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News from February 2000

Tuesday, February 29th, 2000
Nemu64.ini v0.2 & Compatibility
Another update of the Nemu64.ini file as well as the compatibility listing. Check them out on the N64 section above.

MameLang32 v0.36 RC 1 Released
MameLang32 is a Windows version of MAME that supports the languages English, Spanish, Japanese, & Portuguese. This version is up to date with the latest MAME source code. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Nemu64.ini & Compatibility
An updated Nemu64.ini file and a Nemu64 compatibility listing has been created by Myzar. Get them from the N64 section. Thanks again to VGN for the files.

MAME Hiscore.dat Updated
The MAME Hiscore.dat file has been updated to include many new games. A list of the supported games can be found here. Download the Hiscore.dat file from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to VGN for the file.

Final Day to Win $210!
The Arcade Trivia Game ends tonight at midnight EST. This is your final chance to win a $210 buy.com shopping spree. Remember, play and qualify as many times as you like to increase your odds of winning. Check it out at the above link.

Monday, February 28th, 2000
Nemu64 v0.7 Problems
I experienced a few problems with Nemu64 release v0.7 (like no sound). I read over at DarkMazda's Domain that others were having some of the same problems. Here's some helpful tips to get around them:
  • If you get no sound, delete the file c:\windows\system\NemuAudio.ini and try again
  • If you have USB joystick problems, upgrade to DirectX 7.0A and try again
  • If you are using a Voodoo3 and experience problems in windowed mode, change your screen depth to 16-bit
I tried deleting the NemuAudio.ini file and I still got no sound. But maybe it will fix the sound for some of you.

Nemu64 v0.7 Released
Nemu64 (N64 emulator) v0.7 has been released. This is a huge upgrade with the speed much faster, and audio HLE support (although I couldn't get sound to work). Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Sunday, February 27th, 2000
EMU+ v0.36 RC 1 Released
EMU+ is an enhanced version of MAME. This version is up to date with the latest MAME source and includes the following features:
  • Force 16 Bit color in ALL games
  • Variable clock speeds (overclock/underclock) for ALL CPU
  • Emulated on-the-fly (no reset needed)
  • Autofire with variable delays
  • Save states for ALL Neo Geo games
  • Continuous save states for Neogeo Games
  • Sound logging for astrocad driver & dac driver
  • Demo mode
  • Gravis pad support and Sidewinder fix
  • Lots of extra (crazy) video modes. eg. eagle, craptv, etc
  • Dual Mouse support (Optimame, Mamejoy)
  • Changed support for listsamples and screen centering
  • Guihost Support.
  • Check out the whatsnew and readme files for more info
Think of it as a turbo-charged MAME. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

DarcNES v9a0226 Released
DarcNES is a multi console emulator for linux. Version v9a0226 adds the following:
  • Fixed bug in cd_unix.c that prevented compiling on Linux (I hope).
  • Fixed some problems with GG sprite clipping and tile rendering (only affects 8-bit mode).
  • Fixed X toplevel window to resize properly.
  • Cleaned up some of the X video code.
  • Added (untested) 24bpp support to X video code.
  • Cleaned up the FDS emulation code.
  • Added a lot of (inaccessible) extra FDS functionality.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

NESten v0.6 Beta D Released
NESten v0.6 beta D has been released. This version includes the following changes:
  • Finally fixed weird colors for good? (Please let that be a yes :)
  • Added a mapper header editor for .NES files.
  • Moved all mappers out to DLL files.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Last Days to Win $210!
The Arcade Trivia Game ends in only a few days (Feb 29th at midnight). You could win a $210 buy.com shopping spree just for playing. Remember, you can play and qualify as many times as you like to increase your odds of winning. The Arcade Trivia Game can be played by selecting the "$ Arcade Trivia $" link to the left or at the above link. Go there now and win that system upgrade or game system you've had your eye on.

RockNES v1.01 Released
RockNES v1.01 is out, here's what's new:
  • Fixed a CPU bug (from 1.0, IRQ related), and some others;
  • Fixed mapper #40 IRQ timing (SMB2j works correctly);
  • Fixed machine 'reboot' problem caused by some mapper #4/#64 games (argh!);
  • Fixed a problem with mapper #7 (PRG page select, from 1.0);
  • Fixed some problems with mapper #64;
  • Fixed mapper #85 (major problem, Lagrange Point works);
  • Fixed some problems with mapper #225 (58/110-in-1, working again, woohoo!);
  • Fixed some problems with mapper #231 (Wally Bear and the No! Gang works!);
  • Fixed a config problem (joypad type were ignored if >11);
  • Fixed a major bug with battery support ($6000);
  • Changed (again) VBlank/NMI scanline hit (more games work, others not yet);
  • Added NES sound envelope volume control (the output is _too_ much better);
  • Added IRQ control to mapper #65;
  • Added mapper #91 (preliminary, bad IRQ support, but the pirate game Street Fighter III is playable).
  • Started MMC5 support (does not work yet);
  • There's mapper #233 (42-in-1) support since 1.0 (oh my memory!);
  • More fixes and minor changes.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

MAME Samples Not Needed
For those of you who haven't read the MAME whatsnew.txt file, the following sound sample sets are no longer needed: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battle Zone, Red Baron, and Stratovox. You don't need to do anything, but for those that like to keep things tidy, these sample sets can be deleted. The new simulated sound effects are not perfect yet, so lets hope they can be fixed in a future version.

