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News from January 2004

Thursday, January 29th, 2004
MAME32 v0.79 Released
MAME32, a variant of MAME that includes a GUI, has been updated.
  • Added an ‘Imperfect’ folder view on the left pane, this categorizes the various problems flagged in games.
  • Reworked handling of the BIOS option, now that there are multiple drivers that support different BIOSes [neogeo.c, stv.c] the global setting is not appropriate. Select the driver from the source folder view on the left pane and change its BIOS settings, this will alter it for all games in that driver. The functionality remains the same for altering individual games settings in all games view or anywhere else.
  • Added the ability to control the Mame32 GUI via mappable keyboard solutions. This feature is intended to compliment the GUI control via joystick option first offered in version .70 below. It is designed to allow users of Mame cabinets with keyboard encoders the same functionality and is controlled in the mame32ui.ini file [mapping the enter key to button 1 to launch a game for example], using the same syntax as the ctrlr files.
  • Added support for the new core switches for lightgun modifications; reload to allow mapping reload to keys, and dual gun setups.
  • Added accelerator key for folder level ‘mini-audits’, Alt-U
  • Added accelerator key support for scrolling up and down through history.dat text window. CTRL-Page Up / CTRL-Page Down.
  • Added toggle in Grouped view to allow clones missing a parent to display non-indented.
  • Added support for the core’s new save state loading on game start.
  • Added support for the core’s new keyboard LED choices, USB or PS/2.
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
MAME v0.79 Released
MAME is an Arcade Machine emulator. Currently, only the Windows binaries and sources were updated.
  • General Source Changes:
    • Fixed most of the bugs caused by changes made in the .78 u cycle, please check any you reported to make sure
    • Updated many Atari / Midway drivers to use new style Memory Maps and cleaned them up
    • YMF278b update, improving sound in Asura Blade
    • Fixed a problem with the SH2 speedup previously added
    • Updated ST-V driver to use new memory system, cleaning up the map
    • Fixed ASM 68k core to compile again
    • Warning screens are now skipped if running with -ftr for less than 5 minutes
    • Fixed Black Dragon & Money Money filenames
    • Fixed poolshrk078u6yel
    • Fixed crash when taking screenshots of rotated vector games
    • Multiple Session fixes (for Mame32 etc.)
    • Unaligned SCU direct mode DMA fix
    • Fixed a problem with Star Wars
    • Various compiler specific fixes
  • New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:
    • Scramble Spirits
    • Triv Four (1985 Status)
    • Super Triv III (1986 Status)
    • Winning Spike
    • Whizz
    • More More Plus
    • Pairs Love
  • New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status
    • Perestrokia Girls (without Fuuki license)
    • Changes (EME license)
    • VS. Tennis (Japan)
    • Dual Assault
  • New Non-Working games / clones supported
    • Varia Metal
    • Denjin Makai
    • Super Hang On Limited Edition
    • Plasma Sword (parent to Star Gladiator 2)
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Arcade@Home Forums (Join The Fun)
If you're just passing through here, then why not stop in the forums? Sign up and join the talks from Emulation, Building Cabinets, Consoles, Computers, Politics, and much more! With a crew of 4,500, ok 4,490 but who's counting, why join the action and fun. You should see our Current Affairs section at times, whoooa nelly! Some times our news may be slow on the front page, but we always have news in the forums.

If you are one that has been in the forum as a Guest, why not sign up and join in the Forum Attack System. We have lots of wars at times and even took out the Super Bot him self, The Overlord. So grab a chair and sign up and join us all in the forums.

So what are you waiting for?! Go Register

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ZipMax 0.5 Released
One of my favorite utilites for Roms is ZipMax. This baby can make your Zip files compress even more than normal Zip compression. Roman has decided to update it after some time. Here are the changes to it.

ZipMax 0.5
  • compiled with latest ziparchive library
  • patched ziparchiveclass with fastinflate fix and flushfile exception fix
  • added pausebutton
  • added option nobeep = 0|1 (default 0), disable/enable beep when finished job
  • added setcurrenttime = 0|1 (default 0), (don't)/update date/timestamp for finished zipfile
  • added showpackerwindow = 0|1 (default 0), hide|show shellwindow of the external packers and post-programs like deflopt

 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

ClrMamePro 3.22b Released
Well since no one has posted any news for almost 2 weeks, with over 10+ Moderators to post, I think I will post some. It's not the greatest update in the world, but hey, it's news.

New update for the popular Rom Manager has been release. Just some bug fixes pretty much.

