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News from July 2003

Thursday, July 31st, 2003
RascalBoy Advance v1.2.6
A Gameboy Advance emulator, has been updated.
  • Fixed same bugs in GameBoy Color sound channels
  • Added "Save to Windows Media Audio". (required WMF 9)
  • Fixed "File non found" when load BIOS
Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Xboy Advance v4
GBA emulator for Xbox! The news features are: What's new
  • Fixed support for long filenames (some games would load, e.g. off CD media, but save games would not save. Or some games wouldn't load from network share at all.)
  • Bugfixed screenshot display from favorites listing
  • Other bugfixes/UI/Skin changes to bring it up to date with other emu releases
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (2 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

FCEUltra v8
This is a NES emulator for the Xbox. These features are new!
  • Sound and video hiccups should be gone
  • Fixed bug where screenshots were not showing up in favorites list
  • Fixed bug with loading games across network share with filename length > 42
  • Default skin by boo_se updated to include animation on the loading screen. Overwrite the existing skin dir with the new contents of this package. Then, from the main menu, select "Select Skin" and reload the skin.
  • Skin System Update: + Removed specific variable for amount of time to delay on loading screen + Added general variable to *all* menu configuration screens to specify how long to let animation loop before giving control to the user. This is useful for instances where you want some animation to run before the user can do anything.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

Wakalabis 1.01
This is a brand new Sega Master System emulator for Windows. The features in this release include:
  • Load/Save State
  • Country selection and TV system (NTSC/PAL)
  • BIOS selection
  • Display modes: normal, double and double with scanlines
  • Full screen
  • Vsync
  • Special pattern selection
  • Layers can be enable/disabled
  • GG border, Display first column and Sprite Limit options
  • Screenshot
  • Sound selection (frequency,resolution, channel selection, etc)
  • VGM logging
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Norante 

PCSX2 0.4
A new release of this PS2 emulator was made avaible today. The changes include:

  • fix the recompiler bug that made recompiler not to work in pcsx2 0.3
  • new vu code. VU0 macromode should be perfect now.
  • new optimaze code for fpu
  • Rewrote VIF once again
  • bug fixes to MMI
  • reorganize recompiler
  • Improved SIF0,SIF1,SRP1
  • Added IPU0,IP1 dmas
  • Added decoding and commands. Some samples are working. NO pss support yet!
  • improved the IOP stuff.IOP is functional under bios execution :)
  • more WIP in Threads .Much better now
  • more WIP in padman.
Hardware (lle)
  • ADDED SPU2 functions. SPU2 is now possible if someone implement a SPU2 plugin.
  • Changed a bit the GS protocol. Gs plugins need to modificate in order to work with 0.4
  • SIO2 added .Pads seems to work . Memcard partial functional
  • CDVD emulation added.
  • IOP rootcounters fixed
  • IOP dmas implemented
  • MFIFO implemented
  • Fixed elf loader
Both Win32 and linux versions are avaiable.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Norante 

Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
PCSX2 Plugin Release
As the 0.4 release of Playstation2 emulator, PCSX2 approaches, I guess it's neccessary for the team to start updating the plugins. Warning - These plugins will NOT work on prior versions of PCSX2, but WILL work on PCSX2 0.4, which is expected soon. Full details are below.

Details: Hi . As pcsx2 0.4 release comes closer every day it is neccesary to update our plugins too. The plugins specs have been changed a lot so old plugins will not work on pcsx2 0.4 and new plugins will not work on the old pcsx2 so be warned!. so here the plugins:
  • cdvdnull 0.3
  • cdvd linuz 0.3
  • padwinkeyb 0.4
  • padxwin 0.3
  • spu2null 0.2
Notice that you can now make a working SPU2 plugin. Just get spu2null functions and implement... More plugins + the promising 0.4 wll follow in the next days. stay tuned