Saturday, February 26th, 2000
New Arcade Emulator, SName
Still want to play Pong and those gambling games that were removed from MAME? Well, Rodimus Prime has released SName (Simulations and Non-Arcade Machine Emulator) which includes those missing games. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

A/PMAME v0.36 RC 1 Released
Rodimus Prime's AMAME and PMAME have been updated to the latest MAME v0.36 rc 1 source. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

MAME v0.36 RC 1 Updated
MAME v0.36 release candidate 1 had some problems with 400x300 mode and the three MAME DOS binaries have been updated to correct these problems. If you are experiencing problems, download them again from the M.A.M.E section.

MAME Screen Shot Browser Updated
The on-line MAME screen shot browser has been updated to include the latest MAME v0.36 rc 1 games. Check it out at the above link.

v0.36 RC 1 Screen Shot Pack for A@H
The screen shot upgrade pack for MAME v0.36 rc 1 has been released. It's designed to work with the Arcade@Home front-end, however, MAME32 or any front-end that supports PNG images will also work. Download it from the Front-Ends section.

Unofficial MAME32 v0.36 RC 1
Danmanya (author of EMU+) has compiled an unofficial build of MAME32 v0.36 release candidate 1 for Windows. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to VGN for the file.

Add Breaking News to Your Site
Want to add Arcade@Home breaking news to your site or home page? Now you can with this simple code. Just cut and paste the following code to your page:
    <script language="JavaScript" src="/news.js"></script>
Get more linking instructions on the Links section. Because this is a new feature of Arcade@Home, let me know if you have any problems or questions about it.

NO$GMB v2.4 Released
NO$GMB is a shareware emulator for GameBoy, Pocket GameBoy, Super GameBoy, and Color GameBoy written in 100% assembler language. This version adds a Windows version, major sound fixes, long filenames, and bugfixes. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

K6 and i686 Compiles of MAME
The AMD K6 and i686 compiles of MAME v0.36 release candidate 1 have been released. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

New Retro Explorer Skin
Manyuck has created a new Microsoft Explorer skin with a retro Atari 2600 theme. Please note that this only works with IE, Netscape need not apply. Check it out at the above link.

Friday, February 25th, 2000
Latest MAME Key Change:
The latest MAME has changed the default keys used to insert coins and start a game. The Whatsnew.txt reads:
    The coin/start buttons are slightly changed. Now they are layed out this way:
    • 1,2,3,4 -> start 1,2,3,4
    • 5,6,7,8 -> coin 1,2,3,4
    • 9,0,-,= -> service coin 1,2,3,4
However, from within any game you can change the default keys to use a more traditional method. There have also been some reports of MAME crashing right after the CPU calculation, and the keyboard not working in conjunction with other devices. Hopefully these will be identified before the RC2 release. On a positive note, the mouse/trackball control is working again in Centipede! This has been broken for what seems like forever. Thanks go out to whoever it was for fixing this. I owe you a beer!

MAME v0.36 RC1 Released!
MAME v0.36 release candidate 1 has been released. Included in this release are the following new drivers:
  • Teki Paki [Quench]
  • Knuckle Bash [Quench]
  • Pipi & Bibis [Quench]
  • Snow Bros. 2 [Quench]
  • Takeda Shingen [Luca Elia]
  • Ultraman [Manuel Abadia]
  • Fire Shark [Quench]
  • Mole Attack [Jason Nelson, Phil Stroffolino]
  • Quester [Vernon C. Brooks]
  • Face Off [Vernon C. Brooks]
  • Dream Shopper [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Labyrinth Runner [Nicola Salmoria]
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to VGN for the file that was on his server before he posted news on it =)

MAME v0.36 RC1 Released Any Minute Now:
MAME v0.36 RC1 will be released in any minute. Stay tuned...

