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News from January 2003

Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
The Truth of Anime
If you're afraid of the truth about those overrated piece of crap Jap cartoons, I suggest you don't click on the above link. Thanks to Wadey2k1 for the perfect example of worthless anime.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (62 comments)Posted by: teckel 

Monday, January 27th, 2003
ClrMamePro 2.88.1 Released!
The rom manager has been updated once again...
    Version 2.88.1 (01/26/2003)
    • fixed: profiler->name, author, version, description display shows nothing
    • fixed: profiler->move profile (folder tree is shown correctly only at startup)
    • misc: reduced the size of the documentation pngs (thanks to Ben Jos Walbeehm)
    Version 2.88 (01/21/2003)
    • added: profiler->create subfolder, profiler->move datfile which also moves/creates the belonging datfile/fastscan/scans files (both options are available via popup menu)
    • added: warningswindow message for obsolete CRC32 integrity checks
    • added: (readded by request) 'mark useless zipfolderstructs as unneeded' option
    • added: several new messages for corrupt/shared/skipped diskimages (instead of showing just a 'missing diskimage')
    • fixed "hide / show bad dump" options
    • fixed: miss-list includes fake clones (natodefa) & counts the files correctly
    • misc: profiler->delete can also remove folders
    • misc: profiler->create can put an exe-based datfile in a selectable subfolder
    • misc: recompress option moved back to rebuilder main window
    • misc: revised cancel checks for "fix missing scans all sets"
    • misc: revised scanner->drag&drop rules & destinationfolder initilization
    • misc: scanresults are also kept when using ESC key
    • misc: source cleanup (decreasing cachefilesize a bit as well)
    • misc: 'delete incomplete sets' includes sets with bad crc32s, too
    • misc: don't show "romfolder xyz matches setname" warning for 1-set-datfiles (like marquees, snaps, flyers, etc.)
Go get your Update today
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

MAME32 v0.64 Released!
v0.64 of MAME32 has been released! Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. (Short and sweet).
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: teckel 

Sunday, January 26th, 2003
MAME v0.64 Released!
It's gotta be a new speed record, a new version of MAME has been released! Figures that the Euros would release a new version of MAME on the biggest sports day of the year. Borders on disrespectful, shame on you ;-) Anyway, here's what's new:
    MAME Testers bugs fixed (there are probably more)
    • spaceint061red [Stefan Jokish]
    • robocop2056gre [Bryan McPhail]
    • stoneage060gre [Bryan McPhail]
    These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:)
    • Fixed priorities and shadows in Skull & Crossbones. [Aaron Giles]
    These drivers have improved SOUND:
    • Sound in Reikai Doushi [Nicola Salmoria]
    Other drivers changes:
    • Simulated the 8751 protection in Fire Trap. [Bryan McPhail]
    New games supported:
    • Tickee Tickats [Aaron Giles]
    • Crowns Golf [Aaron Giles]
    • Ultimate Tennis [Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria]
    • Stone Ball [Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria]
    • Cheese Chase [Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Kojinkyouju (Private Teacher) [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Vitamin C [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong-yougo no Kisotairyoku [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Kinjirareta Asobi [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Lemon Angel [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Jogakuen [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Ikagadesuka [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Raiga - Strato Fighter
    • Edward Randy [Bryan McPhail]
    • Mutant Fighter / Death Brade [Bryan McPhail]
    • Wizard Fire / Dark Seal 2 [Bryan McPhail]
    • Zombie Raid [David Haywood]
    • Enforce
    • Shot Rider [Tomasz Slanina]
    New clones supported:
    • Shadow Warriors (set 2)
    • Carrier Air Wing (US)
    • Chi-Toitsu (= Mahjong Gakuen)
    • Mahjong Nanpa Story (Ura)
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: teckel 

