checksum and compatibility lists, and fixed some existing ones. Added an USA flag and set the flag to all SMS games only released in USA (Alf, King's Quest, Montezuma's Revenge).
  • Added one new happy theme from the french movie "Am‚lie Poulain".
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

NeoMAME v0.53 Released
The Neo-Geo only version of MAME was updated to v0.53 by katharsis. Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Sunday, August 12th, 2001
Win GBC v0.05 Released
This Nintendo GameBoy Color emulator for Windows was updated to v0.05 and includes the following (translated from Japanese):
  • It corresponds to DirectDraw.
  • Improvement in the speed of a sound.
  • It corresponds to interruption of Joypad.
  • Change of the action of LCDC.
  • When you have no Wait, a sound is changed so that it may not sound.
  • An addition in GBA mode.
  • In addition, it optimizes minutely.
Gotta love Japanese to English translators. Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Saturday, August 11th, 2001
MAME v0.53 Released!
In an attempt to show of their enormous intellect, MAMEDEV released version 0.53 of MAME. I know, to us idiots v0.37 or v0.38 would make more sense. But that's why we are idiots and they are MAMEDEV. Anyway, here's what's new:
  • Mazinger Z [Luca Elia, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon [Luca Elia, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Sokonuke Taisen Game [Luca Elia]
  • Mahjong Doukyuusei [Luca Elia]
  • Mahjong Doukyuusei Special [Luca Elia]
  • Big Run [Luca Elia]
  • Magical Crystals [Luca Elia]
  • Sand Scorpion [Luca Elia]
  • Continental Circus [David Graves]
  • Chase HQ [David Graves]
  • Battle Shark [David Graves]
  • Special Criminal Investigation [David Graves]
  • Night Striker [David Graves]
  • Aqua Jack [David Graves]
  • Double Axle [David Graves]
  • World Grand Prix 2 [David Graves]
  • Super Real Mahjong Part 3 [Takahiro Nogi]
  • Mahjong Yuugi [Takahiro Nogi]
  • Funky Jet [Bryan McPhail, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Sotsugyo Shousho [Bryan McPhail, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Hasamu [Bryan McPhail, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Kengo [Bryan McPhail, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Dirt Fox
  • Mighty Guy [Victor Trucco]
  • Ultra Tank [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Astro Flash (= Transformer)
  • Twin Hawk (= Daisenpu)
  • Omega (= The End)
  • Gingateikoku No Gyakushu (bootleg, set 2)
  • Point Blank (= Gun Bullet)
  • Robocop 2 (World, Japan)
  • Don Doko Don (US)
  • Thunder Fox (World)
  • Camel Try (US, alt sound)
  • Robocop (World rev 4)
  • Chelnov (World)
  • Twin Hawk (World)
  • Swimmer (set 3)
  • Boulder Dash (Japan)
  • Robocop (Japan)
  • Great 1000 Miles Rally (USA)
  • Super Real Darwin (World)
  • Pit Fighter (bootleg)
  • Klax (2 prototypes)
  • Up'n Down (encrypted)
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Calice32 v0.4.0 Released
The CPS-2 emulator Calice32 was updated to v0.4.0, here's what's new:
  • Calice now needs about *HALF* the memory it needed in previous releases :)
  • Video plugins sdk (included in the archive)
  • Added Battle Circuit (Asia 970319)
  • Added Battle Circuit (Japan 970319)
  • Added Ultimate Ecology (Japan 931203)
  • Added Eco Fighters (World 931203)
  • Added Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980904)
  • Added Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980629)
  • Added Vampire: The Night Warriors (Jap 940630)
  • Added Great Mahou Daisakusen (Japan 000121)
  • Added Dimahoo (US 000121)
  • Fixed controls in 19xx, 19xxh, 19xxj, csca, and cscj
  • Added Alien Storm (bootleg) (system16)
  • Added Dynamite Dux (system16)
  • Added E-Swat (system16)
  • Added Altered Beast (system16)
  • Added Alex Kidd (set 2) (Pre-system16)
  • Faster Sega System 16 and 18 emulation
  • Fixed system16 and system18 tile ram byte accesses bug
  • Better Shadow dancer (system18) emulation
  • Better fixed Golden Axe (system16) emulation
  • Calice now supports 175+ games
  • Fixed rom names for Kikaioh (JAPAN 980914) (ZN-1)
  • Fixed rom names for Muscle Bomber Duo - The body explosion (Japan)
  • Fixed rom names for Muscle Bomber Duo - Heat Up Warriors (CPS-1)
  • Fixed rom names for Street Fighter EX 2 (JAPAN 980312) (ZN-1)
  • Fixed rom names for Street Fighter EX Plus (USA 970311) (ZN-1)
  • Fixed rom names for Sonic Wings Limited (JAPAN) (ZN-1)
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

