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All ROMs listed are non-commercial public domain

ROM Home > CPS2 (XOR tables)

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Updated Sort ascending
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Size Sort ascending
Sort descending
19xhx Feb 17, 10618kB
19xux Feb 17, 10616kB
avspex Feb 17, 10677kB
avspjx Feb 17, 10677kB
avspux Feb 17, 10677kB
batcirx Feb 17, 10782kB
cscax Feb 17, 10441kB
cscjx Feb 17, 10441kB
cybjx Feb 17, 10572kB
dadex Feb 17, 101.5MB
dadhx Feb 17, 101.5MB
dadjx Feb 17, 101.5MB
dd2ex Feb 17, 101.0MB
dd2gux Feb 17, 101.0MB
dd2jx Feb 17, 101.0MB
dd2ux Feb 17, 101.0MB
ddtodr1x Feb 17, 101.5MB
ddtodx Feb 17, 101.5MB
mshax Feb 17, 10612kB
mshhx Feb 17, 10612kB
mshjx Feb 17, 10612kB
mshux Feb 17, 10612kB
mvcax Feb 17, 10855kB
mvcjr1x Feb 17, 10855kB
mvcjx Feb 17, 10859kB
mvcux Feb 17, 10859kB
mvsjr1x Feb 17, 10737kB
mvsjx Feb 17, 10738kB
mvsugx Feb 17, 10738kB
mvsux Feb 17, 10737kB
pcfax Feb 17, 10407kB
pcfjx Feb 17, 10407kB
pcfux Feb 17, 10407kB
pwgex Feb 17, 10947kB
pwgjx Feb 17, 10945kB
pwgjxa Feb 17, 10945kB
pwgux Feb 17, 10947kB
pzfjx Feb 17, 10185kB
pzfux Feb 17, 10185kB
rm2jx Feb 17, 10872kB
rm2ux Feb 17, 10872kB
sfa2x Feb 17, 10608kB
sfa3r1x Feb 17, 10668kB
sfa3x Feb 17, 10668kB
sfz2ax Feb 17, 10630kB
sfz2jx Feb 17, 10590kB
sfz3ax Feb 17, 10668kB
sfz3jr1x Feb 17, 10667kB
sfz3jx Feb 17, 10668kB
sfzer1x Feb 17, 10449kB
sfzex Feb 17, 10449kB
sfzjx03 Feb 17, 10449kB
sfzjx03a Feb 17, 10449kB
sfzjx03b Feb 17, 10449kB
sfzux03a Feb 17, 10449kB
smbex Feb 17, 10301kB
smbjr1x Feb 17, 10301kB
smbjx Feb 17, 10301kB
ssf2ar1x Feb 17, 10442kB
ssf2ax Feb 17, 10442kB
ssf2jr1x Feb 17, 10441kB
ssf2jr2x Feb 17, 10441kB
ssf2jx Feb 17, 10441kB
ssf2tax Feb 17, 10629kB
ssf2tbx Feb 17, 10445kB
ssf2tex Feb 17, 10629kB
ssf2tux Feb 17, 10629kB
ssf2ux Feb 17, 10950kB
ssf2xjx Feb 17, 10630kB
sz2ax Feb 17, 10591kB
szaax Feb 17, 10632kB
tqzjx Feb 17, 10406kB
uecex Feb 17, 10996kB
vamax Feb 17, 10520kB
vamex Feb 17, 10520kB
vamjx Feb 17, 10808kB
vampjr1x Feb 17, 10520kB
vamur1x Feb 17, 10519kB
vamux Feb 17, 10519kB
vh2jx Feb 17, 10601kB
vm3ax Feb 17, 10586kB
vm3ex Feb 17, 10585kB
vm3jx Feb 17, 10586kB
vm3ux Feb 17, 10585kB
vphjr1x Feb 17, 10713kB
vphjx Feb 17, 10715kB
vphux Feb 17, 10715kB
vs2jx Feb 17, 10628kB
xmenox Feb 17, 10518kB
xmnax Feb 17, 10547kB
xmnex Feb 17, 10550kB
xmnjax Feb 17, 10547kB
xmnjx Feb 17, 10547kB
xmnux Feb 17, 10549kB
xvsex Feb 17, 10539kB
xvsux Feb 17, 10545kB

Total ROMs: 96

Please note: All ROMs or XOR tables provided on this site are either freeware, public domain, shareware, or otherwise freely distributeable. Under no circumstances will you find ROMs or images here that are not freely distributeable. If for some reason you notice an image that shouldn't be here, please contact us for a prompt removal.

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