Friday, January 24th, 2003
MAME WIP Page Updated
    Thanks to the GBK for the news
The MAME WIP page has been updated..Here's the following progresses:
  • 2003-01-22: Stephane Humbert added another US version of Carrier Air Wing to the CPS-1 driver. smf fixed a crash in Combat. Nicola Salmoria added another version of Shadow Warriors to the Ninja Gaiden driver and fixed the sprites in Raiga - Strato Fighter, but it's still not playable. Shiriru updated the CPS-2 driver again, fixing raster effects in Marvel Super Heroes and Giga Wing. Acho A. Tang submitted another few fixes to the Sega System 16 driver. Aaron Giles wrote a driver for Lethal Justice and Egg Venture.
  • 2003-01-21: Stephane Humbert added another version of Real Mahjong Haihai. Derrick Renaud submitted an update, adding sample sounds (that are not yet recorded) to the Circus, Clowns and Seawolf drivers, adding blue background artwork and coin counter to Seawolf, adding preliminary discrete sounds and fixing controls in Polaris, and modifying the Donkey Kong sounds a little. David Haywood added the RGB brightness control to the Sega System 32 driver, fixing colored light effects in Alien³ and lightning effects in Jurassic Park. Chris Kirmse sped up the data file handling. Acho A. Tang submitted fixes and improvements to a number of drivers, including correct colors to the B-wings and Zaviga driver, preliminary star field simulation in the Aeroboto / Formation Z driver, tuned music in Equites, fixed DIP switches in the Namco System 1 driver, improved sprite clipping and fixed hangs in the Namco System 86 driver, fixed graphics glitches in Super Dodge Ball, fixed sound banking bug in the Wec Le Mans 24, fixed reversed stereo in some games that use the K054539 sound chip, fixed the misaligned graphics in Burning Force, fixed a variety of issues in the SNK driver and some bugs in the Sega System 16 driver. Nicola Salmoria added Raiga - Strato Fighter to the Ninja Gaiden driver but it suffers from unemulated protection and is not playable. Bryan McPhail fixed an infinite loop in the Atari vector generators. David Haywood also fixed the crash in Jan Jan Shimasyo in the SSV driver.
  • 2003-01-20: Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs in Mini Golf and DIP switches in Pinbo. smf forwarded a small fix that allows using hidden UNC paths in the directory list. Aaron Giles fixed the protection in Cheese Chase and fixed the priorities in Skull & Crossbones. Jarek Burczynski sent in a work-in-progress driver for Mazer Blazer and Great Guns, they have a variety of problems with graphics and sound.
  • 2003-01-19: David Haywood further improved the Sega System 32 driver background graphics emulation, adding support for changing resolution on demand. Shiriru's updates to the CPS-2 driver fixing raster effects and Cave driver fixing Air Gallet were also forwarded. Aaron Giles fixed the frame rate in the Art & Magic driver.
  • 2003-01-18: David Haywood improved the Sega System 32 driver background graphics emulation, though it's still far from perfect. Aaron Giles did some general cleanup on the Art & Magic driver and corrected the CPU and sound clock frequencies.
  • 2003-01-17: Nicola Salmoria and Aaron Giles fixed the remaining graphics glitches in the Art & Magic driver. Stefan Jokisch fixed the crash in Space Intruder, added sample support and cocktail mode support to it, and fixed the red screen effect in Astro Invader. David Haywood added gun inputs to Jurassic Park. Aaron Giles also added refresh register emulation to the TMS34010 CPU core, abstracted the TLC34076 palette chip emulation used by Art & Magic, Battletoads and a few other drivers.
For more info..Proceed by the link above.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: UkStaR 

Monday, January 20th, 2003
SNEeSe V0.75 Released
The SNES emulator, SNEeSe has been updater..Here's the following changes:
  • 65c816: Corrected address wrapping in direct and stack addressing modes, thanks to MKendora for pointing out these problems
  • 65c816: Altered register allocation
  • SPC700: Altered register allocation
  • SPC700: Fixed a bug in the timers which caused them to be reset to random values when turned on, thanks to Brad Martin for pointing this out
  • Source: Removed some obsolete code and dependencies
  • Source: Started cleaning up many of the C label references in the asm code
  • Render: Added support for dual window clipping with XOR or XNOR logic modes of 8x8-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic
  • Render: Fixed a bug where window clipping was not updated correctly when changing layering order
  • Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 16x16-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic in modes 0-4
  • Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 8x8-tile backgrounds with mosaic and no offset change
  • Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 16x16-tile backgrounds with mosaic and no offset change in modes 0-4
For more info or download..Proceed with the link above
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Magnis 

