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News from March 2002

Sunday, March 31st, 2002
XBox Give-Away!
Win this XBox! I'll be giving away this XBox in the next 24 hours so you better visit the Arcade Trivia Game at the above link now if you want to win! The more times you play, the better your chances are to win.
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Friday, March 29th, 2002
Visual PinMAME v1.12 Released
The official version of Visual PinMAME was updated to v1.12. Download it from the very popular Pinball section.
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Final Burn, Nebula, & Kawaks
Along with new CPS-2 releases comes new tripple relsease of the CPS-2 emulators. Final Burn v0.26 adds the following:
  • Added drivers for sgemf, sgemfa, pfghtj, ssf2a, ssf2ar1 & spf2t.
  • Added Dynasty Wars (World) and Knights of the Round (Hack).
  • Fixed the off-set of the sprites in the mvsc ending.
  • Fixed the sound in some CPS-1 games (all work fine now).
Kawaks v1.42 adds these:
  • New drivers:
    • Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (US 970904)
    • Pocket Fighter (Japan 970904)
    • Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (Asia 970904)
    • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (US 960620)
    • Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 931003)
    • Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 930914)
    • Dynasty Wars (World)
    • Knights of the Round (Hack)
    • Neo Pong
  • Fixed The King of Dragons (bootleg)
  • A _lot_ of rewrites, notably in the video system and the general Kawaks architecture, which gives a significant speedup on 2xSai, SuperEagle, SuperSai, Scanlined 2xSai, will make the eventual addition of new systems easier, faster and more stable, and allows the following :
  • Added sprite transparencies, using Nebula tables. Tables should be named gamename.bld and put in the BLEND directory (ex: SFA3.BLD)
  • Added "Monitor dot matrix" blitter. Give it a try :)
  • Added support for ElSemi's Cheater program. Cheater must be started before Kawaks
  • Added menu items to control sound frequency. No need to edit WinKawaks.ini anymore for that.
  • Optimised 'Interframe blending' code. Should be significantly faster with most blitters, now
  • Rewrote DirectInput code: Hopefully fixes most controler problems (mail me if it fixes your controler problems or not)
  • Fixed Screenshot Factory blink and Tile viewer if Interframe Blending is enabled
  • Fixed Scanlines 50% for some video cards (S3...)
  • Hopefully fixed some screenshot issues
  • Fixed flash frames in Marvel Vs Capcom
  • Fixed ending in Marvel Vs Capcom
  • NeoGeo isn't affected anymore by correct ration settings. Meaning it now looks better if these options are enabled (espeacially with Normal blitter)
  • Changed the way the video blitter selection works. For example, now, Shift+F3 is a toggle between scanlines, 50% scanlines, and zoomX2...
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts to the Load game, Screenshot Factory, Cheat boxes
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts to the English menus
  • Fixed Shot factory window size
  • A few romset changes to match the latest conventions and dumps (affects CYBOTSJ, DDSOMU, SFAR1)
And Nebula v2.11 adds these items:
    • Added Bucky O'Hare.
    • Fixed Zooming.
    • Fixed some sprite gfx problems (2nd level boss in moo).
    • In the ROMDATA folder you'll find a file 'neogeo.new'. Delete the 'neogeo.dat' and rename the .new to .dat to use the new MAME rom names. It's a good moment to remember that if you have nebula reporting missing neo-geo.rom ng-sfix.rom or ng-lo.rom, you'll need to put the neogeo.zip file (BIOS) in a roms directory (folder).
    • Added SF2 YYC hack.
    • If you are only seeing 2 buttons in CPS2 games delete the .dat file for that game in the CONFIG folder.
    • Fixed Vertical games not displaying anything.
Download them from the Arcade Emulators section.
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6 New CPS-2 Games Dumped
5 new CPS-2 games were dumped today. Here's the decryption table:Note that these are NOT the ROMs but simply XOR tables that allow the encrypted ROMs to be unencrypted.