Demonic Image at Democratic Debate?:
Here's a story from the supernatural. Al Gore and Bill Bradley had a Democratic debate on CNN where an image of what appears to be a goat skull or a demon. He're what FreeRepublic reported.
    The two Democratic presidential candidates, Al Gore and Bill Bradley, debated yesterday at the Apollo Theater in New York. It aired on CNN, and Bernie Shaw was the moderator. Here is a photo from the debate. If you look between the candidates, on the back screen, you can see an image of a goat's head, or a demon. This image is not just visible on this still photo... it was visible on the live video of the debate!
Click on the image to the left to see the spooky unedited image. If you can't see it, I've created this enhanced photo which makes it clear to see. What do you think? Vote on if it's a demonic image at the Democratic debate. Thanks to Gerard P. for the story.

Gens Win v0.2 Released:
Gens Win (a Sega Genesis emulator for Windows) has been updated to v0.2. This release adds the following:
  • I've enterely rewritten the VDP render:
    • More optimised and so faster ;)
    • Fix Scroll A / Window conflit.
    • Added masks sprites features.
    • Added sprite limit feature (can show it on sonic 1 main screen).
  • You can enable or disable it by 'Sprite Over' option in the 'graphics' menu.
  • Added 15 bits mode.
  • Fix the VSRam read and write (verticals scrollings are now okay).
  • I'm use RAZE (Richard Mitton [email protected]) z80 emulator instead MZ80 (Neil Bradley [email protected]) due to unworkings games with MZ80 (I may not use it correctly). - Some changes in DMA transferts (sprites of mario (no commercial) rom are now okay).
  • Full-Screen now works correctly.
  • Some others ...
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

JoseQ's View on Gambling in MAME:
JoseQ has posted his views on the gambling issue with MAME. If you haven't heard, Nicola (the leader and originator or MAME) has said that gambling games will be removed from a future version. Tell us what you think. Vote on should gambling games be removed from MAME?

Thursday, February 24th, 2000
Geoshock Closed:
Geoshock was closed by the university it was hosted on. I'm sorry to see Geoshock go as I'm sure you are as well. It was good while it lasted and it will surely be missed. Visit the Geoshock closing message at the above link.

SNEeSe v0.41 Released:
SNEeSe v0.41 has been released. This version adds the following:
  • Render: Added 3-way layering order cycle, press 8 key
  • Timing: Made a few tweaks that may improve IRQ timing
  • Sound: Butcha: Implemented cycle-exact ADSR calculation, this fixes or improves sound on some things (Rampart), worsens on others
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

MameLang32 v0.36 Beta 16 Released:
MameLang32, MAME32 in English, Spanish, Japanese, & Portuguese, has been updated to the latest MAME32 v0.36 beta 16 source. Download it from the M.A.M.E section or from their home page.

New Hacker Tool:
Well, this is getting interesting. It seems that Hackers have now created a tool that allows normal Windows based computers to perform DoS attacks (before, you needed a unix machine to do it effectively). What's even "better" is that it's a trojan that can be distributed via e-mail and potentially be running on tens of thousands of computers. Then, the hacker can "wake up" all these trojans and have it target a particular server. So, you can now take down Microsoft.com using your 28.8 dial-up connection and you can't be tracked because the attack comes from thousands of unsuspecting individuals. Cool, huh? Hacker terrorism and ransom letters are sure to follow. Read the above story for all the details.

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2000
Raine is Dead:
Seems that Raine is really dead after all. Check out their site at the above link for all the details (none). I hear that Raine may be dead because they are now working on RaineX (Windows version). It's just a guess, however.

Pac-Man Dancefloor Mix MP3:
DJ Maui (whoever that is) produced this club remix of of the original Pac-Man music which is being played in clubs all over Europe. Check it out at the above link. Thanks to Dith for the file.

Unofficial MAME32 With Autofire:
P2L97's Unofficial MAME32 with autofire has been updated to the lastest MAME32 v0.36 beta 16 source. Download it from the M.A.M.E section.

UltraHLE Progress:
RealityMan (one of the UltraHLE authors) posted some pictures showing he has textures working with the new OpenGL driver that's going to be in UltraHLE v1.5.0. Check out a sample picture above or to the left. Thanks to jandaman for the news.

DarcNES Linux v9a0219 Released:
This multi-console emulator for Linux has been updated to v9a0219. This release adds the following:
  • Unified cd_freebsd.c and cd_linux.c into cd_unix.c.
  • Added support for NetBSD CDROM (untested), and sound interfaces (thanks to Thomas Klausner for the NetBSD changes).
  • Changed the nes bank 4 and 6 I/O hooks.
  • Fixed FDS mapper to compile again.
  • Fixed some problems with the PCE timer.
  • Changed the PCE VDP interface not to use procpointers.
  • Added clipping sprites to the right side of the screen to the PCE VDP.
  • Removed the old (disabled) ROM type identification routine.
  • Fixed the battery file handling to not use a cheap hack to get the filename (this breaks all gg savegames until you rename the battery file).
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

ZSNES C v0.9891 Updated:
The C version of ZSNES v0.9891 was released due to a little mixup. Here's what the author said:
    Whoops! Accidently commented out the DSP1 logging code incorrectly (used ASM Syntax instead of C). Just re-uploaded v0.9891c with the proper fix so please re-download it if you play DSP1 games (such as Mario Kart). Sorry for the inconvenience.
The version currently on the Console Emulation section has been updated. Thanks to VGN for the news.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2000
MAME WIP Updated:
The MAME Work In Process page has been updated and includes screen shots of a new Namco System 1 driver for Quester and several other goodies like preliminary highscore loading/saving routines. Check it out at the above link.