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

PalmApple v0.6 Released
A new version of the Apple ][ emulator for Palm, PalmApple, is now available to the public. The authors warn users to delete the previous version of PalmApple before installing this one. Failure to do so will make all versions inoperable and force you to clear the memory. Changes in this update are as follows:
  • Fixed dsk2pdb.exe (Borland compiled)
  • 80 column support
  • Lores support
  • Sound support
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
SMSPlusX v6 Released
The Xbox Port of Charles McDonalds SMSPlus has been updated once again. Just a few minor fixes by the looks of things
  • Fixed periodic sound hiccup
  • "No filtering" looks more like a real SMS/GG (more pixelated)
  • Bugfixes to skin system- if your sprites kept getting snapped back to the edges of the screen, this update fixes it
No link is given here because it uses the Xbox SDK.. you know the score.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Andrew 

1964 WIP News
schibo has updated the Official 1964 site with some WIP news.

Hi. Maybe it's because it's the summertime, or maybe it's because our website hasn't been updated in over 8 months, but I've received a lot of emails lately asking about the status of 1964.

As many of you already know, we are approaching our final release of 1964. It is likely that we will release 0.9.9 before the final 1.0.0 as a final beta. Perpetual scope creep coupled with real life makes giving a release date impossible right now, yada yada, but stay tuned. In fact, Rice and I are both quite busy with our studies, which is top priority.

So, we've already given a few small hints in the 1964 messageboard about what to expect. Here's a few more bits of info:
  • F.A.Gorce Gemini support.
  • Improved NetPlay.
  • RidgeRacer bug finally fixed.
  • New audio plugin.
  • 99% of playable games now work in the faster 32bit core, including Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Banjo Tooie. The remaining games that are playable work in the 64bit core.
  • Many new core enhancements and bug fixes, including SSE optimizations.
  • A completely redesigned fpu for the dynarec that never needs to check the fpu mode at fpu opcodes.
  • Donkey Kong 64 fixed. Core bugfixes fixed graphics issues with this game. It's fun!
Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Atari++ v1.2.0 BeOS port
There has been a port of Atari++ to BeOS, done by Edge. This emulator is Unix-based and emulates all of the Atari 8-bit systems, including Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL, 130XE, and 5200.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

GEST v0.66 Release
The fabulous Gameboy emulator, GEST, has been updated to version 0.66. Here's what's new:
  • command-line rom load support
  • drag and drop a file to GEST executable
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

Universe BIOS v1.2 Released
An alternative Neo-Geo bios, heres whats new: Additions:
  • Multislot support to the Jukebox Player and Gamecart CRC check
  • The ability to continue on from a hardware error.
  • Test Mode button to give access to TEST mode menu while in console mode.
  • Cheats for MATRIMELEE added to the cheats database.
  • Test mode improvements
  • Time added to main test mode menu screen (date format changes from euro to usa region).
  • Crosshatch test shrunk to match fullscreen used by most games
  • Full color fade bars in color test (why the original BIOS never did this is beyond me).
  • Setting up the code number will now be in English even when set to Japan region.
  • Soft DIP settings will always be in English even if set to Japan region. (Soft DIPs shown will always be from Euro region, this means some settings will not work unless system set to EURO region, like the language soft DIP for example). Changes:
  • Disabling the hardware test (general bios settings) now disables the Z80 test also.
  • Visually improved the gamecart crc check screen making it better.
  • Games that use the protected banking system no longer calculate the crc32 for those banks, instead it is indicated that they are custom.
  • Doing a 'WORK RAM TEST' (all hard dips on at power on) no longer clears region settings.
  • Updated CRC32 database although there could still be errors. Fixed:
  • A lockup if entering the Memory Card Manager or Test Mode from the splash screen when running in console mode with hard DIP 8 (stop) on.
  • 'Unlock Kyo & Iori' kof99 cheat (no longer jumps to character select after win).
  • Distorted music in Jukebox Player with games ROTD, KOF2002 and MATRIMELEE.
  • REALBOUT2, KOF98, NEOCUP98 and BREAKREV reset on the 'winners dont use drugs' screen on multislot Hardware
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

MacMAME Unofficial+ 0.71 Release
  • MacMAME Unofficial, an obviously unofficial version of MacMAME, has been updated to version "+ 0.71". This latest version includes the option to pick one of several BIOS types and incorporates stuff from MAME32 Plus
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

ZSNES WIP 07/28/03 Released
One of the best SNES emus; ZSNES WIP was updated today.