Friday, January 17th, 2003
MAME WIP Page Updated
The MAME WIP page has been updated..Here's the following progresses:
  • 2003-01-16: Malice submitted information on how to get Jurassic Park to boot, though controls aren't emulated and background graphics are missing like with the other games in the Sega System 32 driver. Acho A. Tang sent in a driver for B-Wings and Zaviga.
  • 2003-01-15: Stephane Humbert and Tim added yet another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver. Aaron Giles finally figured out the protection in Ultimate Tennis, making it fully playable. Nicola Salmoria adjusted the sound frequency in the Home Data driver and got Mahjong Ikagadesuka to boot, but unfortunately sound and inputs don't work so it's not playable. Pierpaolo Prazzoli re-submitted some Playchoice and VSNES improvements. R. Belmont fixed the pitch problem in the YMF278B sound chip, noticeable in the Strikers 1945 II coin insert sound.
  • 2003-01-14: Quench cleaned up the TNZS driver. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in Boggy '84. Andrea Mazzoleni sent in some small compiling fixes. Brian A. Troha fixed some DIP switch settings in the SSV driver. Nicola Salmoria sent in another update to the Home Data driver, making Mahjong Kojin Kyouju (Private Teacher), Mahjong Vitamin C, Mahjong Yougo no Kiso Tairyoku, Mahjong Kinjirareta Asobi, Mahjong Jogakuen and Mahjong Lemon Angel work with perfect inputs and sound emulation.
  • 2003-01-13: David Haywood re-merged some old submissions with 0.63. Aaron Giles fixed the sound banking in the Art & Magic games and improved the protection emulation, but it's still not complete. Quench added better M-Chip protection emulation to the TNZS driver and improved the i8x41 CPU core. David Haywood also added Boggy '84 to the Fast Freddie and Jump Coaster driver. Nicola Salmoria replaced the MCU simulation hacks with full emulation of the uPD7807 CPU in the Home Data driver, also making the sound emulation work fine.
  • 2003-01-12: Nicola Salmoria further improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver and hooked up zoom in it. Aaron Giles fixed the DIP switches in it and figured out the protection interface in Ultimate Tennis and Stone Ball, but the protection data is missing so they still aren't playable. Phil Stroffolino sent in an updated Halley's Comet driver that is pretty close to playable, but some blitter problems still remain. Bryan McPhail emulated the i8751 protection in Firetrap so the original version works. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in the Gumbo driver.
  • 2003-01-11: Nicola Salmoria improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver. Paul Priest added gun emulation to Zombie Raid in the Seta driver and Stephane Humbert fixed some of the DIP switches in it. Vasara 2 was also added to the SSV driver. Angelo Salese further improved the decryption in Quiz F1, fixed the DIP switch settings in Final Star Force and fixed the crash in Jeutel's Defender and cleaned up the decryption in it.
  • 2003-01-10: Stephane Humbert added another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver, and he partially fixed the DIP switch settings in Super Doubles Tennis. Aaron Giles wrote a driver for Tickee Tickats.
  • 2003-01-09: David Haywood removed the Neo Geo BIOS hacks and added support for other BIOS ROMs than the one that is currently used. David Haywood also added Zombie Raid to the Seta driver but it's unplayable because the controls aren't hooked up and the sound is not emulated. Bryan McPhail added Super Doubles Tennis to the Burger Time driver. Bryan McPhail also fixed the erratic coin inputs in the i8751 emulation in the Karnov driver.
  • 2003-01-08: Jarek Burczynski started working on a driver for Cannon Ball (not the Atari prototype nor the Yun Sung games that have the same name). David Haywood added another clone of Super Visual Football called Super Visual Soccer to the Sega System 32 driver.
  • 2003-01-07: R. Belmont added scrolling to the background graphics in the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver but it doesn't work perfectly yet. Bryan McPhail fixed the IremGA20 sound chip emulation from crashing if sound was turned off, and he added save state support to V20, V30 and V33 CPU cores. Aaron Giles sent in a work in progress driver for the Art & Magic games that supports Ultimate Tennis, Cheese Chase and Stone Ball, the problem being that the blitter data format is encrypted so all graphics are garbled. Uki added the Japanese version of Shanghai Kid called Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken, and two other versions of Real Mahjong Haihai and The Mahjong.
For more info..Proceed by the link above.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Magnis 