ClrMamePro v2.17 Released
ClrMamePro is a ROM editor for MAME. Here's what's new in v2.17:
  • added: registry keys to enable zipcache and modify zipcachesize
  • added: url & extension lists...now you can open the current set on any url (http, ftp, etc) with any extension
  • fixed: loading last used profile automatically without profiler
  • misc: new exception handling...will speed up the scanner a bit :o)
  • misc: reorganized popup menus
  • removed: pre&post string settings
  • removed: alternative exe scanner
Download it from the MAME Utils section at the above link.

PocketGB v1.38 Released
The multi-console emulator for CE 2.11 was updated to v1.38. Download it from the Console Emulators section (under Multi-Console).

Gens Win v1.00 Released
The best Sega Genesis emulator Gens was updated to v1.00. Here's what you get:
  • Stretch option added (not available with all rendering mode).
  • PAT files automatically saved.
  • Kaillera client version updated to 0.84a
  • 16/15 bits mode now auto-detected (no more choice in menu).
  • 25% scanline render has been modified (equal to a 75% scanline in the old way).
  • Sprite masking fixed (thanks Charles Mc Donald).
  • Sprite table update fixed (thanks Charles Mc Donald).
  • Sprite limit fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the 68000 Starscream core (bit-shift instructions).
  • 68000 interruption processing enterely rewritten.
  • H counter calculation modified.
  • V counter fixed.
  • VDP status flag fixed.
  • Z80 interrupt timing modified (fix some sound problem).
  • Window bug added in Gens 0.99 fixed.
  • Screen shot respect the game resolution (no more useless blank line).
  • A minor bug in DAC sound fixed.
  • A minor bug in country detection fixed.
  • Others minors bugs fixed.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Thursday, August 9th, 2001
Ace v1.3 Released
The CPS-2 emulator ACE was updated to v1.3. Here's what's new:
  • Switched to a68k core - needless to say: 110 fps in Final Fight!!
  • DX Win2k bug eliminated! Thanks to Tim, Logiqx, Lorenzo , ayeye , Fox and all the others that helped me (opensource power!).
  • Added Street Fighter Alpha 2.
  • Added Super Street Fighter 2.
  • Implemented a new tile engine for CPS2 games : now, since there is no need to decode tiles anymore, loading times are lightspeeded!
  • Added Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Added Dungeon And Dragons Tower of Doom.
  • Introduced CPS2 layer priorities and layer enabling. Many games fixed.
  • Some work on the gui - you have a romselector now, and also some graphicmodes.
  • 90 degrees rotated gui support!
  • Added 19xx USA.
  • Added Eco fighters ("this area is suffering from deforestation" - ROTFL).
  • Added Battle Circuit Japan.
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

VisualBoy Advance v0.21 Released
Probably the best Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator was updated to v0.21. Here's what's new:
  • fix to 24-bit mode dark screen problem
  • sound on left speaker problem fixed
  • some ARM opcodes have been corrected (DarkFader's demos now work)
  • rotation bug fix
  • mode 3 backdrop color fix
  • sound mute problem
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

The Hype That Doesn't End
Work has been kicking my butt the last few days so I'll have to hype for a few more days. But it's so cool it's worth waiting for!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2001
Happy Birthday Video Games!
The video game celebrates its 40th birthday today! 40 years ago today (August 7th, 1961) the first video game "Space War" was created at MIT. "Space War" is considered the world's first video game. Thanks to Dry Ice CO2 for the news!