  • About box now displays compile time
  • Fix for S-DD1 memory map
  • This will fix Lufia 2 problems
  • Code cleanup
  • Fix Lufia 1 and update code for upcoming DeJap release
  • Changed default video mode for Windows port, allow hi-res mode
  • Some fixes 32bpp windowed mode
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

FCEUltraX v6 Released
Another version of FCEUltraX, a port of the NES emulator FCE Ultra to XBOX, was released today, bringing the integer-only version number to 6.

  • Fixed periodic sound hiccup
  • Fixed sound for people running in 50Hz mode while trying to play 60Hz games
  • New Skin options:
    • Add sprites to the loading menu
    • Specify amount of time to delay on loading screen to see animation
No link is provided due to this emulators use of the XDK file.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Monday, July 28th, 2003
Advance MAME .71.1
AdvanceMAME .71.1 has been released! This is the unofficial version of MAME with advanced video support.
  • Added a new mouse driver for Linux which supports up to 4 mouses at the same time.
  • Partially fixed some problems on games that need to change the display area at runtime like "orunners".
  • Added the `misc_fps' option to change arbitrarily the frame rate of the games (like SmoothMAME).
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Norante 

GEST 0.65/Source Released
GEST is a Gameboy emulator for Windows, written by TM. The author today decided to release the source-code for the emulator.

  • Mortal Kombat 3 playable again
  • Fixed minor graphics problems in Konami Collection 3 and Nettou Garou 2.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

nesterJ 0.51b Released
  • NES emu, not too sure whats new due to the page being in Jap but it seems to be a bugfix release with some new mapper support
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

FCEUltraX v5 Released
A new version of the XBOX port of FCE Ultra, a Nintendo emulator, was released today. The new skin options seem to be the same as those in the new NeoGenesis version. New in this version:
  • Option to force PAL/NTSC
  • Relax bugfixes (sorting, etc.)
  • Faster video output (makes no difference since all games already run at 60fps
  • New Skin options: -Continuously loop sprite animations or just loop once -Assign motion_x and motion_y variables -Assign a bounding rectangle in which sprites can move -Assign a degree of rotation that the sprites should turn when they hit a boundary
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

Sunday, July 27th, 2003
SMS Plus-X v4 Released!
We can't offer this for download because it uses XDK

  • Relax shares are properly sorted
  • Added option to force 50hz/60hz mode
  • Graphics filter will not auto-default to "None" anymore
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: yami yugi 

NeoGenesis v2 Released!
Sorry they couldn't get a page for you to download it from.
  • Bug fix - rompath INI setting was not being read
  • Sound fix for everyone experiencing "fast sound"
  • New Skin options
  • Continuously loop sprite animations or just loop once
  • Assign motion_x and motion_y variables
  • Assign a bounding rectangle in which sprites can move
  • Assign a degree of rotation that the sprites should turn when they hit a boundary
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: yami yugi 

RockNES v3.01 Released!
It seems that the RockNES project has gotten some new life, as another version has been released after only a day.
  • Added ability to save the ASM code to a text file
  • Added opcode as double-NOP (asian `Super Donkey Kong` works)
  • Added sprite RAM address clearing on frame ending (fixes a few asian games)
  • Added frameIRQs, but might be preliminary though (sound in Dragon Quest 2
  • Fixed a minor CPU issue with 2 variables
  • Fixed 15 register behaviour
  • Fixed triangle channel functionally (Total Recall/Ghostbusters 2)
  • Fixed DMC status bit on 15 reads (Solar Wars/Bomberman 2/Castelian)
  • Fixed default video settings (when no config file is found)
  • Fixed screenshot saving and changed its format to "game title 000.bmp"
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: yami yugi 