MAME32 v0.36 Beta 16 Released!
It took some time, but the MAME32 team has updated MAME32 to the latest MAME source. Download MAME32 from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to H0ek for the news.

Monday, February 21st, 2000
SNEeSe v0.40 Released:
SNEeSe, another SNES emulator, has been updated to v0.40. A list of the new features can be found here. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

ZSNES v0.9891 Released:
ZSNES v0.9891 has been released. This release adds the following new features:
  • Slightly changed SB16 initialization
  • Forgot to remove DSP1 debug code
  • Fixed a pitch modulation bug when Voice 0 modulates Voice 1. Thanks to kode54!
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Sunday, February 20th, 2000
Spammers Forced to Tell the Truth:
Okay, who likes spam? Well, if other states follow Colorado's lead, spam could really take a big hit. The bill "Colorado Junk Email Law, House Bill 1309" if passed, would require spammers to start the subject of all spam with "ADV:". There are also rules about it coming from consenting internet domains, and to provide a legitimate method to deny any future mailings from the spammer. This would make it easy for us to just block all e-mail with a subject that starts with "ADV:" if we don't want spam. Further more, the law would allow recipients and ISPs to sue for a civil penalty of $10 per message that violates the bill. Can you say class action? With a law on the books like this, court orders could be obtained to track down even those that send from a bogus domain. What's cool about the bill is that it doesn't make spam illegal, it just makes them tell the truth about what they're sending you. Users can block it, delete it, or continue to accept it. Read the above Wired story for more details.

Previsously Unreleased EmuDX32 Beta Released:
Mike Green has released his previously unreleased EmuDX32. There are three versions (beta 1 thru 3). Extract it to your current DOS EmuDX directory (don't forget the required all3931.zip dll file as well). This is a beta that is know to have many problems. If you would like to make comments on your experiences with these three versions, do so on the General Arcade Message Board.

Who wants to be an Emu2Millionaire?
Emulation Camp is giving away some nice prizes to celebrate their 2 millionth visitor. In my opinion, the grand prize is at the very bottom of the above linked page under the title "Zophars Underworld Volume 3". Not only does this CD-RW contain outtakes of Zophars Underworld, it's also unedited and autographed by uzplayer! My opinion is that they should sell these CD's. Lots of people would pay good money for this. Make sure you check this gem out at the above link (then scroll to the bottom of the page). It's well worth it.

NESten v0.6 Beta C Released:
This version adds the following new features and bug fixes:
  • Fixed problem with Save RAM where it would not save unless the Save RAM already existed.
  • Fixed a wicked problem. (Which caused crashes)
  • Hopefully restored "weird"/incorrect colors on some computers.
  • Added Recently opened files.
  • Added Reset configuration.
  • Now remembers window position and size.
On, and happy birthday to the author. Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to VGN for the news.

WinBoycott v0.61b Released:
WinBoycott is a GameBoy emulator for Windows. This version adds/fixes the following:
  • Fixes an awful MBC5 ROM switching bug (thanks Manu)
  • Fixes a silly keyboard config bug
  • Fixes an awful CGB bug (thanks J.J)
  • Loading/Saving Snapshots Added
  • Keyboard Configuration Added
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Hu-Go! v1.10 Released:
Hu-Go! (TurboGrafx 16 emulator) version 1.10 has been released. This release adds the following:
  • Managed to chase out the bug of controller remapping as said previously.
  • One more Hu card is playable (dungeon explorer US)
  • ISO support have been slightly modified (some iso can now run in bios mode instead of no bios).
Also, a WinCE version of Hu-Go! is in the works. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Retrogaming Times Issue #30:
Tom has released the 30th issue of his classic video game newsletter. This issue features the following articles:
  • A look at the new Pacman for the Atari 2600 as well as an interview with Rob Kudla!
  • Reviews of Blaseroids and Targ!
  • Video Game Challenge with Ladybug vs Mousetrap!
  • The conclusion to The Menace From Outer Space story!
  • A whole lot more!
Check it out at the above link.

Saturday, February 19th, 2000
Is it slow or what? I have this feeling a new MAME is coming very soon. Also, I hear there's a chance games may be removed from MAME because they're not PC. Just a rumor, we'll have to wait and see.