ClrMamePro 3.22b
  • fixed: rare fat32 renaming issue (not fixing set-case)
  • fixed: statistics "(x fixed)" values are always 0
  • misc: some window title changes
  • misc: compiled with updated zipclass lib
  • misc: compiled with some compiler optimizations enabled

 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

Saturday, January 17th, 2004
Project Tempest 0.92
Project Tempest is an Atari Jaguar emulator for Windows
  • Fixed error when connecting joysticks
  • Added support for CDI format version 4.0.
    More features and changes are listed on the website, clicking on the link above
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Norante 

NESCafe 0.52 Released
NESCafe is a NES emulator for Java.
  • Fixed major bug with PPU clearing Sprite0 Hit on Reg 2002 Read.
  • Added an inbuilt debugging engine (press F5 to enter).
  • Added ROM Download Engine (download ROMs directly from Internet into NESCafe).
  • NESCafe display is now resizable (need fast machine!).
  • Support for GZIP and ZIP compressed files.
  • Support for the Nintendo Lightgun added.
  • GUI improvements and Checkbox Menu Items.
  • Battery Backed Memory fully implemented - Save RAM.
  • Dropped CPU Cycles per scanline down to 116
  • Colour Emphiase working in PPU register 2001
  • Fixed bug with PPU where rendering was not happening if Screen was Off.
  • Fixed Sprite 0 Collision Detection, works inline with Damian Yerrick's Test.
  • Wrote and provided NESCafe ROM Image (Demo NES ROM)
    Get it from the link at top
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

blueMSX 1.1.0 Released
blueMSX is an MSX emulator for Windows.
  • Support for ASCII8 and ASCII16 mega roms with SRAM.
  • Support for SCC+ mega rom with internal RAM.
  • Support for soft reset. (RAM is not erased on reset).
  • Support for iserting and removing mega roms while emulator is running.
  • Support for MSX-AUDIO.
  • Improved PSG audio emulation.
  • Support for selecting CPU frequency.
  • Added screenshot feature.
  • Updated video rendering to make screen less flickery.
  • Added manual.
  • Added toolbar to user interface.
  • XP look and feel (when running XP)
  • Fixed bug in the 'load state' feature that sometimes made load state fail.
  • Fixed bug in rom mapper that made call command fail.
  • Fixed bug in zipped rom support that made Konami rom combinations work wierd.
  • Fixed bug that made blueMSX crash when cancelling the save CPU state dialog.
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvments.

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

PCEAdvance 5.5 Released
PCEAdvance is a PC Engine emulator for Gameboy Advance.
  • Added speedhacks for A LOT of games.
  • Optimized all the fransfer operands.
  • Fixed the "one folder under the root" problem in Pogoshell.
  • Fixed the TRB & TSB operands. "Parasol Stars" works.

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

RascalBoy Advance Beta Released
RascalBoy Advance is a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows.
  • Corrected errors in the emulation of the Alpha blending
  • Corrected error in the creation of the bitmap for screen capture (drag & drop)
  • Corrected error in the creation of the files of rescue be game
  • Added possibility to record the game for some second ones and to recover the state

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
VirtuaNES 0.90a Released
VirtuaNES is a NES emulator for Windows.
  • Change:
    • Remade an IPS patch routine. An IPS file name didn't need to be the same in case of bundling in a thing of a ZIP archive. Reinforced it than a thing of an error check, and the IPS patch with a change of size ignored a size outside part.
    • Correct that malfunction can go with a patch of speedup to some extent.
  • Revision:
    • A color corrects a monochrome bug in a total color change by AVI conversion.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

ClrMamePro 3.22 Released
ClrMamePro is a tool to check what roms you have/miss for certain systems and emulators, create 0-crc files, and much more for Windows.
  • misc: moved the x of y sets in scanner's titlenbar to the scan results window and removed it from merger, rebuilder and settings window
  • misc: some changes to diskimage and samplefile extension detection (after some mamedev discussion ;))
  • misc: number of biossets is listed in the statistics
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Monday, January 12th, 2004
VirtuaNES 0.90 Released
VirtuaNES is a NES emulator for Windows.
  • News:
    • A language plugin is changed. Please pay attention.
  • Addition:
    • Add an IPS patch function.(Thanks Feather)
    • Add Mapper27.(Thanks tpu)
    • Add a hq2x/lq2x filter.
    • Add an AVI conversion function. Please refer to AVIconv.txt in detail.
  • Change:
    • Change a font of language plugin.
    • Some speedup.(Thanks Feather)
    • When the right button of a mouse is pushed in use in Zapper, it is a change a screen to become the same as the time that pushed the left button outside. (Thanks Father)
  • Revision:
    • Increased a queue buffer for sound.
    • Correct an IRQ timing of DPCM.
    • Correct it to take damage in Gun Sight(J) rightly.
    • Correct that a color didn't change by a monochromatic / whole color change in a full-screen /8bit color.
    • An option of "Using Sleep" corrects what isn't saved.
    • Correct a problem of a snapshot in a monochromatic mode.
    • Correct Mapper16.
    • Correct Mapper33.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

