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News from December 2005

Monday, December 26th, 2005
MednaFen! 0.4.1 GB/GBcolor emulator updated
  • Joysticks initialization is now slightly more verbose.
  • Fixed hash calculation in the joystick code, and added a work around for hash collisions(which would occur if two extremely similar joysticks are used on the same system).
  • Video initialization is now more verbose.
  • The -.special command-line arguments for selecting a special scaler now take the short name of the scaler, which is found in the documentation, instead of arbitrarily-chosen numbers. However, out of the goodness of my cold, black heart, arbitrarily-chosen numbers may still be used, though it should be considered deprecated.
  • libsndfile is now used for WAVE recording(instead of the old ugly code).
  • Altered the internal floating-point format used to represent audio data by changing the range to -1.0<=sample<=1.0(previously it was 0.0<=sample<=1.0).
  • NES: Fixed a 1-byte overflow bug in the Barcode World input device emulation code by changing a strcpy() to a memcpy(). Added a "-help" command-line option, which prints out command-line argumentsand parameters.
  • Fixed the configuration file loading code to exit the emulator if invalid data is in the configuration file, instead of just ignoring it and the rest of the entries, thus trashing the configuration file on exit.
  • Changed the default xscale and yscale settings for Lynx to 4.
  • Physical mouse buttons can now be assigned to virtual buttons.
  • Fixed a garbage(OSD stuff) problem in screen snapshots and save states when they are done after a frame that has been skipped(the solution is to delay the snapshot/save state until the next frame, which is set to not be skip).
  • Fixed a typo that broke the hq3x effect(it had weird graphical glitches).
  • Modified more settings to use the new plain-text configuration file format.
    • what are ya still reading this for? go try it out! link provided in bold blue at the top.
     Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

    TOCfixEr, The utility that fixes your files
      note from authors
      it resulted in what we hope will be the mother of all solutions to the dreaded ISO/MP3 archives that have plagued us for so long. This tool, using Square's TOCDB data, will resize MP3 decoded wave files back to their original file sizes, thus restoring the TOC of the image to what it should be.
      get it at the following links
      Or, if DNS fails, try this link:
     Discuss this in the Arcade@Home™ Forums (0 comments)Posted by: Evilnos_unholy 

    Friday, December 2nd, 2005
    Winkawaks 1.55 released !
      We have updated kawaks adding a couple of drivers and bringing other drivers inline with MAME 0.100 and later.
  • New drivers:
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Asia 960529)
  • X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (US 961023)
  • KoF 10th Anniversary Extra Plus (hack)
  • KoF 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique (hack)
  • KoF 2002 Magic Plus II (hack)
  • King of Gladiator (hack)
  • Lansquenet 2004 (hack)
  • Varth - Op Thunderstorm (World 920714)
  • Added a missing port in kof10th (0x2ffff8).
  • Renamed sfz3a to sfz3ar1 to match MAME.
  • Renamed ROM's in dndtod set to match MAME.
  • Renamed mshvsf to mshvsfu to match MAME.
  • Renamed ddsomr1 to ddsomr2 to match MAME.
  • Renamed some set names from 'bootleg' to 'hack'.
  • 'Bootlegs' are games identical to the original apart from protection.
  • 'Hacks' are changed to alter gameplay or add features not in the original.
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