DC Mess 7800 Released
Following the recent port to DC of Mess comes this single system release Atari 7800 by Reaper, heres the info:
  • Its playable i dont know what speeds about 70% with sound or faster some times play with the settings theres a heap of them.
  • Read the readme its importain or you will not know how to use it or to get it to boot
  • Make sure inbetween changing carts you reset the machine then it loads the next one if you had any problems all the games work so far i have tested its not perfect playable thou might be able to tweak it more one day.
  • Best speed setting sofar that ive been using in the main GUI
  • Audio thread 4 cleaner sound
  • Colour mode 4
  • Frameskip 7 ahh! but works ok
  • CPU1 speed 36
  • CPU2 speed 68
  • You dont need to use frameskip 7 but try it does seem to make it smoother and faster
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: Yu-Gi-Oh 

Saturday, July 26th, 2003
Kawa-X Initial Release
The XBOX now sees a port of Kawaks, an arcade emulator supporting Capcom CPS1, CPS2, and SNK NeoGeo games.

  • CPS1, CPS2, NeoGeo support
  • Plenty of nice eye candy video filters
  • Redefinable controls
  • Can save screenshots
  • Savestates (8 slots per game)
  • You can play NeoGeo games either in arcade mode or in console mode
  • You can switch region (language settings) for every supported CPS2 game.
  • For example, that means you can play the normally Japanese-only Mighty
  • Pang in English if you want...
  • Supported Video Filters:
  • Regular, blurry non-filtered output
  • AdvanceMAME 2x scaling
  • A zoom 200% output named 2x (fast and sharp)
  • 2xSaI
  • Super2xSaI
  • SuperEagle
  • A RGB effect which I named Monitor Matrix that simulates low-res monitor output
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (5 comments)Posted by: XXLEnigma 

DreamFrodo v0.94 Released
Another version of the Commodore 64 emulator for DreamCast.

  • All video-related instability and corruption issues have been fixed
  • Limit Speed" option has been removed
  • DreamFrodo is perfectly synchronized with the TV display frequency
  • CTRL key on the Dreamcast keyboard now works properly
  • The (compressed) C64 state can be saved to VMU
  • Options can be saved to VMU as well
  • B and Y buttons and the triggers on the first DC controller can be mapped to any C64 key
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: yami yugi 

GEST 0.64 Released
GEST is a Gameboy emulator based on VisualBoy Advance for Windows.

  • Fixed graphic problems in Barbie Magic Genie title
  • GB Hi-Color Demo (PD) works
  • Fixed random crashing in Beat Mania GB 2 (J)
  • Fixed some bugs in rom loading
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: yami yugi 

RockNES v3.00 Released
This excelent NES emulator has been updated:
  • My brand new kickass 6502/2A03 CPU core;
  • Sound drivers (pAPU + VRCVI) rewritten from scratch (better support);
  • New savestate file format, fully composed by tagged blocks;
  • Fixed a few problems saving/loading states;
  • Fixed WAVE logging;
  • Fixed WorkRAM initial data back to $00s, except for mapper #4;
  • Fixed GUI colors if user selects a different palette (VS Unisystem);
  • Fixed mappers #9 and #10 graphics on state loading;
  • New fast stretched mode on 640x480 by default now;
  • Added a disassembler, you can output ASM code to a window anytime;
  • Others usual source fixes.

Thanks to Norante for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Snes9X v1.40 Released
One of the best SNES emulators has finally been updated, after a long period of no updates.

  • DSP-2 support, homegrown in the forum by ZSNES and Snes9x contributors.
  • Full C4 support, courtesy Nach (asm) and anomie (C version and the initial research)
  • OBC1 support, thanks to ZSNES for the original development and sanmaiwashi for the C port.
  • Justifier support- neviksti and I handled this. Enjoy playing Lethal Enforcers.
  • better memory mapping- More games play, including Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2, without the patch.
  • DSP-1 improvements- The same people who helped bring you DSP-2 support have vastly improved the emulation accuracy here
  • Fewer hacks- More games play using the same emulation thanks to new changes.
  • OpenGL and Glide hi-res fixes- If you saw odd rendering before, it is fixed now.
  • Rendering improvements- A lot fewer glitches, but there's more to come after we run many tests.
  • H-DMA fixes- Gun Force and Genocide 2 are happy
  • CPU fixes- quite a few instructions were modified for better accuracy.
  • New Graphics pack config (Win32)- no need to try to get the packs in just the right place
  • Color coded ROM loading- When you load a ROM, Snes9x changes the message color to indicate whether the ROM is a known hack or possibly bad, interleaved or normal.
  • A rewritten Win32 GUI- funkyass and I have rewritten most of the dialog boxes (the DLL is still required, but the next full release should see it gone)
Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (1 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