A-SATURN v0.15 Released:
A-SATURN is (I believe) the only Sega Saturn emulator. While it doesn't play any games, it is making progress. This version adds the following:
  • added SCU-DSP emulation
  • finish SMPC emulation
  • bug fix SH2-LD-DIV emulation
  • bug fix VDP2 cell mode drawing
  • Divide VDP drawing routine form RTI routine(more time critical)
  • full rewrite RTI-SMPC source code
  • many bug fix ....
Because I seem to get a lot of e-mails from people asking for Saturn emulators, I figured I'd add it to the Console Emulation section. Download it there.

Friday, February 18th, 2000
Windows Going Open Source?
Rumors are circulating that Bill Gates is willing to make Windows open source if it means keeping Microsoft as one company. However, a spokesman for Microsoft said Gates "did not make any of the comments regarding source code". According to Bloomberg: someone asked Gates if he would be willing to open source Windows and he replied "yes...if that's all it took." We'll see if this has any truth to it or not. Is this a good thing? I'm not really sure. Making it open source doesn't mean that it will be better or bug free. It doesn't even mean that it will be free. Read the above story for all the details.

Thursday, February 17th, 2000
Play the Arcade Trivia Game & Win $210!
The Arcade Trivia Game has less than 2 weeks for you to register! You could win a $210 buy.com shopping spree just for playing. Remember, you can play and qualify as many times as you like to increase your odds of winning. The Arcade Trivia Game can be played by selecting the "$ Arcade Trivia $" link to the left or at the above link.

Starcade, TV Video Game Show:
Starcade was TV's first (and only) video arcade game show (featuring the now classic video games). This site is really cool with details on the show and many clips from games and more. It's about as retro as you can get. Thanks to A. Saputo for the link.

Wednesday, February 16th, 2000
Sony Files New Suit Against Connectix:
Now that Sony lost the copyright battle with Connectix, they move on to patent infringement. "Sony's patent suit seeks unspecified damages and a court order to bar Connectix from infringing the patents." Translated: "Tie the Virtual Game Station up in count till the PSX2 is released." Read all the news at the above link.

Tuesday, February 15th, 2000
ClrMamePro v1.1 Released:
ClrMamePro v1.1 has been released which is called the "No more Pig Newton Problems..and other stuff" release. Here's a list of what's new & fixed:
  • misc: Improved profile saving...If you changed some settings CMPro asks you if you want to save the changed profile.
  • misc: 0-crc creation, show all 0-crc, show missing 0-crc, allow double roms, merge modes and scan gametypes options are only available if the current data supports such things.
  • misc: only one instance of CMPro is allowed
  • misc: each FolderBrowser will be initialized with the last used folder for this specific folder
  • fixed: Pig Newton Problem (by the way: it was a ~crc + name check + merged sets conflict)
  • fixed: parser issue while parsing empty lines
  • fixed: added a missing tooltip
  • fixed: no reaction when pressing the cancel button while receiving RAINE data.
  • fixed: a lot profile related issues
download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

PacMania 3D Demo:
Check out this cool Pac-Man clone called PacMania 3D. Besides being 3D (obvisously) it also allows you to jump from level to level. It's only 1.4MB so it's a quick download. Check it out at the above link. Thanks to Tim & Cheryl for the news.

MESS v0.36 Beta 16 for the Mac:
The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.36 beta 16. This brings it up in line with the DOS version. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Monday, February 14th, 2000
RockNES v1.0 Released:
RockNES v1.0 has been released. This version adds a TON of new features including these major additions:
  • Added 5th NES sound channel (PCM), preliminary support
  • Added Konami's VRCVI extra sound chip emulation
  • Added mapper #40 support (the FDS SMB2j 'lost levels' hacked to NES format)
  • Added mapper #90 support (Super Mario World), preliminary
The entire list of new features and bug fixes can be found here. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Snes9x Mac v1.2.9 Released:
Snes9x has been updated to the latest v1.2.9 source. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Sunday, February 13th, 2000
Unreleased Atari Arcade Games:
BTribble has updated his Unreleased Atari Arcade Games page to include more Atari prototypes, pictures, and more. Also check out the rest of the BTribble Video Game site for more information on unemulated video games.

1980s Video Game Stamp!
Remember several months ago when I asked everyone to vote for video games for the US Postage Service stamp of the 80s? Well, it won thanks to our efforts and now there's a video game stamp! You can see it to the left. It's a pic of two kids playing the Atari 2600 version of Defender (just about sums up the 80s for me =). Click on the above link to see a close-up of the stamp. This is what they say about video games:
    With the rise in popularity of video games, Americans spent more than 20 billion quarters and countless hours in arcades in 1981 alone. Home video games, with consoles plugged into TVs, turned living rooms into personal arcades. Celebrate the Century - 1980s
You can buy the 1980s sheet of stamps for $4.95 (item no. 5548) at (800)665-4282 or at your local post office.