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MAME WIP for March 24th-28th
MAME WIP news for March 24th through the 28th:
  • 2002-03-28: Aaron Giles added a feature to the memory system that returns a pre-specified value from unmapped memory addresses, and added the Judge Dredd prototype to the Williams T-unit driver.
  • 2002-03-27: Aaron Giles fixed the problem in auditing samples and artwork in the Windows version.
  • 2002-03-26: Jarek Burczynski did a major improvement on the YM3812 sound chip emulation, making it much more accurate than before by comparing its output with the real chip. Matthew Neja added the correct color PROM for Crush Roller and fixed the DIP switch settings in the VSNES driver.
  • 2002-03-25: Ron Fries finished adding the support for adding controller-specific mapping using .ini files.
  • 2002-03-24: Brian A. Troha re-submitted the addition of a world version of Gunbird to the Psikyo driver. Paul Priest re-submitted the improvements to the hotrod/hotrodse presets. Phil Stroffolino started abstracting some of the newer Namco graphics chips for a more general level of support for them.
Check out the screen shots at the above link.
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Atari800Win+ v3.0 Released
The enhanced version of the Atari 800/5200 emulator was updated to v3.0, here's what's new:
  • supports 22 types of cartridges (e.g. SpartaDOS, DiamondOS, XEGS, Action!, BASIC XL),
  • allows running BBS software thanks to R: device emulation,
  • can read cassette images (CAS) as well as raw files using emulated tape player,
  • makes a DirectSound driver available to music lovers,
  • allows saving video with sound track to an AVI file,
  • can emulate Atari trak ball,
  • helps a lot in a game cheating,
  • allows booting any Atari software using one keystroke,
  • fully emulates second button of an Atari 5200 joystick.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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ClrMamePro v2.55a Released
The MAME ROM manager ClrMamePro was updated to v2.55a. Download it from the ROM Files section.
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KOLEKO v1.30 Released
KOLEKO is a ColecoVision emulator for Windows that was updated to v1.30. Here's what was added in this release:
  • Added 1st release of DInput JoyPad support (DX7+) see below for joy mapping.
  • Added PAUSE key to stop/run emulator.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Monday, March 25th, 2002
Visual PinMAME v1.12B Released
Meka-l33t informed me of a beta release of Visual PinMAME v1.12. It's not yet on the official Visual PinMAME site, so use at your own risk! Download it from the Pinball section.
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XBox Give-Away!
Win this XBox! Only 1 week till this brand new XBox is given away! Remember, a winner is going to be selected on April 1st (and it's no April fool's joke). The more times you play, the better your chances are to win so start playing today!
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MAME WIP for March 19th-23rd
MAME WIP news for March 19th through the 23rd:
  • 2002-03-23: David Haywood fixed the Psikyo SH-2 games from crashing. Aaron Giles fixed the corrupt vertical lines in the tilemap graphics in several games.
  • 2002-03-22: Stephane Humbert added an older Japanese version of Haunted Castle and fixed a few other minor things in that driver. Chack'n submitted some ROM filename fixes and fixed voice playback in Pistol Daimyo no Bouken. Aaron Giles fixed a small bug in Atari drivers' memory allocation.
  • 2002-03-21: Ron Fries started adding support for re-mapping inputs using standard .ini files. Olivier Galibert found the correct shift register operations for noise generators for both SN76489 and YM3812. Aaron Giles fixed a crash in the tilemap system.
  • 2002-03-20: Aaron Giles re-added Andrea Mazzoleni's MMX optimizations to the latest tilemap changes. Pekka Salmia and Brian A. Troha submitted an addition of the European ROM set to the Cowboys of Moo Mesa driver. Peter Trauner submitted an update to the NEC uPD7810 CPU core, fixing a lot of bugs.