GEST v0.63 Released
Gest is an emulator that emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy.

  • Rockman 8(pirate), a game that doesn't seem to work on other emulators, now works perfectly! (or at least better
  • when starting the emulator the speedup options didn't get checked in the menu even if they were on
  • fixed sound problems when the emulator is paused
  • small optimizations
  • some bug fixes
Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Friday, July 25th, 2003
MacMAME v0.71.2.1 Released
Another version of MacMame (the mac port of of Mame) has been released. This one has been dubbed by the author as "the most awkwardly named MacMAME yet."

  • Updated code to match the PC 0.71u2 + quickfix stuff, thus the clumsy Mac version number
  • Fixed crash when running games using the 340x0 CPUs in the Mach-O build
  • Fixed launch issue under 10.1. Also cleaned up build procedure so that you can compile it (more or less) under 10.1 as well
  • Cleaned up some formatting problems with the "Game ROMs" report
  • MacMAME once again creates files in the proper location
  • Fixed several screenshot issues - rotation and screen size should be accounted for when pressing Command-G
  • In some cases, MacMAME would not cover the entire desktop when switching from windowed to full-screen modes
  • Fixed issue with contextual menus displaying a mangled zip name
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

It Might be NES 1.3.2 Released!
It Might be NES is a NES emulator for the Sony Playstation (PS1 or PS2) This 1.3.2 update was actually released a few weeks ago, but i havent seen it mentioned here so i thought i'd break my news posting duck and do something constructive :P Anyway.. from the release notes.

imbNES has been updated slightly to version 1.3.2 to address some annoying bugs in the 1.3 release.

Whats new:
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the majority of the games on a CD to be unplayable if certain ROMs were included on the disc.
  • Fixed a major problem with the save to memory card function that was preventing most 3rd party cards from working properly.
  • Turbo toggle buttons are now unmapped by default because so many people were turning on turbos without realizing it and thinking it was a bug in the game.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Andrew 

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
Zsnes wip updated!
A new version of ZSNES WIP was released today. Changes include:
    • Ported complex loading function to C. [Nach]
    • Improved checksum calculation. [Nach]
    • Improved interleave detection. [Nach]
    • Improved reset vector, pal/ntsc, and sram finding, and more. [Nach]
    • Corrected info displayed on certain kinds of ROMs. [Nach]
    • Changed hard coding to variables, fixes many games (BS, EHi info). [Nach]
    • Removed hacks for Tales of Phantasia interleaved. [Nach]
    • Added minor EHi number of banks hack, Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2 now loads and plays great without the Dejap patch. [Nach]
    • Minor info fix from loading via DOS command line. [Nach]
    • General code cleanup. [Nach]
    • Fix for Dirt Racer FX, still buggy but at least runs intro now [Pagefault]
    • Fix for Stunt Race FX [Pagefault]
    • HDMA fix for Young Merlin and other games [Pagefault]
    • Fixed level transitions and sprite corruption in Yoshi's Island [Pagefault]
    • Updated about box. [Nach]
    • Added MaxSt's HQ3X filter [pagefault]
    • Fixed a small issue with cfg file saving [pagefault]
    • SRAM memory map fix for loroms [pagefault]
    • Added the KitchenSync! [pagefault]
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Wildman55 