PCEAdvance 5.4 Released
PCEAdvance is a PC Engine emulator for Gameboy Advance.
  • Fixed LSR from zeropage,x (Gunhed(J)/Blazing Lazers(U)).
  • Fixed multibooting from multibooted GBA.
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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
Raine 0.39.0 Released
Raine is an arcade emulator for DOS, Windows & Linux.
  • Added rowscroll to the taito TC100SCN chipset, so it affects quite a few games like cadash (begining of the demo at least), growl (title screen at least), chase hq, night striker, continental circus, and quite a few others...
  • Pang3 was unplayable in 0.38.5. Fixed.
  • 0.38.5 crashed if you tried to load a few cps1 games in a row.
  • Added cheat codes for a few forgoten games : ddragon3 dw eto landmakr ryukendn pengo puchicar shadoww soldamj tekipaki wildfang
  • Updated hiscore.dat to the latest unofficial version and fixed the entry in it for puchicarat thanks to the official maintainers.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (3 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

ClrMAMEPro 3.21 Released
ClrMAMEPro is a ROM manager for Windows.
  • changed fake clone (100% identical sets) behaviour. Since I think the number of sets in your rompaths should match the number of sets in MAME, you need the fake sets now (in split and non-merged set mode only of course). And since I don't like empty zipfiles you have to double them
  • infoprompts about fake clones only appear in "show all" mode
  • infoprompts about possible nodump replacement with known crc32 within parent/clone relationships is only shown when using "show all" mode. The default value is YES, the nodumps are replaced with good ones to prevent keeping dummies in fullmerge mode.
  • titlebars show number of biossets, too
  • missing biosroms toggle a green profile status to red now
  • little zipscan speedincrease for sets with lots of files

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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Rice's Daedalus Plugin 5.3.1 Released
Rice's Daedalus Plugin is a graphics plugin for Nintendo64 emulators. The development for this plugin is now over by the looks -- Rice said that this will be the last release for "this time period".
  • Changes:
    • Reported GUI problem fix
    • Improved OGL 1.2/1.3 combiner. (Still not good enough yet)
    • Bettle Adv. Racing texture fix
    • All-Star Baseball games field texture problem fix
    • All-Star Baseball menu text
    • More manual combiner setting for Zelda and Pokemon 2
    • Source code is cleaned for release
  • Regarding the source code:
    • Please let me know if you are planning to port it or to use or refer it in your own code
    • There are many changes recently for frame buffer features. Frame buffer feature is working in DirectX only, not in OGL
    • There are not significant changes in OGL code and OGL combiners
    • Frame buffer features are not stable enough, could causing system lockup and even reboot on certain video cards.
    • You are welcome to work on the source code.
    • Email me for further questions and suggestions.
  • >>> Source code is reloaded, to add .rc file <<<
    • (You can create a "rice" folder in your C driver. The plugin will then be able to log unsupported combiner modes into a log file in the folder. This won't affect your game. Send me the log file and I will manually create settings for the unsupported combiner modes.)

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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Surreal64 1.0 Released
Surreal is a Nintendo64 emulator for the Xbox console.
  • Three N64 emulators in one
  • Greater compatibility/speed and flexibility
  • Virtual Memory for Roms
  • Per-Game Settings
  • Mempack support
  • Rumblepack support
  • EEPROM/Sram support
  • Savestate support

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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PCEAdavance 5.2 Released
PCEAdvance is a Gameboy Advance emulator for emulator PC Engine.
  • Made one of the transfers to VRAM HLE (faster).
  • Fixed the Timer IRQ.
  • Added new item to menu (TimerIRQ: enable/dissable).

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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Thursday, January 8th, 2004
Mame wip

Here is some Work In Progress (WIP) for the Mame project.