  • 2002-03-19: Brian A. Troha corrected the Gunbird addition which is actually a world version. R. Belmont submitted yet another update to the Cowboys of Moo Mesa driver fixing a few small things. Aaron Giles improved the idle timeslice releasing by using more accurate timers. Stephane Humbert fixed a small bug in the Galaxian driver. Pekka Salmia and Brian A. Troha submitted an addition of the European version of Bubble Symphony to the Taito F3 driver.
The MAME fun continues, maybe next time we'll get some images.
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A/PMAME v0.59 Released
Rodimus Prime updated his optomized versions of MAME to v0.59. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.
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Sunday, March 24th, 2002
PlayStation 2 Emulator Released!
PCSX2 is the first real Sony PlayStation 2 emulator! Howerver, before you get too excited, it only emulates the CPU so it doesn't run any games. It does run a few simple demos which proves that it works, but don't expect this emulator to play PS2 games in the next release (maybe the release after that ;-) Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Zinc v0.5 Released
From the makers of s11emu and Impact comes Zinc which replaces those two previous emulators. Here's a list of the supported games:
    Supported with both sound effects and music:
    • Street Fighter EX (JP)
    • Street Fighter EX (ASIA)
    • Street Fighter EX Plus (USA)
    • Street Fighter EX Plus (JP)
    • Street Fighter EX 2 (JP)
    • Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (JP)
    • Star Gladiator 2 (JP)
    • Rival Schools (ASIA)
    • Justice Gakuen (JP)
    • Strider Hiryu 2 (JP)
    • Strider 2 (USA)
    • Kikaioh (JP)
    • Tetris The Grand Master (JP)
    • Psychic Force (JP)
    • Magical Date EX (JP)
    • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (JP)
    Supported but missing music:
    • Beastorizer
    Supported but missing all sound:
    • Soul Edge (JP) Ver. A
    • Soul Edge (JP) Ver. C
    • Dancing Eyes (JP) Ver. A
    • Xevious 3D/G (JP) Ver. A
    • Star Sweep (JP) Ver. A
    • Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JP) Ver. A
    Supported but have serious problems:
    • Tekken (JP) Ver. A
    • Tekken 2 (JP) Ver. B
    • Sonic Wings Limited (JP)
Download it from the Arcade Emulator section.
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AdriPSX ILE v1.0.0 Released
AdriPSX is the "other" Sony PlayStation emulator. AdriPSX ILE is so completly new, they even changed its name (notice the "ILE"). Anyway, version 1.0.0 is available on the PlayStation section.
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Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
MAME32 v0.59 Released!
Hot on the heals of the MAME release comes MAME32 (Windows version of MAME with a built-in front-end). Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.
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MAME Binaries Updated
The MAME binaries were replaced with a fix for the Psikyo SH games. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.
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Visual Pinball TB6 Released
The excellent Pinball editor/player that interfaces with Visual PinMAME was updated to Tech Beta 6. Here's what's new:
  • Ball decals
  • Textures on the side of walls
  • Light sequencer
  • Most recently used file list
  • Control points only on selected wall
  • Security Manager
  • GetTextFile
  • Save as protected
  • Options panel new look
  • Table info
  • 3-Wire and adjustable wall height ramps
  • Wheely mouse support
  • Pause, Unpause, and Exit events on the table
  • Object.HasShadows
  • Object.Disabled
  • Wall.Visible
  • User value now in UI
  • Gate color
  • VPBuildVersion
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Friday, March 22nd, 2002
MAME v0.59 Released!