Friday, July 18th, 2003
WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 8
Quite simply the best Amiga emu for Windows, heres whats new: Bugs fixed:
  • Stuck joypad POV directional controller
  • Joystick keyboard layout B and C second firebutton
  • Workaround for buggy sound driver (ISA SB16, maybe others) that report zero as minimum and maximum supported sample rate
  • Possible crash when copying to virtual filesystem's root
  • CD32 media change detection
  • Extended ADF write protection check
  • Extended ADF HD floppy support
  • Fast copper works again + config file support
  • JIT FPU fix (Descent Freespace -demo)
  • 57600 serial bit rate was incorrectly rounded to 56000
  • ~2.8GHz+ CPU clock rate calculation overflow
New features:
  • All configuration file loading restrictions removed, load new configuration file at any time!
  • Display width, height, depth, lores, doubling, correct aspect can be changed on the fly
  • Bsdsocket.library updates
  • Picasso96 emulation optimizations
  • Improved audio emulation (Mortville Manor, Maupiti Island speech and Fighting Soccer)
  • AHI driver update
  • Improved and more compatible CD32 pad emulation
  • Improved CD32 CD autodetection Sound capture to wav-file
  • Direct3D hardware filtering and scaling
  • More configurable source tree, added very simple way to disable features like AGA, JIT, bsdsocket, Picasso96, harddisk, 68020+ etc..
  • Separate basic A500-only WinUAE executable included (winuae_mini.exe)
  • Quick state save (SHIFT/CTRL + END + numpad 0-9) and restore support (END + numpad 0-9)
Grab it from the above link
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Wildman55 

Monday, July 7th, 2003
Znes July 5 WIP
SNES emu, heres whats new:
  • Preliminary xband support [Pagefault]
  • Removed a really old and useless hack that is no longer needed [Pagefault]
  • Added Nach to authors list [Pagefault]
  • Updated and cleaned up code [Pagefault]
  • SuperFX core update, fix a nasty bug that was causing registers and stack to be corrupt, this fixes some issues with Dirt Trax FX and other SuperFX games that could crash because of this bug [Pagefault]
  • SA-1 timing updates, this fixes flicking in various SA-1 games and other graphics problems [Pagefault]
  • Several BS updates and more [Nach]
  • Snapshots now use ROM file name on non DOS platforms.[Nach]
Thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: UkStaR 