Monday, January 13th, 2003
XMAME V0.62.2 Released
The Unix/X11 ports for MAME has been updated....Here's the following changes:
  • Almost everything from MAME 0.62 and MESS 0.62.1.
  • The game window should no longer open twice on startup in most cases. One known exception is Pac-Man with artwork enabled.
  • Replaced fileio.c with a slightly modified version from the Win32 codebase. Be aware that several command line switches have changed as a result!
  • Applied the Xv cleanup patch required for the VIDIX patch. (Alastair Robinson)
  • The number of games is no longer hard-coded to 3000 in datafile.c. This should fix problems with history.dat and "-listinfo". (Rene Single)
  • Rotation is now handled by the OSD code. The method used is hardly optimal, but it should work for all display targets. Moving the rotation to the blit core is planned for a future release.
  • The Xv target now uses the game driver's aspect ratio unless the "-nokeepaspect" or "-noka" switch is specified. Inspired by Paul Sajecki's patch.
  • Simplified/unified the FPS on-screen display. This is now only overridden when the Barath frameskipper is in debug mode.
  • The DGA, GGI, and SVGALIB targets now use the game aspect ratio provided by the core rather than a hard-coded 4:3. Using "-x11-mode" or "-x11" to activate DGA fullscreen mode now disables Xv. Likewise, switching to DGA fullscreen mode via - is now disabled while Xv is active.
  • All path and directory options in fileio.c now support expansion of environment variables such as $HOME.
  • Fixed a warning about snprintf when building for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed the XInput handling so that spinners no longer show an inertial effect. (David Mitchell)
  • Updated the documentation to include a section about the Xv extension. (Frank Cox)
  • Fixed problems in memory.c that could lead to crashes and default.cfg corruption. (smf)
  • Fixed a bunch of ANSI/ISO warnings reported by Stefano Priore. Aspect and mode switches are now available for the Xv driver even if DGA isn't enabled.
  • Fixed a couple of files so that they include instead of the deprecated . (Nico)
  • Changed a net_active() call in src/mame.c to the osd_net_active(). I must have messed up my all-in-one core patch at some point.
  • The 'rc' and 'hi' directories are now created on startup if they're missing. (Gerd Sussner)
  • Merged NetMAME 0.6rc1, which which should allow games to be playable over medium-latency connections, DSL and cable. It also adds configurable ports and NVRAM sync. (Steve Freeland)
For more info or download..Proceed by the title link above
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RockNES V2.60 Released
The NES emulator, RockNES has been updated..Here's the following changes:
  • Added sound wave logging (wheee);
  • Fixed 4-screen mirroring (Rad Racer 2 and others are okay);
  • Fixed register $400E (noise channel);
  • Fixed broken DMC real-time support;
  • Fixed pAPU output, plus much better noise support;
  • Fixed a few ppu timing issues (Days of Thunder now works);
  • Fixed a few issues in the sprite code;
  • Fixed a bug in the input device poll (player 2 polling);
  • VRC6 sound flag wasn't being cleared on mapper reset, fixed it;
  • Removed that stupid 60Hz speed sync (when sound is off), now the monitor refresh rate (vsync) is used: please, set it to 60Hz if possible;
  • Filters now can use any video resolution higher than 640x480, no more overriding the rocknes.ini setting;
  • More internal tweaks and cosmetic changes.
For more info or download..Proceed by the tiltle link above
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Magnis 

MAME32 v0.63 Released!
After the new MAME came out, MAME32 has now updated to the latest version. Here is what is new with in MAME32:
  • Added code to ROM loading dialogue to visually indicate user intervention when the game being launched may not work due to 'no good dump' this will match the baseline Mame [press ok to continue]. Examples include the game Astyanax, 64th Street etc. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Return to baseline non-I686 compile as it prevented Mame32 working on a variety of machines. [John IV]
  • Made numerous code changes to allow Mame32 to be compiled with the new MinGW 2.0 package. [Chris Kirmse / Mike Haaland]
  • Distribution compiles are now done using above mentioned MinGW 2.0 package. [John IV]
  • Added code to allow for a tooltip to appear showing the full name of a game whose description is cut-off by column width in details/grouped view. Hover cursor over game to activate. [Andrew Kirmse / Chris Kirmse]
  • The default \folders\Favorites.ini has been cleaned out. Now that it is easy to drag and drop or secondary click to add games from the main list to the custom folders, it no longer needs to serve as an example using personal favorites. Be sure to backup existing \folders\favorite.ini if using the built in installer version of the Mame32 distribution. [John IV]
  • Tweaked code for drag & drop of games into custom folders. In a custom folder to drag an item out for deletion, it must go out of the game list pane either left, right, up, or down beneath the last item in the pane or further out of the GUI. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Reworked internal file handling code to interface with Aaron's substantial core updates. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Submitted code suggestion to allow for more granular sorting and display of items in the Manufacturers view, so companies will no longer be grouped with others incorrectly. [Renι Single]
  • Created new main icon and about.bmp 'LadyBug Homage'. [John IV]
  • Fixed ascending/descending toggle via View • Arrange Icons for columns other than Game. Added some logic to the -listsourcefile column display.
  • Prevented color depth and refresh rate settings from being displayed if games are played in windowed mode. [Renι Single / Chris Kirmse]
  • Made Misc. art option gray properly when its parent control was deselected. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Submitted code to clean up some issues with the list and small icons view and icons squishing in details view upon return from another view like large icons. [Renι Single / Chris Kirmse]
  • Upgraded Mame32 to utilize the new common controls from Windows XP, allowing the proper look of an XP application without the need for an external manifest file. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added ability to rename custom folders from the tree view, secondary click on them and choose rename folder from the context menu, or click the name of the folder three times quickly. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added the 'Source' folder view, this will display all the driver.c files and all the games within each family. [Mike Haaland]
  • Removed the \folders\BIOS.ini as it is now obviated by the built-in Source folder view. [John IV]
  • Added -sourcefileinfo information to the general tab for each games' properties, to easily and quickly see what driver family a game belongs to. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added the long requested clone offset a.k.a 'Grouped' view. This will display the parent games flush left, with all their clones alphabetized beneath them indented inward. Excellent for grouping the clones whose names may be considerably different than their parents, and allowing typing the name of the game to take you to the parent set immediately. [John IV / Chris Kirmse]
  • Reworked the Startup Options to now be Interface Options, and added checkboxes to support Aaron's new disclaimer / info screen toggle. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added new switches -rdtsc / -pause_brightness to match the core. [Chris Kirmse]
[update by teckel] Go get your copy today from the M.A.M.E. section at the above link to avoid being tricked into being charged by the MAME32 team to download the file. If they need download space and bandwidth I'll provide it for free instead of some people being fooled into paying to download.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (5 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