ZSNES v0.989 Released:
A new version of this great SNES emulator has been released. Who knows what this version adds because the site only shows what's new for v0.988 and not v0.989. Probably lots of good suff, I'm sure. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

DarcNES v9a0212 Released:
DarcNES for linux was updated to version 9a0212 which adds the following:
  • Added SET instruction to the 6280 core.
  • Added (at long last) PCE CD support (to use it, put a CD in your CD drive, and run a syscard as a ROM image).
  • I messed up correcting my own mistake below. It's fixed now, but twice in a row is two times too many. :-/
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Yes, I had a Good Birthday:
Okay, please no e-mails. My birthday was yesterday and I'd rather not be reminded how old I am =)

Saturday, February 12th, 2000
D-BOY v0.56 Released:
This great Gameboy emulator gets an update to v0.56. According to the home page, this version adds the following:
  • エクセル・サーガが面白いぞ&夜光虫が動くんだよSP。
  • wrong J2E trans ver 0.56 news: i like "excel saga" & game "YAKOCHU" is moved.
  • …無茶苦茶やな。
  • 偶に来る質問の回答:
  • rew、セーブが出来ない人はディレクトリの設定が悪いので、
  • 再設定してみてください。
WOW! I can hardy wait to try out all these new features! =) Anyone like to translate? Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Pretendo v0.06 Released:
Pretendo (a Windows NES emulator) has been updated to v0.06. According to their site, this version adds "Blah". Sounds cool! Download it from the Console Emulation section.

NESten v0.6 Beta B Released:
NESten wins the award for the the most frequently updated emulator. =) This version adds the following:
  • Save RAM Save/Load problem fixed. (I hope)
  • Color emphasis added. (Final Fantasy 1, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy)
  • Black/White mode added (SMB3)
  • Thread handling partially changed.
  • Mapper40 added (SMB2j, "Lost Levels" ;)
  • PPU Bug fixed (Fixes Simpsons, Bigfoot)
  • Rewrote some DDraw handling. May be slower, but should be more compatible.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Friday, February 11th, 2000
New Space Invaders Samples:
Dith has released enhanced sound samples for Space Invaders. The samples have been cleaned up and reduced in size as well. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

MameCE v0.02 Beta Released:
Already a new version of this new port of MAME. MameCE v0.02 adds the following:
  • Limited support for sound. Sound enable option on menu.
  • Show Profiler menu option.
  • Show Frames Per Second menu option (doesn't seem to work).
  • Show clone games option (filters clone games in game list).
  • Show all supported games option.
The author has also released the source so you can download the binary locally from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to VGN for the news.

Thursday, February 10th, 2000
MameCE for the Cassiopeia E-10X:
MAME for your digital camera is cool, but what about for your Windows CE palm computer? It seems that someone has done it. I believe that the Cassiopeia E-100 and E-105 are the US model numbers for the same unit (only difference being the amount of RAM). I don't have a Casio Cassiopeia to test it, but it appears to be legit. Thanks to Cash Mann for the news.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2000
Intel "Gets out of the kitchen":
Intel seems to be taking the phrase "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" to heart. It's no secrete that AMD is now whipping Intel's hind quarter in CPU speed. Also, because Intel can't build enough high end parts, companies are switching to AMD processors. Toshiba is no longer the #1 laptop maker they claim partly because of delays and problems with the mobile PIII. It used to be that companies advertised that they used Intel as a show of quality. Not anymore. Gateway is now advertising their Athlon line in national TV ads. So, what does Intel do? They move into the toy market with a joint venture with Mattel to make high-tech toys. Also, rumor has it that they are getting back into the Socket 7 market (even though they left the Socket 7 market because they claimed it couldn't support high clock speeds). Take the poll and tell us What CPU will you buy next?

Gens v0.141 Released:
Gens v0.141 has been released. This is a Genesis emulator for Windows. This release adds the following:
  • Auto-FrameSkip added. We can play now at the good speed !
  • Correct some bugs on DMA. I've just seen differences with demos roms like 'Super Mario' or 'Vitua Fightter VS Tekken'.
  • Keys setting for player 1 & 2 added. It's very hard to play with defaults keys on QWERTY keyboard !
  • Change Directdraw method for speed-up transparences effect, resulting a bit slowly in general :(
  • HalfBlur effect added for smooth bigs pixs !
Download it from the Console Emulation section. Thanks to VGN for the news.