Final Burn v0.134 Released
And the CPS-2 that started it all, but is discontinued, but still updated, and is shunned from CPS-2 "scene" (Final Burn Alpha) was also updated to include the following:
  • Supports the new games released by Raz and adds a few extra CPS1 games and feature's (check the Readme).
  • The main updates are a fix for Win95 user's (FB sould start ok & you can use netplay as well)
  • You can set default player controls in the ini
  • If the gui is hidden FB will pause when the window lose's focus
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Nebula v1.7 Released
New CPS-2 dumps, new Nebula, I see a trend forming here. Here's what you get:
  • Many speed optimizations
  • Improvements in the sound code
  • You can now make your own macro and moves hints. -
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Kawaks v1.20 Released
Of course, a new Kawaks because of the new CPS-2 dumps. Here's what's new:
  • 13 New drivers
  • Kaillera support ! (That's netplay)
  • Better speed
  • Better compatibility
  • Better macros
  • Better savestates.
  • Dipswitches for CPS1 games. They are saved to each game's ini.
  • New font for on screen display and added settings in the INI to control its color.
  • Fixed the glitch in the last line in fullscreen 2xSai and spin-off engines
  • Fixed a border blinking bug with some gfx cards in full screen
  • New "Mono sound" option. My mono headphones likes that.
  • Added option to log sound to HD (16Bits Stereo RAW format, any sound editor can read that...)
  • New options to disable individually the 4 OKI channels (CPS1 sound effects) Handy to rip those SF2 musics :D
  • Fixed some editing errors in the Kawaks mascots :)
  • The stuff I eventually forgot to write down ...
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

6 New CPS-2 Games Dumped
Six new CPS-2 games were dumped today! Here's the decryption tables:Note that these are NOT the ROMs but simply XOR tables that allow the encrypted ROMs to be unencrypted. Also note that no one gives a rat's tail if it's your birthday or not. =) If Razoola was 40, and therefore matched the exact day as the invention of the video game, now *that* would be something.

Hype Machine
As all good hype tends to do, my hype has been delayed till tomorrow. But it's gonna KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

Generator v0.31 Released
This Sega Genesis emulator hasn't been updated in a long time. The DOS and Linux version that was released today with a ton of "what's new" that was added to versions v0.16 thru v0.30 (none of which were released to the public). Read the what's new and download it from the Console Emulators section.

FCE Ultra v0.62r2 Released
This Nintendo NES emulator for Windows and Linux was updated to v0.62 and then quickly to v0.62r2. Here's what was added in the last two releases:
  • Fixes a bug that causes incorrect Game Genie emulation.
  • Added support for the Famicom Disk System's extra sound channel.
  • Updated the version of Tatsuyuki Satoh's OPL2 emulator used in FCE Ultra from .36f to .37a. The sound quality in "Lagrange Point" seems to have improved.
  • Added support for iNES mapper 242(used by "Wai Xing Zhan Shi").
  • Fixed a network play bug that could cause desynchronizations if more than one network play session occured since FCE Ultra was started. This bug only showed up on the Windows port, though.
  • Increased the volume of the noise and triangle sound channels.
  • Fixed a save state loading bug.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that was being caused by the VRC7 state loading code.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause FCE Ultra to crash if a virtual disk was being read and the user ejected the virtual disk.
  • Various minor bug fixes/code cleanups.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Monday, August 6th, 2001
Hype: 1 day left!
Whoa mamma! 1 day left!!!

Dega v1.04 Released
The Sega Master System/GameGear emulator for Windows was updated to v1.04. Here's what's new:
  • Added YM2413 FM support using EMU2413 written by Mitsutaka Okazaki.
  • Added options to switch between the Sega Master System and the Japanese Sega Mark III.
  • Fixed mistake in timing of ini/r/d/outi/r/d in Doze (the Z80 emulator) (4+16 cycles should have been 4+12 cycles). Out Run 3D should be more stable now at least.
  • Shaved off 350 lines of code from Doze through a few optimizations
  • Fixed these games: Rise of the Robots (GG), Psychic World (SMS), Teddy Boy (SMS).
  • Cheers to Zoop, Charles MacDonald and Maxim and for all the help!
Download it form the Console Emulators section.

Sunday, August 5th, 2001
Hype: 2 days left!
Brace yourself! 2 days left!!!

Final Burn Alpha v0.133 Released
I think this CPS-2 emulator gets a new release more frequently now that it's been canceled! Here's a message from the new "author":
    An apology for releasing the debug version by accident, sorry all. C++ caused several lock ups & crashes on my PC before I built the .exe file. Several configuration setting's fouled up & I lost a few unimportant files as well :(
I guess that means that v0.133 should be download from the Arcade Emulators section.