Sunday, January 12th, 2003
MAME v0.63 Released!
MAME v0.63 is an interim release with many things submitted in the past two months not included yet.
    These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:
    • Subroc-3D, Turbo and Buck Rogers use the artwork to show the LED counters. [Stefan Jokish]
    • Fixed colors in Dynamic Ski. [Stefan Jokish]
    These drivers have improved SOUND:
    • Samples support in Subroc-3D [Dave France]
    • Fixed noie frequency in the Exidy games. [Jim Hernandez]
    • Preliminary Namco NA sound support. [Phil Stroffolino]
    Other drivers changes:
    • Partially simulated the protection in Birdie Try [Angelo Salese]
    • Improved decryption in Quiz F1 1-2 Finish, it's still incomplete though. [Angelo Salese]
    • Fixed ball position recognition in Golfing Greats. [Olivier Galibert]
    Changes to the main program:
    • New options -nodisclaimer and -nogameinfo to disable startup screens. Warnings about incorrect emulation are not disabled. [Aaron Giles]
    • Replaced RDTSC timing with QueryPerformanceCounter. This should fix problems on SpeedStep notebooks. It seems, however, that it causes even worse problems on other machines. Therefore, the old behaviour can be forced with the new -rdtsc option. [smf]
    • Now compiled with MinGW 2.0/GCC 3.2. There might be bugs caused by the new compiler, let us know.
    • All new, much better, YM2413 emulation. [Jarek Burczynski]
    • Drum support in YM2608 emulation (check e.g. Tail 2 Nose). [Jarek Burczynski]
    • Moved most of the file I/O out of the OS depndant code and into the core. Added two new types, mame_file and osd_file, which enforce better type checking throughout the system (and prevents confusing the two). Instead of calling osd_fopen, osd_fread, osd_fwrite, etc., you now call mame_fopen, mame_fread, mame_fwrite, etc. The osd_* calls are reserved to the core. All the ZIP handling is done in the mame_file functions, so it will be inherited by all ports. [Aaron Giles]
    • [Win32] The diff, snap, cfg, nvram, etc. directories are created automatically if they don't exist the first time MAME tries to create a file there. [Aaron Giles]
    • MIPS III/IV CPU cores. [Aaron Giles]
    • ADSP-2115 CPU support. [Aaron Giles]
    • TMS32025 CPU core. [Quench]
    • Fixed YMF278B emulation. [R.Belmont]
    MAME Testers bugs fixed (there are probably more)
    • galaga37b8gre [Satoshi Suzuki]
    • galaga37b16gre [Satoshi Suzuki]
    • cutieq37b2gre [Stephane Humbert]
    • crusn062gre [Aaron Giles]
    • totcarn062gre [Aaron Giles]
    • commsega062gra [Stephane Humbert]
    • wiping062red [Stefan Jokish]
    • heartatk062red [Stefan Jokish]
    • polyplay060red [Stefan Jokish]
    New games supported:
    • Off Road Challenge [Aaron Giles]
    • Shrike Avenger [Aaron Giles]
    • War Gods [Aaron Giles]
    • Grudge Match [Aaron Giles]
    • Sharpshooter [Aaron Giles]
    • Killer Instinct [Aaron Giles, Bryan McPhail]
    • Killer Instinct 2 [Aaron Giles, Bryan McPhail]
    • Dr. Micro [Uki]
    • Run and Gun [R.Belmont]
    • Holosseum [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Super Visual Football [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Burning Rivals [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Rad Mobile [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Rad Rally [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • F1 Exhaust Note [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Alien 3 [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Sonic [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Golden Axe 2 [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Spiderman [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Arabian Fight [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]
    • Gumbo [David Haywood]
    • Golly Ghost [Phil Stroffolino]
    • Moon Shuttle [Zsolt Vasvari]
    • SF-X [Zsolt Vasvari]
    • Mighty Monkey [Zsolt Vasvari]
    • Triv Two [David Haywood]
    • Pirates [David Haywood, Nicola Salmoria, Paul Priest]
    • Free Kick [Tomasz Slanina]
    • Perfect Billiard [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Wakakusamonogatari Mahjong Yonshimai [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Got-cha [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Formula 1 Grand Prix Part II [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Real Mahjong Haihai [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Real Mahjong Haihai Jinji Idou Hen [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Real Mahjong Haihai Seichouhen [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Kyou Jidai [Nicola Salmoria]
    • The Mah-jong [Uki]
    • Mahjong Hourouki Part 1 - Seisyun Hen [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Hourouki Gaiden [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Hourouki Okite [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Clinic [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Mahjong Rokumeikan [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Tugboat [MooglyGuy, Nicola Salmoria]
    • Super Triv 2 [MooglyGuy]
    • Penguin Bros
    • Target Hits [Manuel Abadia]
    • TH Strikes Back [Manuel Abadia]
    • Alligator Hunt [Manuel Abadia]
    • World Rally 2: Twin Racing [Manuel Abadia]
    • Maniac Squares [Manuel Abadia]
    • Snow Board Championship [Manuel Abadia]
    • Bang! [Manuel Abadia]
    • Boomer Rang'r / Genesis [Bryan McPhail]
    • Kamikaze Cabbie [Bryan McPhail]
    • Liberation [Bryan McPhail]
    • P-47 Aces
    New clones supported:
    • Nostradamus (Korea)
    • Cruis'n World (rev L2.0)
    • Terminator 2 (LA2)
    • Super High Impact (prototype)
    • Mr Kougar (set 2)
    • Donkey Kong Jr (bootleg on Galaxians hardware)
    • Police Trainer (older)
    • Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken (=Shanghai Kid)
WOW!! Big update here and we have a nice collection of new games to. Get your copy on the M.A.M.E. section and post in the forum how the new games are.
 Discuss this in the [email protected]™ Forums (2 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