Come and get it! The new version of MAME has been released! Here's what's new:
    Other drivers changes:
    • Loads of fixes to input ports etc. in several drivers. [Stephane Humbert]
    • Fixed Rainbow Islands and Rainbow Islands Extra c-chip emulation [Robert Gallagher, Tormod Tjaberg]
    • Fixed Super Stingray and Kyros, and most problems in Gold Medalist. [Acho A. Tang]
    Changes to the main program:
    • [Windows] Some changes to use less CPU time when it's not needed. Use -nosleep to disable this behaviour during gameplay. [Aaron Giles]
    • [Windows] MMX implementation of the tilemap drawing code, providing a 5-10% speed increase with some games. [Andrea Mazzoleni]
    • Rewritten the UPD7759 emulator (used by TMNT etc). [Olivier Galibert]
    • Support for compressed hard disk images. [Aaron Giles]
    • New function tilemap_set_palette_offset() to set a global palette offset without having to use tilemap_mark_all_tiles_dirty(). [Aaron Giles]
    New games supported:
    • Police Trainer [Aaron Giles]
    • Pass [David Haywood, Stephan Humbert]
    • Super Pinball Action [David Haywood, Stephan Humbert]
    • Sol Divide [David Haywood]
    • Strikers 1945 II [David Haywood]
    • Space Bomber [David Haywood]
    • Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels [David Haywood]
    • Gunbird 2 [David Haywood]
    • Mahjong Sisters [Uki]
    • Quiz Gakuen Paradise [Uki]
    • Quiz DNA no Hanran [Uki]
    • Quiz Gekiretsu Scramble [Uki]
    • Wild West C.O.W.boys of Moo Mesa [Olivier Galibert, R.Belmont]
    • Bucky O'Hare [Olivier Galibert, R.Belmont]
    • Super Bug [Stefan Jokisch]
    • Paddle Mania [Acho A. Tang]
    • Scorpion [Stephane Humbert]
    New clones supported:
    • Dynasty Wars (World)
    • Captain America (Japan)
    • Gradius 3 (World?)
    • Magical Crystals (World)
    • Crystal Castles (version 4)
    • Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu set 2)
    • Galaxian (Midway, old rev)
    • Pisces (original)
    • Haunted Castle (Japan version N)
    • Beraboh Man (Japan version B)
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.
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Thursday, March 21st, 2002
Retrogaming Times #55
This month they have a huge issue. 15 articles to read and enjoy. Here's the highlights:
  • Commodore 64 Forum, now monthly coverage of the C-64
  • The Deep Roots of Classic Video Games
  • Tons of reviews
Check out the always fun and free newsletter at the above link.
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Tuesday, March 19th, 2002
ClrMamePro v2.55 Released
Why not? ClrMamePro was updated at least once a day for the past few days so why not another few versions today? Here's what's in v2.55:
  • fixed: rare issue where renaming roms leads to doubled names (not double roms :o))
  • fixed: missing checksum output
  • fixed: ZipIntegrityCheck freezed CMPro on bad files
  • misc: "allow separated biossets" now hides all messages about the separated biosset
  • misc: changed the multiple instance check
  • misc: changed the biossets test (to avoid MAME bugs :o))
  • misc: new zlib 1.1.4 core
Download it from the ROM Files section.
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Xmame v0.58.3 Released
If Unix is your thing, you'll be glad to know that Xmame was updated to v0.58.3. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.
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PocketGB v1.50 Released
The commercial GameBoy, NES, Sega Master System, and Sega GameGear emulator for Windows CE was updated to v1.50. This version adds the following:
  • Reverted to GDI for BE-300 as it was faster than Direct Video.
  • Fixed HP Jornada 680 video.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Site Changes
You shouldn't have noticed, but I added a new web server to serve all images here at [email protected] Images take up about half the server sessions and therefore half the RAM. This alternate server frees up the server's RAM, CPU, etc. The server has 1GB of RAM, but even that was almost used up from all you visitors out there =) Anyway, I made these changes to squeeze a bit more out of my server and if you notice anything funny with the images, let me know about it on the forum link below.
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MAME WIP for March 17th-18th
MAME WIP news for March 17th through the 18th:
  • 2002-03-18: Acho A. Tang submitted a massive update for the Alpha68k driver, fixing a few graphics problems in Sky Adventure and Time Soldiers, and making Paddle Mania, Super Stingray and Kyros playable. Brian A. Troha added the World version of Magical Crystals to the Kaneko16 driver. Pekka Salmia submitted an addition of the USA version of Gunbird to the Psikyo driver.