Saturday, July 5th, 2003
MAME 32 v.071 Released!
A new version of Mame32, a multi arcade emulator for Windows, has been released. Changes to Mame32 v.71
  • Added the ability to selectively disable built in folder views on the left pane, secondary click in the window area for the dialogue box. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added control panel art tab. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Fixed audit control overflow issue. [René Single]
  • Designed art tab state toggles to be more readable in mame32ui.ini. [Chris Kirmse]
  • Added the ability to have Mame32 automatically cycle the selected art views at an interval, in seconds. Accessible in Options • Interface Options. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]
  • Added the ability to track the amount of time spent playing each game in minutes and seconds. Displays in details or grouped view. Add the column in View • Customize fields. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]
  • Added the ability to view game's icon on title bar in windowed mode. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]
General Source Changes
  • Fixed MultiPCM banking for Stadium Cross [R.Belmont]
  • Improved Ay8910 Noise Generator [Jarek Burczynski]
  • Improved Graphics in Strato Fighter and Super Pinball Action [Leon van
  • Converted a bunch of drivers to tilemaps, fixed dipswitches etc. [Curt Coder]
New games supported
  • Boxer (prototype) [Stefan Jokisch]
  • Star Sweep [smf, MooglyGuy]
  • Magical Spot [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
New clones supported
  • Sengekis Striker (Asia) [Brian A. Troha, David Haywood]
  • Maximum Force (v1.05) [Brian A. Troha]
  • Space Invasion (Europe Original?) [Brian A. Troha]
  • Underfire (US and Japan) [Brian A. Troha]
  • Puzzle Bobble (NeoGeo) (set 2) [Razoola]
  • New TESTDRIVERS in source
Thanks to Evilnos_unholy for the news!
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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
RascalBoy Advance v1.2.5 Released!
GBA emu, heres whats new: Added:
  • GameBoy Color sound channels emulation
  • "-nogbcsound" command line to disable GameBoy color sound channels
  • Popup menu to load recent files
  • Enlarged files submenu to 10
  • Autostart ROM emulation option
  • Framebuffer management optimization
  • Fullscreen view option
  • Resize window feature
  • "Drag & drop" ROM files feature
  • Various bugs in layers' alpha blending
  • Various bugs in sprites rendering
  • External bios file management
  • Various speedups to ARM emulation (about 20% faster)
Thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh for the news!
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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
NebulaM2 0.9 Released!
ElSemi has released a new version of NebulaM2, which emulates various Sega Model 2 games. New in this release:
  • Added House of the Dead.
  • Fixed some SCSP bugs, and improved the code speed and accuracy.
  • Fixed several bugs regarding collision in last bronx and fighting vipers.
  • Added analog controls to driving games (delete the game .dat file in the config folder to allow nebula to enable them).
Thanks to ryder2002 for the news!
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Dapple ][ v3.1 Released!
Dapple ][ is a Apple II emulator for Windows Here's What's new.
  • The program should be a little more modular now
  • More translation. For now, it's just English and German Bugfixes
  • The UI was enhanced internally - supporting "real" windows and dialog Using RCS
  • Restored a couple of tweaks
  • Disabled the REE in normal builds
  • Additional i18n support
  • File dialog supports entering any filename as Dapple 1.25 did (WIP)
  • Macro assembler can be called from the CPU menu
  • Cosmetic adjustments
  • We are now EMU][
  • Bugfixes to the CPU core and video handling
  • WDOSX is gone. Instead, the file is stubbed with CWSDPMI 5 and with UPX 1.24
  • Ditched my own hook system and added in the system which was only into 0.30pt2
  • Font changed (new mousetext to replace the Apple logo)
  • Moved the version back out of dapple.c
  • ASM code for the Megadisk firmware supplied, as well as for other firmware
  • Added more hooks to the emulator, supporting a number of functions in the ROM
  • Added hooks to the emulator, in progress toward removing Apple code from the list of needed items
  • The ASMLIB component (still no source yet) contains a basic 6502 assembler, although it's buggy
  • Fixed bugs in the mk.bat file
  • Disabled the conversion of the printer to explicit binary mode When Dapple ][ cannot find an appropriate video mode, it will now die gracefully
Thanks to ryder2002 for the news!
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Cxbx v0.7.5 Released!
Xbox emu for windows, dont get exicited it dont play games yet, heres whats new:
  • X-Marbles homebrew demo is playable!
  • New GUI bitmap (thanks, bot!)
  • DirectSound emulation has begun.
  • Corrected converted Exe stack commit.
  • Fixed a really annoying problem with the debugger not being able to attach, that has been around for way way too long.
  • Caught up 4627 pretty far.
  • PointSprites and Gamepad demos, and some other new XDK samples run better.
  • Added more Direct3D/XAPI emulation, Hunter The Reckoning gets pretty far but no graphics yet.
Thanks to Yi-Gi-Oh for the news!
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Nestopia 1.03 Released!
NES emu for Windows, heres whats new:
  • Added:
    • 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle graphic filters.
    • Support for all the graphic filters in window mode.
    • Game configuration file support.
    • Some more file CRC's to the zapper-auto-detector.
    • Option to map all keys in one go.
    • Option in the preferences dialog to force the application's thread to be in high priority mode.
    • A bug that caused some save states not to load correctly.
    • Mapper 78, "Holy Diver" and "Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier" are now playable.
    • A frame IRQ counter bug, now "Akagawa no Yuurei Ressha" and "Dragon Warrior" among others work as they should.
    • A bug which sometimes caused the user defined IPS path to be ignored.
    • Rewrote a few parts in the movie player/recorder. Should be more stable now.
    • The square channel's default frequency limit. This fixes the sound in "Mega Man 2" and possibly a few other games.
    • Cleaned up a few thing in the GUI.
    • Improved sound quality.
    • Corrected an entry in the pAPU's length counter LUT.
    • Lowered the output volume on the FDS sound chip.
    Thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh for the news!
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