CANAME V0.62.4 Released
The port of MAME32(capable of running the CPS-1, CPS-2 and NeoGeo roms) has been updated..Here's the following changes:
  • Fixed CPS-2 driver.
  • Added specialised set to jukebox (kof2002).
For more info or download..Proceed by the title link above.
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Friday, January 10th, 2003
ClrMamePro 2.87 Released!
Once again this Rom Manager has been updated.

Version 2.87 (01/09/2003)
  • fixed: no-recompress-rebuild creates wrong files when using unzipped AND zipped sourcefiles (Ozon)
  • fixed: "remove-rebuilt-sourcefile" doesn't remove a file when having 2 (or more) roms with equal CRC but different sizes (Cowering)
  • fixed: statistic shows wrong number of missing roms when using split or full merge mode (Chrisbee)
  • added: profiler->hide green/red/grey profiles (right-click in profile tree to access the options)
  • misc: '\' or '/' path separators in rom/sample/diskimagenames won't be filtered anymore but replaced with '`' ...until a real full setsubfolder support is added
  • misc: added a space as separator to several scan messages
  • misc: compiled with updated ziparchive package
  • misc: missing diskimage also shows chd-md5 information
  • misc: replaced the hyperlinks in 'ABOUT' with buttons and changed the url routines for better mozilla support
  • misc: rewrote recursive profiler-treebuild function (old worked....but wasn't as stack-friendly as the new)

Click on the title to get your update. If your new to the EMU, this is a utility you must have.
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SMS Plus/SDL V0.9.4a Release 6
The SDL port for the SMS plus emulator has bee updated..Here's the following changes:
  • updated core with latest version (0.9.4a)
  • compiled using SDL-1.2.5
  • rewritten the SDL sound code
  • added TV2x filter
  • can switch between filters at run-time
For more info or download..Proceed by the tiltle link above
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Mame wip update
The MAME WIP page has been updated..Here's the following progresses:
    • Olivier Galibert added V60/V70 state saving support. Nicola Salmoria fixed most of the graphics problems in the Home Data driver. Nicola Salmoria also decrypted the text layer in P-47 Aces, decrypted the background graphics in all games and emulated the background layer, though the scroll register is not yet emulated. Phil Stroffolino sent in preliminary sound support to the Namco NA-1/2 driver, it sounds very bad but it's a start. Aaron Giles fixed some things in the TMS34010 CPU core that will be needed for the Art & Magic games.
For more info..proceed by the title link above.
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ClrMamePro v2.86.1 Released
The mame utility has been updated..Here's the following changes:
  • added: a full-chd-integrity-check fix (MAME WIP -> kinst issue)
For more info or download..Click the tiltle link above
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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
GBA Emulator for the X-Box V0.10

A Gameboy Advance EMU has been made for the X-Box. Also on the site is a Win32 version of it. If you get it, the code was mainly writen for the X-Box so the Windows version may have some bugs still.