  • 2002-03-17: Aaron Giles added support for idle timeslice releasing, which will avoid using 100% of the processing power with the less demanding games.
Check out the screen shots at the above links.
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Monday, March 18th, 2002
ClrMamePro v2.54b Released
This MAME ROM manager was updated to v2.54b and includes some thread related things for Win9x/ME users. The author also requests a new version of MAME. Download it from the ROM Files section.
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Kega v0.04b Released
Kega is a newish Sega Genesis and SegaCD emulator for Windows that's been updated to v0.04b:
  • Fixes a stupid bug with version 0.04.
  • Fixed SegaCD Graphics Dot Conversion (Stupid typo) - thanks Gerrie for spotting the bug.
  • Temporary fix for graphics corruption in Willy Beamish - thanks Stef for the tip.
  • Seperate BRM files for SegaCD USA/JAP/EUR modes when in "Single" mode.
  • Added many more Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • PSG emulation rewritten.
  • YM SuperHQ renamed to SuperHQ - it now affects the PSG too, high pitched PSG notes will sound a lot cleaner.
  • Added WAV Logging.
  • "Idle" bug fixed. Kega now *WILL* go completely idle when it is minimised.
  • Game Genie support added. Currently works for Genesis/MegaDrive only.
  • Added a "Patch" folder setting to the Genesis/MegaDrive config for Game Genie PAT files.
  • Fixed bugs relating to "ghosted" images in various circumstances.
  • BIG Rewrite to various "behind the scenes" parts, should solve problems with saving and loading of SRM/BRM etc. files.
  • Minor update to the Z80 core.
  • Minor update to the Genecyst Save State stuff (in line with Stef)
  • Added MasterSystem / GameGear support :o)
  • Added Config for SMS/GG.
  • Many other little bug fixes / compatibility issues that I've now forgotten about ;-)
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Jum52 v0.60 Released
The excellent Atari 5200 emulator got its first update in over a year. Version 0.60 adds all kinds of goodies so download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Sunday, March 17th, 2002
VisualBoyAdvance v0.9a Released
The best Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator was updated to v0.9a. Here's what's new:
    Core changes
    • fixed rotation screen bug introduced in version 0.9
    • fixed some memory write corruption
    Windows changes
    • fixed small bug in 320x240 mode
    • fixed open dialog when in 640x480 mode
Download it from the Console Emulators setction.
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PCAE Win v2.6 Released
The Atari 2600 emulator for Windows PCAE was updated to v2.6. Here's what's new:
  • Greatly improved the sound emulation
  • Changed the game manual interface so that it uses Internet Explorer. This means that it can read files that you can open in your browser, for example a PDF file if you have the appropriate plug-in.
  • Added an FPS counter that can be turned on or off from the Preferences screen.
  • Added a button to the main toolbar to display the game's manual, if one is available.
  • Added ZIP file support (note that using ZIP files is noticeably slower than not using them, and is not recommended for things like screen shots and scans)
  • Added Kaillera net-play support. Using this will open up emulation in a separate pop-up window. Players can chat among one another by hitting the slash key and typing chat text.
  • Improved windowed zoom mode; it now better supports DirectX zooming for more speed, and now includes 3x and full-screen zoom in addition to 2x and 4x. Zoom modes are also remembered by the program and restored on startup. When zooming to the full size of the screen, there is an option in Preferences for hiding the Windows taskbar.
  • Added support for Spectravideo Compumate
  • Added support for CommaVid RAM-cart
Download it from the Console Emulators setction.
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Nebula v2.1 Released
Nebula is a CPS-2 Neo-Geo and Konami emulator for Windows. Here's what's added in v2.1:
    • Added Wild West COW Boys of Moo Mesa.
    • Added Dynasty Wars (World), it's now the parent set.
    • Fixed SF3 crashing with Mike Haggar's cheats.