Final Burn Alpha v0.132 Released
The discontinued CPS-2 emulator that keeps getting updated was updated to v0.132. Here's what's new:
  • Hack Fixed the UN Squadron driver (KEV).
  • Add WIP for better Multiply protection.
  • Patched Knights of the round so you can play it.
  • Added King of Dragons driver By Mike_Haggar with a fix by KEV.
  • Added Support for 1941 and clones.
  • A fully working King Of the Dragons Driver.
  • A very very small tweak to the game selection dialog.
  • Re-added a few lines in drv.cpp to fix on-line mode and tweaked Rom search path.
  • Added Better support for the CPS1 board IDs to get all the games that need it working and changed drivers as needed.
  • Added Merged CPS2 Drivers (All games!)
  • Added Merged CPS1 Drivers for : UN Squadron, Varth, Strider, MSword and Final Fight!
  • Added Merged Sf2 and Sf2ce drivers with all clones with thanks to JeldrosJ3 for SF2RB2
  • Fixed the problem with Marvel Super Heroes (Japan) loading the USA version instead of the Japan version.
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Calice32 v0.3.8 Released
Another CPS-2 emulator Calice32 was updated to v0.3.8. Here's what's new:
    Games Added:
    • Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520)
    Drivers Added:
    • Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout (Japan 940808)
    • Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
    • Capcom Sports Club (Asia 970722)
    • Super Street Fighter 2 The tournament battle (ETC 931119)
    Fixed sprites:
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (US 940125)
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Japan 940113)
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (US 940113)
    • ghouls'n'ghosts
    • Dai Makai-Mura
    • Added sprite ram bank switch
    • Converted Street fighter zero 3 to mame rom names conventions
    • Video blitter plugins system
    • Nice rotated mode for shoot'em'ups
    • Enhanced game selector
    • Easy to use unified controllers plugin (joysticks and keyboard)
    • Modified main menu to make it more easy to use
    • Fixed dip switches configuration dialog
    • Added browse for folder dialogs in directories configuration dialog
    Partial Sega System 16 and 18 emulation:
    • Added Golden axe
    • Added Atomic point
    • Added Flash point
    • Added Shinobi
    • Added Tetris
    • Added Wonder boy III
    • Added Shadow dancer
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Saturday, August 4th, 2001
Hype: 3 days left!
3 days left till you'll get your socks knocked off! I could just announce it now and release it, but it's much more fun teasing everyone because "I know something you don't". I figured I'd have my own hype because it seems every other site is doing it. Now I've gotta figure out what exactly I'm going to release in 3 days...

JAE: Carnival Released
The on-line Java emulator JAE adds a new game, Sega's Carnival. This is from the author:
    Back in 1980 Sega made this really entertaining shooting game, which was quite successful. After clearing the gallery, you have to shoot at the poor polar bear :-)
Play it on-line at the above link.

Sintendo v0.10pr2 Released
The Nintendo SNES emulator for the Dreamcast was updated to v0.10pr2. This version fixes the ROM load feature so ROMs will load everytime. Download it from the Console Emulators section.

Dreamemu v0.03 Released
The Dreamcast emulator for Windows Dreamemu was updated to v0.03. Here's what's new:
  • SH-4: Implemented FPU
  • SH-4: Fixed some sign problems
  • SH-4: Implemented basic timers (not done correctly yet)
  • SH-4: SCIF Faking
  • PowerVR: Support for 320x240 mode
  • Maple Bus (Control Interface): Implemented controllers (not perfect, but working)
  • GD-ROM: Implemented ISO9660 filesystem support (ISO Image support only)
  • Other: Basic Plugin system (Controller Plugin only)
  • Other: Fixed INI file problem
  • Other: Added some new loading and gui options
  • Debugger: The program counter can now be set independantly by the user
Download it from the Dreamcast section.

StretchMame32 v.37b16a Released
The version of MAME that created stretch mode was updated to v0.37 beta 16a. Here's what's new:
  • Added Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024)
  • Added Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940808)
  • Added Super Muscle Bomber (Japan 940831)
  • Fixed Quartet crashing problem
  • Fixed Atari RBI Baseball crashing problem
  • Fixed Xexex BG scroll
  • Fixed Salamander 16bit color sprite problem
  • Integrated NJ's NEOGEO driver
  • Added 'Disable PerformanceCounter' option
  • Some ROM names changed
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Friday, August 3rd, 2001
MAME WIP August 2nd-3rd
MAME WIP news for August 2nd through the 3rd:
  • August 3rd 2001: Aaron Giles added the bootleg ROM set to the Pit Fighter driver, and he added two Klax prototype ROM sets to the Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters driver. Mathis Rosenhauer fixed the Aztarac radar graphics problems.
  • August 2nd 2001: Nicola Salmoria decrypted the background graphics in Berlin Wall. Bryan McPhail added a newer revision of Super Real Darwin to the dec8 driver.
While Reagan and Bush may have helped the Berlin Wall fall, Nicola emulated the Berlin Wall. I'm not sure which was a greater accomplishment. Anyway, check out the screen shots at the above link.