Features (Xbox version)
  • High speed processing.
  • A flash memory for the backup is created on the hard disk of Xbox, and it can be managed in the dashboard of Xbox.
  • Based on Xbox TCR2.0.

  • Xbox version is only for Xbox developers.
  • GBA has been designed for Xbox. So, Windows version may be unstable than Xbox version.
  • Refer to a manual about the details.

What's new in GBA?
  • v0.10 increased stability of the windows version. fixed various bugs.

Head to the site for more info on this EMU and to get your self a copy.
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UAE-X V0.6 Released
Amiga emulator for X-Box has been updated to version 0.6 now.

Changes in Version 0.6:
  • happy new year release
  • screen position/resize added
  • made screen updating to flicker less
  • added antialias settings
  • you can now disable the drive status bar
Click the link to head to the main site to get the EMU
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NesterX v0.08 released

The NES Emulator for the X-Box has been updated. Sorry, posted wrong info on older version. Here is the latest info...

Whats New
  • Added Graphics Filters (Simple2x, AdMame2x, 2xSaI, Super2xSaI)
  • Added Screen Shot Grab Function
  • Support sound low pass filter
  • L/R trigger (scroll by trigger) fix

Other Info on the Update..

Using 2xSaI & Super2xSaI drains the cpu resources & cuases problems with sound.
Screen Grab is not brilliant.
High Speed Scroll is very fast, scrolls about 60 games a second.