    • Added NeoPong
    • Fixed Neogeo CD Metal Slug crashes
    • Added an option to auto-Switch to 16 bit desktop color depth (Misc Menu)
    • Fixed Menu bar flickering in fullscreen.
    • Changed the ROMdata files format, to a more compact format. Also now all romsets are external (Except Konami), so you can rename/edit the romsets to match yours. I strongly recommend that you delete the old .DAT files from the ROMDATA folder.
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.
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Meka v0.62b Released
The best Sega MasterSystem and GameGear emulator Meka was updated to v0.62b. Here's what's new:
  • Sorry for the huge delay in such a minor update. I've tweaked the Z80 core a bit again to fix a little bug that I introduced myself and which puzzled me for a while. I took the occasion also to upgrade to Marat's latest debugger (now showing inline interrupt informations).
  • Battery backed RAM is now scanned so unnecessary pages are not saved in the .SAV file (this was previously already done, but only inside of save states).
  • Added new entries to the checksum and compatibility lists.
  • Updated Spanish localisation.
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Saturday, March 16th, 2002
XBox Ready to Give Away!
Win this XBox! The XBox has arrived and I'll be giving it away on April 1st (but it won't be an April's fools joke). If you want this XBox, There's still time to play like crazy on the Arcade Trivia Game. The more times you play, the better your chances are to win! After I give the XBox away, the next thing I'll be giving away in the Arcade Trivia game is two brand new X-Arcade arcade controllers ($200 retail value)! Time is running out! So start playing today!
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Friday, March 15th, 2002
ClrMamePro v2.54a Released
ClrMamePro is a MAME ROM manager that also supports other emulators. This release supports the new zlib 1.1.4 core. Download it from the ROM Files section.
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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
Win a Free XBox!!!
The XBox was released in Europe today and there's been an outbreak of XBox flu ;-) We have a bit of XBox flu here also as our XBox give-away is about to come to a close! I've finally secured an XBox and will be giving it away in a few weeks (an exact date will be announced in the next few days). The XBox still cannot be found in retail stores and I had to special order one just to give it away. It should be here in a few days and then I'll announce when the contest will end. It's not too late to win an XBox! Play the Arcade Trivia Game now because there's still a chance to win. The more times you play, the better your chances are to win! Play now and play often!
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SNEeSe v0.666 Released
This SNES emulator shares it's version with the number of the beast. It also includes the following changes:
  • Render: Fixed a bug which was causing BG3 high priority tiles to not be drawn in mode 1 when BG3 highest priority was disabled
  • Render: Restructured the 16x16 tile background plotters
  • Render: Added support for offset change in modes 2 and 4, 16x16-tile layers
  • Render: Fixed a bug in the offset-change elimination speed hack (was causing it to sometimes disable offset-change despite it being used)
  • Render: Corrected address wrapping for the vertical offset table in mode 2, fixes WWF Wrestlemania Arcade
  • PPU: Altered background offset register behavior, fixes Theme Park (thanks to anomie and Matthew Kendora)
  • Sound: Changed the behavior of the BRR decoding rate for noise-enabled channels
  • Render: Fixed an OBJ setup bug for large OBJ partially off the left edge
  • GUI: Fixed a bug where the logo wasn't always displayed
  • Logo: Thanks to stainless for providing a new logo!
