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News from May 2004

Saturday, May 29th, 2004
Chankast Released
Chankast is to my knowledge the first released DC emulator to actually run commercial games! I'll hand you over to the release notes.

Chankast is an advanced SEGA DREAMCAST emulator for x86 platforms.

This project started 3 months ago, it's a joint venture between baktery, unai and garrofi. It hasn't been easy, a lot of hours and headaches, but we think it's time to release an alpha version. We hope you will be surprise, you can play commercial games at a decent speed with a 2ghz CPU. Chankast is a very fast emulator with no hle parts.

We haven't done this emulator to promote piracy, it's a tribute to the great DC.

The emulator is far from perfect, expect new releases with more speed, better graphics, better sound, and more compatibility :)
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Andrew 

Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
VisualBoy Advance 1.7.2 Released
The best emulator for gba/gbc was updated today.
  • Core changes:
    • fixed bugs on ELF clean up
    • improved CodeBreaker 0xDxxxxxxx code support
    • updated Scale2x filter to version 2.0
    • improved memory timing
    • added support for z2 (delete break on write) so that gdb can use break on write
  • Windows:
    • added search for base language dll
    • fixed GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
    • added JPEG and PNG support for skins
    • changed import/export battery file to default to battery directory
    • fixed the translation bug with viewers
    • fixed the GB map view flickering
    • fixed skin bugs
  • SDL versions:
    • now it exits when closing the window
  • Other:
    • added a new interface using GTK+, which implements a first part of the Windows version

Download from Here as the official site hasn't updated yet.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (2 comments)Posted by: ryder2002 

Thursday, May 20th, 2004
A@H in June Issue of Popular Science
Click here for a larger image Arcade@Home got a page write-up in the June 2004 issue of Popular Science magazine (on news stands now). It's a "How To" "Do it Yourself" article on how to run MAME in an arcade cabinet. They even have a graphic of my arcade cabinet and lots of building details (they asked for lots of pictures for this article). Well done and a nice plug for Arcade@Home and other MAME and arcade cabinet building sites. You can also read the article on the Popular Science web site.
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: teckel 

Saturday, May 8th, 2004
New PC Engine Emulator Project PC2E
[10.25.2003] I Started developing a PC Engine Emulator. With a dream to emulate CD-ROM^2 system, I'll upload information about developing PCE emulator (author note) better yet, this is free, there are no hocus phocus charges or any malevolent stuff as with other known PCengine emulators.
    updates so far
  • It's getting playable. Graphics still isn't correct on many games
  • CD read function now runs on a different thread to avoid screen freezing during the access.
  • binaries are available now for download
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

Friday, May 7th, 2004
MAME V0.82 Released
Windows binaries and source now available, DOS to follow.
  • V0.82 release, includes interim 'u1-9' updates
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (2 comments)Posted by: Beemer_Deano 

Saturday, May 1st, 2004
DustCream starts running the DC BIOS
DustCream, is a new DreamCast emulator, as of now it is a work in progress (wip) but is starting to show more advance. Consollection (its home) have posted some nice shots of DustCream emulating the DC BIOS on their website
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

GSdx9 plugin updated.
"Gabest" released a new version of his GS plugin for pcsx2, as the name suggests, you need direct X9 installed and a pretty beefy PC, never the less GSdx9 is one amazing plugin, since there's no readme included in the archive, the only apparent change is the addition of a frame counter. After talking with Gabest, here's the change log:
  • Added fps counter
  • fixed the SFEX3 intro and everblue (more or less)
    you can get it from the link above
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

new P.E.Op.S. PSX SPU DSound driver
The Windows PSX spu emulation plugin, using DirectSound. It's based on Pete's SPU Version 1.15, and pete's great page now has a new home, so update your bookmarks!
  • Version 1.8: fixed fmod emulation, ZiNc plugin interface added
  • cleanup of code, seems to work faster now
    get it from the link posted above
 Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

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