PMAME v0.36 Beta 16 Released:
Rodimus Prime has now released his PMAME (for the classic Pentium CPU). Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

MacMAME v0.36 Beta 16:
The Mac version of MAME has been updated to the latest MAME source (v0.36 beta 16). This release adds the following:
  • In sync with DOS beta 16. [Aaron Giles]
  • New Glide plugin. [Brad Oliver]
  • Added pause/unpause calls to the plugin API. [Brad Oliver]
  • Rewrote debugger window code to make it more system friendly. [John Butler]
  • Created a new, simpler sound system. 16-bit and stereo are no longer options. [Aaron Giles]
  • New 'Categories' folder where category files are placed and automatically detected. [Aaron Giles]
  • Video plugins that are loaded, but not able to run, are displayed grayed out. [Aaron Giles]
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2000
AMAME v0.36 Beta 16 Released:
Rodimus Prime's AMAME has been updated to version 0.36 beta 16. PMAME should be available tomorrow. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Find What You're Looking For:
Are you looking for certain "files" that your emulators require? =) You may want to give Emulation Net a look. They have lots of arcade and console "files" that you've been looking for. Check it out at the above link.

Redump v2.9 Released:
Redump is a tool written by SMF that converts Neo-Geo mgd2 dumps to MVS format. This release converts the old Mutation Nation mgd2 dump to MVS format (which the next MAME is sure to support). Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news

MESS v0.36 Beta 16:
MESS v0.36 beta 16 has been released. New drivers include:
  • a400, a400pal (16K RAM only) [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • spectrum plus3 [Kev Thacker]
  • a800pal [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • sys80 [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • c364, c64gs, sx64 [Peter Trauner]
  • ti99_4e, ti99_4ae [Raphael Nabet]
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Monday, February 7th, 2000
B. Tribble's Unemulated Arcade Games:
A new hosted site here at Arcade@Home. B. Tribble's Unemulated Arcade Games includes a ton of information and pictures on unemulated arcade video games (check out his "Unemulated Arcade Games Page" link on his main page). If you haven't been to his site before, check it out at the above link.

DarcNES v9a0206 Released:
DarcNES is a multi-console emulator for Linux. It's been updated to v9a0206. Download it from the Console Emulation section.

15 Million Visitors:
Arcade@Home broke through the 15 million visitor mark this morning. I don't give away prizes for million visitor milestones because of all the cheating that happens. However, if you want to win something, the Arcade Trivia Game is the place to do it. A $210 buy.com shopping spree will be awarded to the person selected from a random drawing at the end of this month. If you already played it, play it again to increase your chances of winning.

EMU+ v0.36 beta 16 Released:
EMU+ (an enhanced version of MAME) has been updated to version 0.36 beta 16. This release adds the following:
  • Same changes that .36 beta 13 had (Yes I know I missed b14 and b15. Real busy but EMU+ isn't dead yet)
  • Sample listings fixed.
  • Video modes were tweaked as well as the autofire code to make it work under the new beta. Video modes still have some problems but they work for a lot of games now. Others they kinda go BOOM.
  • Everything else is in here. (Autofire, Overclocking, Neogeo Save States, Continuous Neo-Geo Save States, Force 16 Bit Display, Crazy Screen Modes (Craptv, 50% Scanlines, Eagle, Lcdblur, Blur (Cleanblur), Mamejoy and Opti-Mame tweaks (Analog controls, Screen Centering, Joystick Select Menu, etc), Demo Mode, Marp High Score Listings, and Sound Logging (Wizard of War and DAC Driver (Mortal Kombat, etc)).
  • Again if you have problems contact EMU+ team.
Download it from the M.A.M.E. section.

Sunday, February 6th, 2000
NESten v0.6 Apocalypse Released:
NESten v0.6 Apocalypse has been released (I guess A comes after 9 and Apocalypse starts with A, so...) Anyway, this release adds the following:
  • FINALLY got a README file :) Muchos Greatos Thanks to Zophar.
  • Added Palette Console, you may now edit the palette to your liking... and save it!
  • Mapper25 added.
  • The value search in the cheater now accepts numbers greater than 255.
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

Ultra.ini v1.0.27 Released:
The UltraHLE ultra.ini file has been updated for (hopefully) the last time. Come on RealityMan, release v1.50 =) Anyway, this release adds the following:
  • Zool Majou Tsukai Densetsu works, no patch required (jandaman)
  • Fixed Dual Heroes patch (Stone)
  • Added comments to 40 games (jandaman)
Download it from the N64 - UltraHLE section.

Hu-Go! v1.09 Released:
Both the DOS and Linux versions of this TurboGrafx 16 emulator have been updated to version 1.09. This release adds the following:
  • Improvement of the gui, almost functionable
  • Added audio cd playing under Linux in bios mode
  • Correction of a problem in the initalisation of the backup RAM (could be the one that caused some mem related error screens in CDs)
  • Corrected a bug in the ram editor function (a double word was edited instead of a byte)
  • Corrected a very rare bug that could exit the emu with unknown roms
Download it from the Console Emulation section.