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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VisualBoyAdvance v0.9 Released
The best Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator keeps getting better. This time VisualBoyAdvance adds the following:
    Core changes:
    • support for enabling/disabling graphical layers
    • correct sound channel 4 emulation
    • support for multiboot files (.MB)
    • support for ELF files
    • fixed some memory leaks
    • fixed LDM/STM instructions (missing formats and wrong behaviour - littleos now works)
    • fixed PUSH/POP instructions
    • fixed misaligned half word reads
    • fixed invalid memory reads
    • fixed IO memory readability and register writing
    • fixed HuffUnComp missing last bytes bug
    • fixed a small DMA bug
    • fixed bug in rotation screens (hoffset demo works again)
    Gameboy changes:
    • correct sound channel 4 emulation
    • fixed bug reading joypad when LCD is off
    • fixed small bug in SGB code
    • fixed bug in SGB Block command
    Windows changes:
    • can now save GB Printer output as well as print
    • 320x240 mode support
    • support for more joystick axes and HAT(POV)
    • separate directory for GB roms
    • option to use old sound synchronization code (to avoid crackle problem)
    • fixed add internal code dialog bug when entering multiple codes
    • fixed closing dialogs by clicking on X
    • fixed handling of root directory for saving
    SDL changes:
    • GDB remote debugging support (see Readme of SDL version for details)
    • YUV support (courtesy of Niels Wagenaar)
    • improvements to embedded debugger (locals, break, print, symbols commands)
    • console output support (Mappy style and a new one)
    • partial ELF support in the internal debugger
    • support for HAT buttons
Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Wednesday, March 13th, 2002
ePSXe v1.5.1 Released
The Sony Playstation emulator ePSXe was updated to v1.5.1. Here's what's new:
  • CD subchannel support
  • Pov hat joystick support
  • CD controller modifications
  • 3D math fix for some games
  • Internal timing changes
  • MDEC transparency
  • Various fix the main CPU emulation
Download it from the Sony PlayStation section.
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Sunday, March 10th, 2002
MAME WIP for March 3rd-10th
MAME WIP news for March 3rd through the 10th:
  • 2002-03-10: R. Belmont reported some more progress with the Konami GX system driver. Alpha blending is working fine and the priorities are sorted out. Examples: Gokujou Parodius and Sexy Parodius
  • 2002-03-09: Stefan Jokisch sent in a driver for Super Bug.
  • 2002-03-08: Aaron Giles added hard disk support and emulation for a standard IDE controller.
  • 2002-03-07: Stephane Humbert fixed the input ports in the TMNT driver.
  • 2002-03-06: Kale submitted a bug fix the wrong graphics alignment in Arm Wrestling. Phil Stroffolino sent in a preliminary driver for Change Lanes which has problems with the interrupt system and therefore doesn't work at all.
  • 2002-03-05: Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switches and inputs in various drivers. Jόrgen Buchmόller added the undocumented opcodes to the 8085a CPU core.
  • 2002-03-04: David Haywood improved the backgrounds in Space Bomber and Gunbird 2, but they still aren't perfect and Strikers 1945 II isn't improved at all. Kale submitted a fix for Thunder Cross 2 which was broken in 0.58.
  • 2002-03-03: Aaron Giles fixed a bug in the swl/swr instructions in the R3000 CPU core. Olivier Galibert fixed the negc instruction in the SH-2 CPU core. Guru added an alternative version of Moon Cresta to the Galaxians driver.
Check out the screen shots at the above links.
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AGES v0.28c Released
A new version of AGES was released which should fix the problems with it freezing up. Also, a new feature was added; Fast-Foward (hold down F12). Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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RomCenter v2.40 Released
The excellent multi-system ROM manager RomCenter was updated to v2.40. Here's what's new:
  • new zip engine : it uses now zip32.dll and unzip32.dll
  • 'Move file' added to scan window.
  • 'Delete file' function added.
  • 'Test archive' function added.
  • 'Rezip' function added.
  • 'Refresh all' button added in menu to refresh all rom paths.
  • RomCenter can now handle several datafiles in one zip (cps-2)
  • Sizes and positions of main window, datafile manager, scan window and their floating toolbars are saved.
  • Proxy support for web update
  • Web Update arcade table directly linked to Logiqx web site.
  • A lot of bug fixes.
Download it from the ROM Files section.
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Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
Dega v1.09 Released
The Sega Master System/GameGear emulator Dega was updated to v1.09 which adds support for loading from .ZIP files. Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
AdvanceMAME v0.58.1 Released
If using MAME with TVs, arcade monitors, or fixed frequencies monitors tickles your fancy, you'll want to know that AdvanceMAME was updated to v0.58.1. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.