  • 2004-01-02: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed a lot of graphics glitches in MS Gundam EX Revue. Quench fixed the sounds in Bakuretsu Breaker. Tomasz Slanina fixed a few more things in MS Gundam EX Revue.
  • 2004-01-01: Stefan Jokisch added PROMs and converted Moon Patrol to the tilemap system, and added PROMs to Rally X. Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed the sprite color calculation in Winter Heat and Virtua Fighter Kids, and he fixed Princess Clara Daisakusen so that it is playable now.
  • 2003-12-31: Erik Sipman submitted a modification to fill black borders with artwork without changing the resolution.
  • 2003-12-30: Quench fixed the OKIM6295 sound chip banking in Diver Boy, fixed the sprites from being clipped at the right side of the screen and the horizontal resolution. Erik Sipman submitted a modification to pause MAME automatically when it loses focus.
  • 2003-12-29: Aaron Giles added the ability for drivers to change the refresh rate during emulation. Quench fixed the OKIM6295 sounds in Aquarium. Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Wild Pilot to the Cisco Heat driver, but it has some graphics priority problems.
  • 2003-12-28: Quench fixed the DIP switches and fixed the OKIM6295 banking in Funny Bubble, fixing some sounds. David Haywood fixed some graphics glitches in Funny Bubble. Bryan McPhail fixed Avengers in Galactic Storm so it's quite playable, though it still has some graphics glitches. Pierpaolo Prazzoli decoded the background graphics in Competition Golf, but the background tilemaps are not yet emulated. Nicola Salmoria sent in a Namco 8080 driver cleanup, fixing inputs and graphics glitches in all games.
  • 2003-12-27: Fabrice Arzeno and Brian A. Troha added two new Run and Gun ROM sets. Brian A. Troha also added the correct object ROMs to Final Lap 2. Stefan Jokisch added the fixed Black Dragon (bootleg) ROMs to the Black Tiger driver.
  • 2003-12-26: Luca Elia fixed Target Ball so it works now. Nicola Salmoria fixed the DIP switch settings in Lady Frog. Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed the DIP switch settings and added sound to Cross Pang.
  • 2003-12-25: Tomasz Slanina added DAC sound to the Truco-Tron driver. Nathan Woods sent in another few miscellaneous patches to various files. Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed a lot of the graphics glitches in Cross Pang. Stefan Jokisch added some unused PROMs to a few drivers.
  • 2003-12-24: David Haywood added Borderline to the vicdual driver, but it's missing sound. David Haywood also added the EAB version of Premier Soccer to the TMNT driver, added Target Ball to the Paradise driver (doesn't work) and improved the Funny Bubble driver, though it still has a few glitches. Pierpaolo Prazzoli and David Haywood sent in a driver for Cross Pang, it mostly works but sound is not emulated and it has a few graphics glitches.

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Raine 0.38.5 Released
Another update to the Raine series. Look like the cheat database has been updated from over a year ago. Here are the changes to it..

  • New cheat type : every 5s, very usefull to catch the laser in arkanoid !
  • Fixed the dialog for editable cheats (to select a level)
  • Fixed the end scrolling in arkanoid 2, thanks to a tip in the mame source code. This hardware is really crazy !!!
  • When the emulation starts, do not display "Z80#0 Reset" if the first Z80 is not used. Games like arkanoid 2 use only 2 Z80, not 3. (detail)
  • Added LOTS of cheats from Pugsy and the Ultimate patchers databases. I included the converter in the raine source archives in source/bonus/conv_cheats.pl for those who are curious. I also added a few cheats like level selection to some existing games. Cheats added or updated for these games :
    • arkatour fantasia fantsia2 dinou cawingu esprade espradej espradeo gigandes hyperpac hyperpcb legion legiono mswordr1 mcatadv mcatadvj mazinger missw96 mspacmab newfant pengob pirates ssmissin selfeena sf2ud sf2uf sf2eb shadowwa tdragon2 twinhawk arkangc arkatayt gemini mspacman kodure pacman pacplus pengo2u puckman rygar sf2ceuc sfzch willowje chukatai dfeveron flstory ghox kageki pang3 pang3j pbobble4 ryujin macross tshingen uopoko vfive

 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Tigerj 

Monday, January 5th, 2004
Raine 0.38.2 Released
Raine is a Multi-Arcade emulator for Windows & DOS.
  • New games:
    • Pirates and Genix added by Haze
    • New clones for ninja gaiden and tecmo knight, required to have mame compatibility for the romsets.
  • Fixes:
    • Zoom for the sprites in the gunbird driver
    • Music speed in ninja gaiden / tecmo knight
    • A possible crash when calling the game selection dialog
    • The rom names for 1941, 1941j and 3wonders, which had a "_" in front of them in 0.38.1.
    • Intcup94 is now loadable, but still not playable.