No Updates Yesterday?
Nope, no news yesterday so I spend the entire day baking cookies. =)

Friday, February 4th, 2000
Arcade@Home Front-End Screen Shot Pack:
More screen shot news. This time it's the Arcade@Home front-end screen shot pack for MAME v0.36 beta 16. This is an update file from beta 15. Download it from the Front-Ends section.

Latest MAME Screen Shot Browser:
Check out the screen shot browser for viewing all the latest MAME screen shots on-line. Check it out at the above link.

Latest MAME Games, Split & Merged:
The latest MAME games are now available from Bob's Arcade Emulation found on the ROM Files section. "MAME B16 Split" for the latest split sets and "MAME All Merged" for the latest and all non Neo-Geo games in merged format. Check out the ROM Files section.

HU6280DX Beta 1.50 Released:
The latest beta release of this TurboGrafx16 emulator is now available. This release adds the following:
  • Added CD-ROM SUPPORT! (VIA .ISO files)
  • Use F11 to boot a CD (it will prompt you for a .iso file) -OR-
  • Load the PC-Engine syscard3 for syscard emulation (you will be prompted for a .ISO file when you boot the CD from the menu)
  • Added PCEISO directory to .ini file :)
  • Added Jamanoid as an internal ROM!!
  • Added ADPCM ram support + BACKUP ram support
look out for the next version, you will be able to boot cd`s from a CDROM drive, and via .TOC or .ISO files! Download it from the Console Emulation section.

MAME i686 & K6 Builds Updated:
The i686 and K6 builds of MAME v0.36 beta 16 are now available. Download them from the M.A.M.E. section.

MAME v0.36 Beta 16 Recompiled:
If you downloaded MAME v0.36 beta 16 from this site or any other site, you are probably having problems. Problems include -listinfo not working and most front-ends and ROM managers not working either as a result. My compile fixes the above problems. I updated it at 1:50AM EST today, so if you downloaded it from another site or from here before that time, download it again. Download it from the M.A.M.E. section. Last time I trust a compile by MAMEDEV. =)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2000
MAME v0.36 Beta 16 Binary Released!
The binary for MAME v0.36 beta 16 is ready for download. Go get it from M.A.M.E. section. Thanks to VGN for compiling it quicker then I could so I could pick up my kids. =)

MAME v0.36 Beta 16 Source Released!
The source for MAME v0.36 beta 16 has been released. I'm compiling it now and should have the executable ready in a few minutes. If you want to compile your own, you can get the source code here. The following game drivers have been added:
    New games supported:
    • Bomb Bee [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Cutie Q [Nicola Salmoria]
    • Navalone [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • Kaitei Takara Sagash [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • SOS [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • Fighting Soccer [Phil Stroffolino]
    • Toryumon [Andrew Prime]
    • Berlin Wall [Luca Elia]
    • Kodure Ookami [Takahiro Nogi]
    New clones supported:
    • Gee Bee (Namco)
    • Crazy Cop (= Gang Busters)
    • Champion Wrestler (Japan)
    • Big Pro Wrestling (= Tag Team Wrestling)
    • Guerilla War (version 1)
    • Guevara (= Guerilla War)
    • Bermuda Triangle (older)
    • World Wars (= Bermuda Triangle)
    • Great 1000 Miles Rally (set 2)
Check back soon for the binary.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2000
New UltraHLE INI Release v1.0.26:
Could this be the last INI release before Realityman puts it out of business? Let's hope so. This release adds the following:
  • Fixed cheat codes for several games and removed duplicate ones
  • Added comments to a few new games
  • Fixed credits and comments
Download it from the N64 - UltraHLE section.

New Missile Command Demo:
Hasbro Interactive's Atari division has released a playable demo of the new version of Missile Command. Here's what 3DFiles.com says about it:
    Execute a devastating counterattack against a massive alien invasion in this all-new edition of Missile Command. There are two heart-pounding ways to play. In the Classic game, you have to defend cities from a shower of alien missiles. And just like the original game, the longer you play, the more missiles you must destroy. In the Ultimate game, you battle aliens city by city around the world in an ever widening theater of war.
The download is 40.4MB and it seems to be popular because my download is going VERY slow. You can also download it directly from Hasbro's site. Thanks to Tim & Cheryl for the news.

Tuesday, February 1st, 2000
Get Ready for the Next MAME Release:
Man, is it a slow day... Seems to be a good day to get ready for the next MAME release. Check out Bob's Arcade Emulation site on the ROM Files link or the link above. His "MAME Needed Soon" archive includes all the games scheduled to be included in the next release of MAME. Beat the rush for once. =)

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