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AGES v0.28a Released
Yet another Sega 32X emulator was updated, this time it's AGES. Here's what's new:
    AGES is way faster than before:
    • Some speed-ups to the M68000 core
    • Some speed-ups to the SH2 core as well as more accurate cycle counting
    • Some speed-ups to the Genesis VDP core
    • Some speed-ups to the Genesis MMU
    AGES is way more compatible than before:
    • Fixed some M68000 bugs
    • Implemented lots more Z80 undocumented instructions
    • Fixed tons of Genesis VDP bugs
    • Fixed some SMS VDP bugs
    • Numerous 32X compatiblity improvements
    Numerous other improvements:
    • Fixed horrible sound distortion on W2k
    • Added a 4x CD look ahead buffer
    • Disc hot-swapping now properly supported (mostly)
    • Fixed some deadlock issues that caused AGES to freeze up on some computers
    • Emulator reset / Load ROM / Boot CD code is now more robust and consistent
    • Added Alt-Z keyboard shortcut to toggle Genesis Z80 enabled/disable
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.
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Sunday, March 3rd, 2002
MAME WIP for February 27th-March 2nd
MAME WIP news for February the 27th through March 2nd:
  • 2002-03-02: Bryan McPhail added sprite flicker to the Captain America driver, and Stephane Humbert fixed the input ports in it. Olivier Galibert fixed a few bugs in the SH-2 CPU core which also fix Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels.
  • 2002-03-01: R. Belmont fixed a bug in the SH-2 CPU core which fixes the missing background graphics in Strikers 1945 II, although they still aren't perfect due to other unemulated features.
  • 2002-02-28: Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switches and inputs in Kuri Kinton and Mermaid.
  • 2002-02-27: Aaron Giles fixed some more problems in the updated file routines. David Haywood fixed the sprite colors in the Psikyo SH-2 games driver.
Check out the screen shots at the above links.
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retoDrive Release 5 Released
retroDrive is a Sega 32X emulator that's been updated to Release 5. Download it from the Console Emulators section.
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Saturday, March 2nd, 2002
Nebula v2.0a Released
The CPS-2, NeoGeo & NeoGeoCD emulator Nebula was updated to v2.0a. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed old GUI crashing on start
  • Fixed title bar corruption
  • Fixed Aspect ratio with Keep aspect option
  • Fixed vertical games on 32 bits desktop.
  • Fixed ingame menu letters when using 32 bit
  • color depth
  • Fixed xmvsf crash on start bug.
  • Added shot display on Rom List when moving with arrow keys
  • Added a Switch to Fullscreen option in the
  • Video Menu, as some people didn't know how to switch to fullscreen (ALT-Enter)
  • Added many transparency tables. Thanks to Darksoul, Bad_crc, Razoola, kyo_99 and
Download it from the Arcade Emulators section.
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Happy Birthday [email protected]!
It's [email protected]'s 4th birthday today. Take a strole down memory lane and check out some of the early news archives, they're good for a laugh.
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SupraHLE v1.1.2 Released
"The Company" has a long history as a group that has tried to enhance UltraHLE, the first and still the best Nintendo 64 emulator. While they've always claimed many things that their enhancements do, many others say that they don't do anything or make UltraHLE worse. Anyway, here's what this version "claims" to do:
  • Fully rewrote the Ucode related (hacked) routine.
  • Support For NBA Pro 99 (Pal)
  • Partial Support for Super Smash Brother (U.S & intro free version only)
  • Some Optimized ini patches (updated ini to version 1.7)
  • Added some more specific infos about all kind of known problems in the Help file
Download it from the Nintendo 64 section.
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SSF v0.06 alpha Released
The Sega Saturn emulator SSF was updated to v0.06 alpha. Your guess is as good as mine as to what's new, but download it from the Console Emulators section.
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