News Source: XBox-Emulation.co.uk
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Tuesday, January 7th, 2003
New Nintendo GameBoy Advance!
Nintendo GBA SP Nintendo has finally released images of their new GameBoy Advance hand-held called the GameBoy Advance SP. It looks like a mini-laptop with a folding display. Folded, it's 3 inches square and 1 inch thick. It not only looks nice, it also includes a few fixes for the current GameBoy Advance. Fixes include a longer battery life with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery and lighted display. The battery charge lasts 10 hours with the lighted display on or 18 hours with the light off which is much longer than the current unit. The battery can be removed and additional batteries can be purchased so game play shouldn't be too interrupted. It appears that the display isn't a TFT display, but the same display in the current GBA but with lighting so you can play it in low-light situations. It's unknown if the new unit will correct poor adult hand placement as with the current GBA, but the early word is that it's more comfortable. It will be released in Japan next month for about $105 US. The US and Europe will get it in late March at around $100 for the US market and between 129 and 139 Euros for the European market. Check out the 9 screen shots at the above link.
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Monday, January 6th, 2003
MAME WIP updated
The mame wip page has been updated..here's the following progress:
  • 2003-01-05: Stefan Jokisch fixed crashes in Wiping, Heart Attack and Radar Zone. Stefan Jokisch also cleaned up the Poly-Play driver. Brian A. Troha got P-47 Aces working with redumped ROMs, but it suffers from some graphics glitches like the other Jaleco Mega System 32 games. Bryan McPhail submitted the DECO16 CPU core and a driver for Boomer Rang'r / Genesis, Kamikaze Cabbie and Liberation. MooglyGuy slightly fixed the sound and DIP switches in the Sky Army driver.
  • 2003-01-04: Nicola Salmoria added some working and non-working Mahjong games to the Home Data driver. Stefan Jokisch fixed the colors in Dynamic Ski. Brian A. Troha added the USA version of Donpachi to the Cave driver.
For more info..Proceed by clicking the tiltle link ; )
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RockNES v2.51 Released
Yet again the NES emulator has been updated with bug fixes..Here's the following changes:
  • Changed insert coin key to F8 (argh!);
  • Fixed another memory leak, now in the FDS driver;
  • Disabled FDS disk flipping if no FDS data is loaded (ugly);
  • Fixed memory corruption in the gamegenie driver;
  • Cleanups in the gamegenie driver.
For more info or download..Proceed by clicking the tiltle link above ; )
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RockNES v2.50 released
The NES emulator, RockNES has been updated..Here's the following changes:
  • More rewrites and major cleanups, plus internal changes;
  • Added 4 new video filters: 2xSaI, SuperEagle, Pixelated (TV looking) and scanlines, all displayed on 640x480 resolution;
  • Added bright level adjustment! Press F1 to increase or Shift+F1 to decrease level;
  • Reworked extra memory management, now allocated only if required;
  • Fixed dummy buffer size (it was too large);
  • Fixed Allegro shutdown on gfx error (on startup only);
  • Fixed player #2 input select (joystick #2 is selectable again);
  • Sound is enabled if the config file is missing (whoops!);
  • Enabled VS Atari RBI Baseball reads (whoops);
  • Enabled full WRAM write for trained ROMs (controls now work);
  • Fixed sprite #0 strike cycle calculation;
  • Fixed ppu address refresh to the old setting (it was glitching games);
  • Fixed mapper #5 (MMC5), mirroring behaviour corrected;
  • Fixed a bug in the mapper #13, plus ppu I/O optimized (Videomation works);
  • Fixed a bug in the Konami's VRC IRQs (mappers #21,#23,#24,#25,#26);
  • Fixed mapper #21 (Wai Wai World 2 and others);
  • Fixed broken fastforward key and sound shutdown;
  • Fixed 640x480 image centering;
  • Fixed screenshot/FDS message color display (whoops);
  • Added coin inserted message display;
  • Fixed insert coin key to TILDE instead of TAB (grr);
  • Fixed screenshot return status (no more fake error message on GUI);
  • Fixed a memory leak on program exit;
  • On CPU dumping, the interruption pending status is checked by the I_FLAG;
  • Small ppu pattern I/O optimization;
  • A couple of minor fixes and mistakes. For more info or download..Proceed by clicking the tiltle link ; )
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    Sunday, January 5th, 2003
    FinalBurn Alpha V0.2.9.4 (K6 Optimized Binary) Released
    The CPS1/2 emulator has been released with AMD K6 optimized included..Here's the following changes:
    • A few of our users that have AMD K-6 cpu's have experienced problems with the latest release of FBA. Luckily we've been able to fix the problems and have released a K-6 optimized binary that you can download below. The K-6 zip only contains the "fba.exe" file, so you will need to download the other release as well [ fba_v0294.zip ].
    For more info or download..Proceed by clicking the title link ; )
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    Mame wip updated
    Yet again the MAME wip page has been updated..Here's the following progresses:
    • 2003-01-03: Aaron Giles sent in another update that gets the 34010-based games working again after yesterday's changes, and he fixed BattleToads and Hard Drivin' to compute the VBLANK duration appropriately.
    • 2003-01-02: Aaron Giles fixed VBLANK timing and display interrupt bugs in the TMS34010 CPU core and he fixed Cool Pool so that its graphics no longer flicker. R. Belmont sent in an extremely preliminary driver for Polygonet Commanders, it does not work at all but sound is emulated and the text layer is displayed. Brian Crowe added Complex X to the Qix driver. Tomasz Slanina fixed sound, colors and graphics in the Sky Army driver, but some minor issues remain. Olivier Galibert sent in a somewhat updated version of the TMS32025 CPU core together with some improvements to the Taito Air system driver, making Top Landing display some polygons but it is still far from perfect.
    • 2003-01-01: Jarek Burczynski fixed the inputs and DIP switches in Wall Crash. Nicola Salmoria wrote a driver for the Real Mahjong Haihai games, and he wrote a driver for Mahjong Kyou Jidai. R. Belmont fixed the sounds in Taisen Hot Gimmick test mode, but the sounds are still wrong in-game. MooglyGuy submitted a preliminary driver for Sky Army, it works but colors are wrong and sound is missing. Pierpaolo Prazzoli submitted an improvement to the PlayChoice-10 driver, fixing a few games. Bryan McPhail fixed Shinobi from crashing at the first boss. Aaron Giles and Paul Priest fixed a bug in the hard disk image MD5 computation that affected Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2.
    For more info..Proceed by clicking the title link above ; )
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    Friday, January 3rd, 2003
    VirtuaNES V.073b Released
    yet again the NES emulator has been updated today..Here's the following changes:
      • When the selective picture is produced with Gemini month t G of lock man 3, being strange correction (the patch).
      • The behavior of special NMI correction (puzzle of dragon ball God dragon).
    For more info or download..Proceed by clicking the above title link ; ) Posted by ocp_001
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    Thursday, January 2nd, 2003
    VirtuaNES V0.73a Released
    Yet again the NES emulator has been updated today..Here's the following change:
      • Correct that Spelunker didn't move.
    For more info or download..Proceed by clicking the title link above ; )
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    Wednesday, January 1st, 2003
    Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year to everyone from [email protected], well im sure everyone
    has high prosperousity in this new and great year to begin with.
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