DreamGBA v1.8 Released
DreamGBA is a Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows. It's been updated to v1.8 which adds the following:
  • OBJ Window supported.
  • KEY Input Interrupt added
  • BIOS Protect function added
  • Fixed A instruction prefetch bug
Download it form the Arcade Emulators section.

Final Burn Alpha v0.131 Released
Seems that yet another release of Final Burn Alpha was released. Here's what's new:
  • Now compiled with Christophe's Alpha 5 Kaillera code.
  • Fixed the crash when using Strider Hiryu (USA).
  • Multiple ROM path support added courtesy of HyperYagami.
  • Now compiled with Christophe's Alpha 4 Kaillera code, a new version of the kailleraclient.dll is also included in this release.
  • Added lots of new drivers for Street Fighter (C.E. & Turbo), mainly clones though, thanks to everyone who donated these. Too many to mention here, but SF2 Red Wave & Rainbow Edition are included.
  • Drivers added for Magic Sword (Mike Hagger) and UN Squadron (KEV).
  • Added my own Knights of the Round driver, thanks go out to Mike Hagger for fixing the Gfx issues. Unfortunately the in game controls don't work at present :(
  • In theory it should be possible to play against someone who is using FinalBurn Kaillera Alpha 4, as both use the same code. That said, it would be better if you play against someone who is using v0.130 :)
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.

Dega v1.03 Released
The Sega Master System/GameGear emulator for Windows was updated to v1.03. Here's what's new:
  • V-Blank improved. Out Run 3D, Addams Family and some others which I forgot are fixed (again).
Download it form the Console Emulators section.

MAME WIP July 29th - August 1st
MAME WIP news for July 29th through August 1st:
  • August 1st 2001: Nicola Salmoria finally decrypted the original version of Popeye. Olivier Galibert reported some progress with the System 16 driver rewrite but warned that completion is not guaranteed until the year 2006.
  • July 31st 2001: Aaron Giles fixed the Windows 95 problem again. Luca Elia added Magical Crystals and Sand Scorpion to the Kaneko16 driver.
  • July 30th 2001: Zsolt Vasvari fixed Amidar from erroneously drawing a starfield. Mike Haaland and Dave Haywood added another version of Space Stranger. Bernd Wiebelt fixed directory names with spaces in mame.ini, though you still need to wrap the directory with quotation marks. Aaron Giles finally ironed out the last Slapstic bugs, fixing Pit Fighter and Rampart for good.
  • July 29th 2001: Nicola Salmoria merged the IREM M-90 and M-97 drivers, and partially decrypted Quiz F-1 but it's not yet playable. Bernd Wiebelt integrated Paul Priest's steadykey config option and fixed a few other command line interface bugs. Stefan Jokisch fixed some NEC CPU core bugs.
Check out the screen shots at the above links.

MagicEngine v0.9.9b1 Released
The TurboGrafx 16 emulator MagicEngine was updated to v0.9.9b1. According to Geoshock, here's what's new:
  • better support for audio volume control
  • added three new options in the PCE.INI file to control audio
  • volume: 'master_audio_volume', 'fx_audio_volume', 'cd_audio_volume'
  • fixed crashing bug when loading some CD save state file
  • fixed 'Valis : The Legend of a Fantasm Soldier' bug
  • fixed tiny little bugs here and there
Download it form the Console Emulators section.

Final Burn v0.129 Released
I've spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out Final Burn. Is it still discontinued? Who's releasing updates? What do these updates include? What versions have Kaillera support. Anyway, here's version 0.129. Download it form the Arcade Emulators section.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2001
Final Burn Kaillera alpha 3
Final Burn mixed with the excellent netplay server Kaillera is quite a combination! Download the netplay enabled Final Burn from the Arcade Emulators section. Also, you can compete against other Arcade@Home visitors on the Arcade@Home Kaillera server at "! ArcadeAtHome.com Kaillera Server".

RockNES & RockNES X Updated
A long time has passed since the last update of RockNES X, but today we get a new release, v2.0 beta3, which adds fast SuperEAGLE/2xSai. Please note that RockNES X is based on v1.920 of RockNES. The DOS version adds the following in v1.952:
  • Fixed quit-to-OS joypad button
  • Fixed mapper #44 (tested);
  • Fixed GameGenie codes (I hope);
  • Added a configurable joypad button to quit the emulator. Edit the config file (rnsetup.ini) and look for ASSIGNMENTS, -quit_emulation_button;
  • Added support to dump CHR locations of VROM type (preliminary);
  • Documentation updated.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.

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