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Sunday, January 4th, 2004
NESCafe 0.50 Released
NESCafe is a NES emulator for Java.
  • Applet Mode has been re-introduced and improved. (David de Niese)
  • The GUI has had some internal improvements. (David de Niese)

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
RascalBoy Advance Released
RascalBoy Advance is a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows.
  • Added:
    • Save/Load game capability.
    • Drag&drop features for screen capture.
  • Fixed:
    • Some bugs plugins management
    • Bug in opcode MSR
    • Bug in synchronization option

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

1964 0.9.9 Released
1964 is a Nintendo64 emulator for Windows.
  • Changes:
    • A new friendlier user interface makes finding options easy
    • Fixes and support for many new games including Turok3, Donkey Kong 64, and Top Gear Overdrive
    • New ini configuration settings
    • ROM Browser caching for fast loading of 1964
    • Tweak 1964's speed at the touch of a key
    • Frameskip and AutoCF features for slower machines
    • A new Help Manual
    • Multiple Language support
    • An improved CPU core with many bug fixes and is much faster
    • An Improved 32bit CPU core, linker and faster overall code generation
    • Reworked core/audio synchronization and major improvements in audio quality and speed
    • Completely reworked Kaillera netplay
    • Packaged with N-Rage's input plugin
    • CPU Frame buffer read/write notification for video plug-ins
  • Minor GUI features:
    • Download plugin online
    • ROM specific plugin selection
    • More Toolbar buttons
    • Remembers and restores the current selected ROM and its position in the ROM Browser
    • Remembers and restores the selected ROM and its position at 1964 exit and start
    • Added "Number of players" as a new column in the ROM Browser. "Number of players" can be set in the INI file, but not through option dialog box.
    • Check if plug-ins are loaded correctly. If not, then pop up the plugin configuration dialog box to select plug-ins
  • When 1964.099 runs the first time:
    • Automatically pop up the ROM folder dialog box to select a folder
    • Select only the most important columns to display in the ROM list
    • Verify plug-ins are loaded correctly
    • Disable plugin selection during netplay
    • Disable many menus if they are not supposed to be used when a game is not running or a game is running
    • Automatically enable/disable the RSP config menu according to whether or not the RSP plugin is loaded
    • Call RSP CloseDLL() at a better place for it to save its configuration
    • New ROM Browser icons
    • RSP plug-in selection
  • Minor core features:
    • Variable speed emulation
    • SSE detection and support in CPU core
    • FPU register caching if SSE is detected
    • NetPlay
    • New save state file format
    • Ability to load old versions of save states
    • Ability to save save states to an old version
    • Double check and create necessary folders for game saves
    • Screen shots taken at a better time
    • Reworked CP1 Unusable exceptions, many games are working better
    • Improved CPU timing
    • TLB error handling for 2-pass compiler
  • Netplay features:
    • Based on Kaillera network
    • Supports audio for netplay
    • Realtime gameplay with feasible network connection required
    • Automatic retransmission request and lost packet recovery
    • Automatic game setting synchronization among players
    • Automatic game save synchronization among players
    • Support for N64 native game saves
    • Support for cheat codes in netplay
    • Automatic cheat code synchronization among players
    • Notification if a player drops out, and allows for other players to continue the game
    • CPU and network usage displayed on status bar
    • Enable / disable various settings to avoid changes that may cause netplay games to desync
    • Always disable AutoCF for netplay
    • CF menus disabled during netplay. CF won't be allowed to be change for any player
    • Disabled lag menu during netplay
    • Disabled cheat menu during netplay. Cheat codes are not allowed to be modified during game play
  • Important bugs fixed:
    • Activated cheat codes may cause game to not boot or reset
    • Fixed dynamic compiler buffer overrun-related errors
    • Fixed problems loading PJ64 save states
    • Cleaned duplicated INI entries
    • Support for Japanese characters in INI file

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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Final Burn Alpha v Released
Final Burn Alpha is an arcade emulator for Windows.
  • Fixed all the new bugs introduced in the previous version
  • Fixed the raster effects in Samurai Shodown 3
  • Preview images can be any png file upto 1024x0124 pixels
  • Added descriptive text to screenshot png files.
  • Added a system information dialog that's used when FB Alpha crashes
  • Added the english language versions of mahoudai and shippumd

Thanks to IxI SoNiK IxI for the news!
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Nintendo World Championship Cart Currently Going For Over $90,000

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KADE - Connects arcade controls to computers and consoles

Ouya passes Kickstarter goal on first day at $950K and rising

Bleeding Edge MAME / MESS source downloads (GIT)

MAME & MESS Political Roadblocks / Politics Over Progress (May 12th, 2011)

Personal data of millions at risk as Sony network hacked

Future of the Projects (April 12th, 2011)

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Arcade@Home v0.37b
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Visual Pinball TB6
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