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News from July 2007

Monday, July 30th, 2007
Interesting Xbox 360 news all round here...
  • Firstly, Microsoft has finally owned up to the high failure rate of its Xbox 360 console (up to 30 per cent are said to suffer the dreaded 'red ring of death') and increased the warranty to three years.
  • Describing the situation as 'unacceptable' Gates' boys said it will replace any console which suffers from this disconcertingly common problem and also refund those who had already paid to have the console fixed outside its original 12 month warranty. The company also claimed it is making ongoing improvements to new units after identifying 'several factors' that can cause the hardware to fail.
  • In related news Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 Elite will launch in Japan this October. The black, 120GB, HDMI equipped jazzed up 360 will retail for just 47,800 yen (under £150) and will look to give the company the boost it needs in what always proves to be its toughest market. The arrival of the Elite more than two months after it was launched in the US may also signal a European outing isn't far away.
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